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AFCEA International Awards Program
Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA)

The Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award recognizes and rewards exceptional performance in two areas: superior technical achievement in the professional arena and a record of going "above and beyond" at the local AFCEA Chapter level. The AFCEA Regional Vice Presidents have the honor to personally select an individual from their Region to receive the Regional Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award. These honorees represent an elite group of individuals.

  • Individual must be a current AFCEA member
  • Must be forty (40) years of age or under as of December 31, 2012
  • Nomination must be endorsed by the nominee's AFCEA Regional Vice President (RVP)
  • Individual cannot already have won a Distinguished Young AFCEAN award
  • Nominations open Monday, August 13, 2012 and close Friday, September 21, 2012 at midnight EDT

Nominations are due September 21, 2012 and awards will be presented at WEST 2013 (January 29-31).


2011 Regional Distinguished Young AFCEANs


In addition, from the DYA winners, each of the association’s regional vice presidents selects a candidate to represent his or her region.


Regional DYA winners are (l-r) T.J. Greenier; Mariano Michael Reyes III; Lt. Col. Michael A. Anderson, USAF; Penny Morgan; Master Sgt. Todd D. Weingeroff, USAF; Capt. Patrick Rory Tibbals, USAF; Ryan Cox; Christopher R. Molis; Robin Reschke; and Bethany Reese. [Regional-DYA.jpg]


Regional DYA recipients not pictured are David A. Grosche; Ashley Hall; Capt. Walker Hofmann, USAF; Brian P. Murphy; Debbie Roberson; and Rodny Rodriguez.


2011 Distinguished Young AFCEANs


Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) recipients exemplify service to the association at the local chapter or international level with exceptional professional performance in the fields of communications, intelligence and information systems.


DYA winners are (l-r) Adam Owings; Master Sgt. Nathan L. Rose, USAF; Master Sgt. Douglas R. Brock, USAF; Anne-Stewart Downer; Kimberly S. Meyer; and Susan E. Papik. [DYA.jpg]


DYA recipients not pictured are Maj. Oscar Alanis, USMC; Jesse Hamilton; Chris Lumley; Samuel B. Milford II; Kameke Mitchell; Rish Patel; Capt. Patrick A. Penn, USA; and Senior Airman Patrick Weller, USAF.


2011 Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) of the Year Honoree

Lt Col Mike Anderson, USAF

14th Air Force

Western Region

Colonel Mike Anderson is an amazing AFCEAN. The Vandenberg Chapter was leaderless and struggling to stay solvent. There was minimal military participation, some industry interest and no community involvement. Mike arrived in 2010 at Vandenberg Air Force Base and immediately took on the role as President of the Chapter. He was the first Chapter speaker, talking about the first responders’ communications and airfield set-up that his command performed after the Haiti earthquake. He started the Young AFCEAN program and brought in multiple Officers and Enlisted personnel to run key Chapter positions. Mike recently had a Technology Day that attracted community involvement. He changed the Chapter name, adding Central Coast to gain outside VAFB support and involvement. Mike has done more significant activities as an AFCEAN to reestablish the Vandenberg-Central Coast Chapter than anyone in the past twenty-five years.


2011 Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) Regional Honorees

Ryan Cox

Infinitive Federal

National Capital Region

Ryan Cox has been an active member of the AFCEA NOVA Chapter since 2008 and currently serves as the President of the Young AFCEANs. In addition, he is the AFCEA NOVA Small Business Committee Chair, AFCEA NOVA scheduler, AFCEA NOVA Luncheon Corporate Table Sponsorship Chair, and is a volunteer for every IT Day Committee. He is a committed, dedicated volunteer and a rising leader in the AFCEA organization. Ryan demonstrates the qualities and attributes of leadership and represents the values AFCEA looks for in the future leaders of the organization.


T. J. Greenier

Clarity Business Solutions

Maryland Region

T. J. Greenier has supported the Central Maryland chapter, primarily relating to Young AFCEAN activities, for a number of years. As is often the case, he started in volunteer roles that were mostly tactical. Due to his commitment and dedication, many across the chapter witnessed his strong leadership and communication first hand, leading to more challenging opportunities over time. Most recently, T. J. provided the strategic leadership required to restructure Central Maryland's YAC Executive Team, expanding the leadership opportunities and leveraging the skills of a broader team of Young AFCEANs. T. J. is currently the president of the chapter's YAC group and a member of the chapter's executive committee. Under T. J.'s leadership, Central Maryland's YAC team is more involved than ever in the past.


David Grosche

Georgia Region

Holding an impressive five leadership positions in the Middle Georgia Chapter, David Grosche leads the way in scholarships, education, and science fair programs, as well as keeps the chapter up-to-date as the webmaster and secretary. David stepped up as the lead coordinator for the Robins AFB Technology Expo, and through his hard work and dedication, he increased attendance by more than 200% from last year. By revising the chapter's scholarship announcement strategies, student applications have increased by

50% and colleges are banging down the door for an opportunity to offer scholarships through the Chapter’s program.  He also single-handedly revived the AFCEA presence at the Houston County Science Fair, where 766 students' projects were scored by 90 volunteer judges. A member of AFCEA for an inspiring two years, David is the linchpin of the AFCEA Middle Georgia Chapter success!


Ashley Hall

Mid-West Region

Ashley Hall has taken a significant role in the Dayton-Wright Chapter this year, providing a great dose of energy to multiple events. She is a regular contributor and supporter of the chapter Young AFCEANs and also demonstrates exceptional leadership within the Dayton-Wright Chapter as a whole, serving in numerous capacities. With exceptional support and dedication, Ashley is a rising star who is making a significant mark on the Dayton Wright Chapter. She has come to re-define the volunteer spirit that every Chapter needs. Whether it's taking the lead as the Director of Social Media Networking, heading the Silent Auction committee for the Valentine Ball, or being a loyal contributor and supporter of the Chapter, Ashley has come to re-define the volunteer spirit that every Chapter needs.


Capt Walker Hofmann, USAF

7th Intelligence Squadron

Mid-South Region

Captain Walker Hofmann has developed and implemented an exceptional list of programs and events for the Gulf Coast Chapter at Keesler AFB, MS. In regard to their activities and events, Walker’s leadership acumen and results-driven motivation are examples of how one can become instrumental in a chapter’s success in recruiting, retention, community involvement, military-industry partnership, young AFCEAN membership and last but not least -- education! Walker is an outstanding Young AFCEAN who selflessly volunteers of himself for those committees and activities that are not always in the spotlight. This quiet unassuming leader works behind the scenes seeking no credit or accolades for the work he accomplishes on behalf of the Gulf Coast Chapter.


Christopher R. Molis

Cyber Integration Division, Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom AFB

New England - Upstate New York Region

Christopher Molis has become an enterprising member of the Lexington-Concord Chapter Young AFCEANS, engaging as a key volunteer, event planner, and recruiter extraordinaire for the chapter. He was quickly invited to become a member of the executive committee. Chris is a prime mover and has been an extraordinary asset in all areas that have had significant positive impact upon the Lexington-Concord Chapter.


Penny Morgan


Virginia Region

Penny Morgan is the consummate Young AFCEAN. She is a retired Naval Officer who has performed at the highest level for the past three years steering the Hampton Roads Chapter's Young AFCEAN Program. She works very hard leading by example, recruiting new members, planning and executing events, and serving the Chapter Board in a number of capacities. Penny has accomplished all of this while holding down her other jobs as a full-time wife and mother, and as the President of her own Cyber-Security consulting firm. She is a born leader!


Brian Murphy


Western Florida Region

A dedicated volunteer, Brian Murphy has contributed countless hours in support of the chapter, and helped ensure the success of several programs, specifically the within the Corporate Sponsorship Chair, Golf Tournament team, Young AFCEANs and Program Chair. In particular, he has been the driving force within the chapter for generating over half of the operating revenues through the Corporate Table Sponsor program, which, in turn, have allowed the chapter’s scholarship program to give out larger and more scholarships than ever before. Brian was a key Young AFCEAN in this year’s annual Golf Scholarship Tournament and was instrumental in netting over $30,000 for the scholarship program. When the call goes out for volunteers each month, he is the first to raise his hand and always takes a “whatever I can do to help” attitude. Brian has inserted himself in multiple YAC events encouraging several of the new Young AFCEANs to join. Brian is one who never takes the spotlight, he works behind the scenes and magically makes things happen that lead to success at whatever he is a part of.


Bethany Reese

Hilton San Antonio Airport

Texas Region

Bethany Reese brings a level of energy and enthusiasm that is hard to match, not only to YAC operations, but to all Chapter events as well. As a major hotel Events and Federal Business Manager, she leverages her ability to orchestrate Chapter YAC activities to meet the diverse needs of both the corporate and Federal chapter members. Even though Bethany works beyond full time, and is continuing her education, she is like gravity when support is needed...always there in some way, to lend a hand.


Robin Reschke

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions

Southern California Region

Robin Reschke joined AFCEA San Diego Chapter executive committee as the Secretary in 2009. In this position she has been the liaison between the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors and has fostered a great working relationship between those groups. She adeptly notes meeting issues and is a diligent meeting facilitator and provides excellent feedback. Robin is always active in volunteer functions; she works with AFCEA International on volunteer coordination for the West conference each year; provides support to the AFCEA Regional Vice Presidents and AFCEA International Offsite meetings before the conference; and supports the San Diego Chapter subcommittees by attending most San Diego Chapter events lending aid where needed. For the C4ISR Symposium, Robin is the Chair for the Golf committee and puts on a successful golf tournament each year. Robin is an exemplary member of AFCEA!


Mariano Michael Reyes lll


New York-New Jersey Region

In his first year as the VP of the Ft. Monmouth Chapter Young AFCEANs, Mike Reyes has managed to admirably catch himself up to speed with his duties. He has undertaken oversight and planning of traditional Young AFCEAN events, as well as started plans for new events. Mike has also brought the Chapter into the realm of Social Media, and continues to maintain the chapter’s presence in Cyberspace. Although he has just started, Mike plays like a pro!


Debbie Roberson

Spatial Technologies

Eastern Florida Region

Debbie Roberson is one AFCEA’s most valuable and dependable assets. She has selflessly volunteered time to the Canaveral Chapter, serving as Secretary for two years and as Treasurer for the past two years. Debbie has streamlined processes for the chapter by reviewing and analyzing procedures within and beyond her responsibilities. She consistently steps in to assist with chapter events such as the golf tournament and annual banquet. Debbie ensures all members understand the chapter goals through her excellent communication efforts. Without Debbie, it is likely that the chapter would not have donated the Science teaching tool awards or have earned the Model Chapter of the Year Award each year.


Rodny Rodriguez


Great Plains - Rocky Mountain Region

Rodny Rodriguez is a distinguished young professional who has served the Rocky Mountain Chapter as the Vice President for Special Activities. Most noteworthy was the tremendous utilization of social networking to boost membership awareness of events and to provide an avenue for member networking. Additionally, it created a non-attribution environment for mentoring, networking, and partnership. Rodny is also a co-chair in the Rocky Mountain Chapter sponsored Industry Military Annual Golf Event (IMAGE). Rodny has proven himself an effective leader and ambassador for AFCEA’s goals both in the chapter and as a communications/information technology professional.


Capt Patrick Rory Tibbals, USAF

Southwestern Region

Captain Rory Tibbals is the singular reason the Tucson Chapter exists today. As Vice President for Programs, his leadership has transformed an inactive chapter into a growing, thriving organization in less than one year. Captain Tibbals was elected to the Board of Directors in 2011 after organizing the chapter revival. He recruited and motivated Young AFCEANs to help rebuild the chapter. He also motivated Young AFCEANs to accept chapter officer positions, startup STEM Tools Awards, and reach out to the ROTC Units to explore the creation of a subchapter. Captain Tibbals brought together both uniformed and civilian leaders across numerous organizations to ensure continuity. This drive generated the election of the first new Board of Directors since 2008, including five Young AFCEANs. Additionally, he now leads the charge to revive the scholarship programs. Captain Tibbals supports every aspect of the Tucson Chapter and is invaluable to the organization.


MSgt Todd D. Weingeroff, USAF

86th Communications Squadron

Central Europe – U.S.  Forces Region

Sergeant Weingeroff has been an invaluable addition to the Kaiserslautern Chapter. As the Chairman of the Chapter Membership Committee, he has helped developed a comprehensive chapter membership plan and new recruiting tools. Sergeant Weingeroff also helped create new recruiting platforms using industry leading social networking platforms; working in conjunction with other chapter committees, he identified specific target audiences and produced effective recruiting campaigns to pursue them, which produced a 39% increase in chapter membership. Sergeant Weingeroff’s performance in leading the recruiting effort resulted in the signing-up of 63 new chapter members, which is nothing short of outstanding.



2011 Distinguished Young AFCEANs


Maj Oscar Alanis, USMC

DISA Europe

Stuttgart Chapter

Throughout the past year, Major Alanis has actively served the Stuttgart Chapter of AFCEA as its Vice President and has often gone above and beyond in providing his personal assistance in multiple areas. He has consistently supported and enthusiastically contributed to numerous special events for the Chapter ranging from the Annual Scholarship Program to overseeing longevity award recognition for all Chapter members. During 2011, Chapter membership has increased more than 12% and Life Members have likewise increased 13%. Major Alanis was also instrumental in supporting a special visit of three Young AFCEANs who were provided a trip to Europe. More importantly, Major Alanis was called upon to represent the Chapter President on multiple occasions to include the Annual Scholarship Luncheon in May 2011. This event featured Department of State Ambassador Katherine H. Canavan as the guest speaker and Major Alanis superbly guided this memorable event, as he does with all Chapter projects.


MSgt Douglas R. Brock, USAF

Detachment 4, 83 Network Operations Squadron

Kaiserslautern Chapter

As one of the Young AFCEAN mentors for the chapter, Sergeant Douglas Brock and his three member team planned 12 Lunch & Learn events where senior leaders in the communications field were able to interface with junior members and share their vision and experiences. Sergeant Brock showcased his ability to plan large events for the chapter when he volunteered to chair the Annual Tech Expo Golf Tournament. During the Annual Tech Expo, Sergeant Brock volunteered at the membership booth where he welcomed 20 new members in the first four hours and an astounding 63 new members by the end of the expo - a 39% increase in chapter membership. He also planned and coordinated several other Young AFCEAN events culminating in an all-expense paid trip for 30 Young AFCEANS to the 2011 Tech Expo in Heidelberg Germany. Sergeant Brock has proven invaluable as a leader and mentor for the Young AFCEANS.  His innovative ideas and superb leadership have greatly benefited this chapter as he strives to recruit and cultivate future leaders throughout the European theatre of operations.


Anne-Stewart Downer

Northrop Grumman

Bethesda Chapter

Programs are the key to retaining membership and providing value and Anne-Stewart (Stewi) Downer is the lynchpin. She was critical to the execution of the Bethesda Chapter Young AFCEA Membership Program plan. Stewi’s tireless commitment enabled her to successfully execute the vision of the Young AFCEA Chapter president. She accomplished great success with fewer resources than needed, but with absolute grace and elegance. Stewi was elected President-Elect of the Young AFCEA Bethesda Board for the 2011-2012 term. Through her dedicated partnership with AFCEA, she learned that teamwork, good organization and clear communication are key to creating a successful program. Stewi will be a great leader in her professional career, and her distinguished service for AFCEA to date as a volunteer is simply another hallmark of her burgeoning career.


Jesse Hamilton

Kratos Defense Engineering Solutions, Inc.

San Diego Chapter

In 2009 Jesse Hamilton joined the AFCEA San Diego executive committee as the VP of Publicity and has supported the chapter with over- the- top service for the past 2 years. He works tirelessly to promote and advance the cause of the San Diego Chapter. Every month his work shows up in SIGNAL Magazine entries as well as numerous newspaper articles written during military events. He has also promoted the C4I Symposium on TV and radio. Jesse has proven to be a valuable asset to AFCEA San Diego. His outreach, planning, and social skills have driven Chapter marketing to new levels. His leadership and guidance has helped grow the Chapter as a household word among the military and contract workers in San Diego. Jesse Hamilton is an exemplary member of AFCEA and is most deserving of this award.


Chris Lumley


Dallas Chapter

Chris Lumley epitomizes what the word distinguished means, "made conspicuous by excellence." That is what he's done in a very short time for the Dallas "Lone Star" Chapter. With only a President and VP of Corporate Sponsorship, Chris stepped up and took on the most challenging position as VP of Programs to ensure this re-activated chapter stays on its feet by attracting new members through effective events with relevant speakers. In only a few months the Chapter has presented scholarships, held meetings and luncheons, and is being well-received by area IT leaders. Chis' efforts are why the Dallas Chapter is here to stay!  


Kimberly S. Meyer

Ace Computers

Palmetto Chapter

Kimberly Meyer has been a vivacious member of the Carolinas Region as a chapter member and recently as the regional YAAC. She rallied folks to action to participate in golf tournaments and chapter meetings, which was crucial in creating interest in potential new members. She always puts the mission first and pushes through to bring the end result about. She is certainly a young AFCEAN with a lot of drive and promise to create a new vibrant AFCEA for the future.


Samuel B. Milford ll

DISA Europe

Stuttgart Chapter

Samuel Milford has provided more than four years of support to AFCEA and has been a highly active part of the Stuttgart Chapter Executive Board for more than three years. Samuel has actively served the Stuttgart Chapter in the often demanding role as Vice President of Programs. He has contributed significantly to the Chapter’s success with personal involvement and support of the annual golf tournament, Technology Expos, the new Corporate Sponsorship Program, and Chapter Luncheons. He has consistently volunteered to do both the large and the small jobs in AFCEA while simultaneously being a personable, professional, and positive force for the Stuttgart Chapter. The distinctive professional accomplishments of Samuel, coupled with his continuous history of outstanding support to AFCEA, make him particularly deserving for recognition as a Distinguished Young AFCEAN.


Kameke Mitchell

PEO EIS, Gunter Annex, AL

Montgomery Chapter

A rising Star! Kameke Mitchell is another one of those outstanding young civilians that will rise through the ranks to become an Air Force civil service leader, and not just in contracting. Even when she doesn't have a direct leadership role, she is in the community leading. During the Montgomery Information Technology Summit this past spring, Kameke not only handled the registration for this 800+ person event, she also helped edit and review the printed materials as part of the final review. Kameke steps in wherever she is needed and gives a stellar performance, over and over again. With her commitments to the Air Force it is hard to believe that she can still employ the time it takes to be so effective. This young AFCEAN has what it takes, and will soon assume an officer position within her chapter.


Adam Owings

Next Tier Concepts

Washington DC Chapter

Adam Owings is an outstanding member of the Washington DC Chapter, not only in supporting the Young AFCEAN activities, but in other chapter activities. He has been one of the key people responsible for the growing success of DC chapter programs over the past several years.  His contributions to educational and professional development programs on a regional basis have bought him high respect for his efforts. After joining the DC Chapter in 2008, Adam chaired the Sponsorship Committee. Through his leadership, the Sponsorship Committee has increased by 40% to over 40 members. Adam also organized three roundtable events for Young AFCEANs across the National Capital Region (NCR) on government ethics, change management, and acquisition innovation, bringing together members of military and industry. He continues to support the STEM scholarship awards within the NCR, and in 2010 helped drive a tenfold increase in the number of applicants from military personnel.

Adam is a graduate of the 8th class of the AFCEA International Leadership Forum.


Susan E. Papik

Oasis Systems

Lexington-Concord Chapter

Susan Papik is a truly exceptional Young AFCEAN. Shortly after joining the Lexington-Concord Chapter in 2009, the Young AFCEAN Executive Committee realized her talent, and recruited her to a leadership position. After learning the ropes, Susan took an active role working in recruiting and membership, and the results were impressive. She also moved into the role of executive committee Secretary, where she assumed responsibility for informing members of upcoming events and overseeing the system that administers chapter volunteerism. Because of her successes, Susan was tasked with the daunting responsibility of Young AFCEAN Liaison on the 2010 New Horizons Committee. Understanding the importance of learning from peers as well as counselors, she volunteered to take the lead in coordinating the Chapter’s monthly mentorship functions, and was singularly successful in promoting attendance at the yearly AFCEAN Social. She has also lent support during Chapter Business Luncheons. In sum, Susan Papik has truly gone above and beyond, and become a star on the Lexington-Concord Young AFCEAN team. She hit the ground running, and has only paused to pick up speed! She is the epitome of a Young AFCEAN. In view of her absolutely outstanding accomplishments, Susan is quite deserving of the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award.


Rish Patel

RP Professional Services

Bethesda Chapter

Rish is the current President of the Bethesda Young AFCEANs, but for the 2010-2011 year he served as a General Committee member, Community Outreach Chair and as President Elect. At the beginning of the 2010-2011 term, he supported the membership committee and helped plan the Meet the Board Networking Event in September. By the end of September Rish was elected onto the board as Community Outreach Chair; responsible for building relationships and co-hosting events with other local Young AFCEA Chapters as well as other Government/Industry Groups. Rish played a very active role in getting the various National Capital Region (NCR) chapters involved in YAFCEA Bethesda’s Fiscal New Year Networking Event, as well as the Federal Technology Spring Fling. While there were countless fiscal successes under Rish’s term as President Elect, his most valuable accomplishment has been the leadership he provides to his peers and to the new members that join Young AFCEA. He makes it his personal mission to speak with all of the new members and find how Young AFCEA can help them build and develop their career. The combination of Rish’s quick growth as a leader, relationships with leaders of the NCR Young AFCEANs and mutual respect with his fellow Young AFCEANs has made him a role model and deserving Distinguished Young AFCEAN award winner.


CPT Patrick A. Penn, USA

HHC, 516th Signal Brigade

Hawaii Chapter

Captain Patrick Penn has been an AFCEA member since 2010, and has been with the Hawaii Chapter since 2008. He served as a TechNet Asia-Pacific (TNAP) 2010 and 2011 Master of Ceremonies, and demonstrated excellent poise and responsiveness in this high visibility role. Captain Penn is a tremendous leader and definite self-starter who passionately lives out his mission to educate, train, and inspire soldiers for a lifetime of service to the nation. Previous AFCEA recognitions include January 2011 AFCEA Hawaii Young AFCEAN of the Month.


MSgt Nathan L. Rose, BOS

U.S. Strategic Command/JFCC GS J523

Greater Omaha Chapter

Sergeant Nathan Rose has been a stalwart leader within the Greater Omaha Chapter since 2006. As treasurer, Nate is managing over $60K in chapter funds. Upon assuming his duties, Nate immediately audited the chapter’s financial records and ensured compliance with IRS and state tax laws. Nate works closely with all of the local sponsors to provide invoicing and processing of their donations, and is also proactive in saving the chapter funds. He continually makes himself available to help with fundraisers and other chapter activities. In the last year, Nate volunteered at the USSTRATCOM Space Symposium as well as the Cyber and Space Symposium. He also has worked with chapter Young AFCEANs to host an annual Local Area Network (LAN) party to advertise scholarship opportunities, bolster membership, and increase camaraderie. As a direct result of Nate’s efforts, the last event garnered 20 new AFCEA members. Nate brings a unique brand of professionalism to the chapter, asking the tough questions when necessary to ensure the Chapter improves outdated methods and procedures. Sergeant Rose is truly deserving of the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award.


SrA Patrick Weller, USAF

U.S. Air Force, Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC), Director of Staff

Tidewater Chapter

Airman Patrick Weller serves the Tidewater Chapter as a Young AFCEAN and exemplary volunteer supporting chapter events.  He is the embodiment of what AFCEA stands for as an international organization. His superior accomplishments have significantly influenced the success, growth, continuity, and stability of the chapter. Each month, he is one of a small team implementing the monthly Member Luncheon Meeting. He supports luncheon display setup/tear down for 21 corporate sponsored tables and up to 210 attendees, ensures non-military members have access to the base, acts as a senior member escort, conducts the scholarship raffle, and assists with check-in. Airman Weller demonstrated outstanding initiative volunteering to support the chapter’s annual event Joint Warfighting Conference 2011 in Virginia Beach where his behind-the-scenes efforts helped secure significant scholarship funds. His involvement and support helped to raise more than $40,000 for the scholarship/tuition assistance fund since 2009; provide more than $30,000 in local scholarships, tuition assistance, Robotics Team support, and STEM Teaching Tool Awards; and secure combined donations of $1,000 to the AFCEA Educational Foundation. Airman Weller’s reliability and professionalism was recognized by the local chapter when he was awarded the Chapter AFCEAN of the Month in February 2009 and October 2011.


2010 Distinguished Young AFCEANs

2009 Distinguished Young AFCEANs

2008 Distinguished Young AFCEANs

2007 Distinguished Young AFCEANs


Click here for a complete list of AFCEA Awards and nomination forms.


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(703) 631-6191



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