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AFCEA International Awards Program
Emerging Leadership Award

The Emerging Leadership Award is given for exceptional service to AFCEA at the local and/or international level. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated continuous leadership in Young AFCEAN activities since winning the Distinguished Young AFCEAN award.


  • Individual must be a current AFCEA member
  • Previous Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) Winner
  • Individual cannot already have won an Emerging Leadership Award
  • Actively mentoring and involved with the Young AFCEANs
  • Has demonstrated continuous leadership in Young AFCEAN activities since winning the DYA award
  • Nomination must be endorsed by the nominee's AFCEA Regional Vice President (RVP)
  • Nominations open Monday, August 13, 2012 and close Friday, September 21, 2012 at midnight EDT

Nominations are due September 21, 2012. Awards will be presented at West 2013 (January 29-31).

2011 Emerging Leadership Award Winners


Emerging Leadership Award


The Emerging Leadership Award, presented by AFCEA International, recognizes former DYAs who have demonstrated continuous leadership in Young AFCEAN activities since being designated a DYA and who have been actively mentoring other members.


Emerging Leadership recipients are (l-r) Amanda Jordan; Eric Sloan; Alyssa M. Ranson; Jochen Reinhardt; Brad Barker; Casey Weinstein; Patrick G. Harvey; and Emily Rausch.


Emerging Leadership winner not pictured is Jason March.


See complete listing below for winners not pictured.

Brad Barker

The Computer Merchant, Ltd

Northern Virginia Chapter

Brad Barker has shown outstanding initiative in implementing valuable programs for the NOVA Chapter Young AFCEANs. He has demonstrated strong leadership in building collaboration among the Young AFCEAN chapter groups in the region. Brad is the Co-President for the Young AFCEAN Advisory Council to AFCEA International, and he is the representative to the Executive Committee for YACs. He sits on the Membership Committee for AFCEA International and has been an active voice for YACs in the International community. He currently serves on the Membership Committee for AFCEA NOVA and is responsible for the New Affiliate Program.

As one of the AFCEA NOVA rising stars, Brad has been responsible for the successful content of the program, as well as the growth and participation level of the YACs in the Chapter. He has been instrumental in providing mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming leaders, venues for social and business networking, and directly coordinating volunteer efforts. Brad Barker is definitely one of AFCEA’s Emerging Leaders.


Patrick G. Harvey


Lexington-Concord Chapter

Patrick Harvey has emerged as a vital asset to the Lexington-Concord Young AFCEAN (LCYA) leadership team. Elected as the LCYA Industry Co-President in 2010, he increased the Chapter’s Young AFCEAN membership by 15% and directly initiated the Hanscom AFB STARBASE program, as well as other numerous programs and events. By blending the talents of both military and industry members, Patrick has proven that he is instrumental to the success of the Chapter’s operations. Patrick appreciates the importance of mentorship. He personally invited senior leaders to be guest speakers at four Leadership Lunches. Through this endeavor, he has demonstrated to young industry employees, Air Force officers, airmen and government civilians how AFCEA can positively affect professional and personal development. The Chapter can always count on Patrick to turn challenges into triumphs. Time after time, other members notice his hands-on approach and are inspired to do the same. Patrick leads by example; his hand on the helm has been evident in virtually all he has done, and he has set the standard for all of the Young AFCEANS in the Lexington-Concord Chapter.


Amanda Jordan

Department of Navy Fleet Cyber Command

Hampton Roads Chapter

Joint Warfighting Conference 2011 attendees no doubt met Amanda Jordan in some capacity, whether it was at the Cornhole Tournament, on the exhibit floor with the Small Business Reception, or at the AFCEA booth helping to attract new members to the organization. She is a true spark plug and had a great year as the Virginia Regional Distinguished Young AFCEAN. In addition to performing her duties at the Hampton Roads Chapter and for the Virginia Region, Amanda made the transition from her industry job to accept a government position with Navy Cyber Forces. She is like the Energizer Bunny and is a great ambassador for the Young AFCEANs!


Jason March


Northern Virginia Chapter

Jason March is a strong volunteer for the NOVA chapter. He is responsible for re-establishing a vital Young AFCEAN program. He provided organization, valuable activities, and integrated the members fully into chapter programs. Most importantly, Jason created an enduring organization by developing a strong cadre of leaders who continue his processes and initiatives. As the 2011 Vice President for Membership, Jason conducts outreach to existing and prospective individual and corporate members, including both small and large businesses. He is responsible for helping define and deliver the AFCEA value proposition in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. Jason works closely with the Chapter’s small business committee to ensure the program of events is aligned with the goals and objectives of the Membership Committee. He is also doing an excellent job as a member of the Board of Directors. Jason represents the future of the Chapter and he has established himself as a leader within AFCEA and the industry at large. He serves as the model for how to excel in the organization and has established the blueprint for emerging leaders to follow.


Alyssa Ranson

TDC Government Solutions

Aberdeen Chapter

Alyssa Ranson continues to exhibit all the positive strategic leadership traits expected of Emerging Leadership Award winners. Under her leadership, the Aberdeen Chapter is exceeding its own aggressive goals. She is leading the efforts to evolve and enhance the Chapter Executive Committee to successfully serve its members, now and in future years, as the chapter continues to expand at a rapid pace. She is also involved in a hands-on way in a variety of YAC initiatives, as these activities continue to expand and mature, and in the primary leadership role as the chapter's golf event grows and raised more scholarship funds than ever before. Alyssa is truly deserving of the Emerging Leadership Award, having exhibited all the right leadership abilities.


Emily Rausch

KEM Force

Alamo Chapter

Emily Rausch began her Young AFCEAN involvement by volunteering for the key Programs Chair position in May of 2009. By December of 2009, participation at Alamo Chapter Young AFCEA networking events had more than doubled. As event successes piled up, Emily was the right choice to be the new 2010 Alamo YAC Director. Under Emily, the YAC program continues to take giant strides in participation, mentorship, networking and military involvement. Her openness to ideas have helped spur new event venues such as industry tours and YAC sponsored career fairs at the annual chapter conference. Emily is already emerging as a true leader in AFCEA by helping the Regional Vice President spread the word about the benefits of AFCEA.


Jochen Reinhardt

BWI Informationstechnik GmbH

Bonn E.V. Chapter

Since joining AFCEA Bonn e.V. in 2007, Jochen Reinhardt has been active as the Vice President of Public Relations and as the Young AFCEAN representative for both the chapter as well as for the Northwest European Region. Jochen was awarded the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award in 2009. Since then, he has continued the Young AFCEAN program and grown the young community. He has also continued to serve as chapter officer and has broadened AFCEA Bonn’s school sponsorship program. He redesigned the chapter homepage and conducted a full editorial relaunch. In his latest project, Jochen setup a consistent chapter-corporate design with a style guide, which was a first for the chapter.


Eric Sloan

Precision Task Group

Montgomery Chapter

Eric Sloan is amazing out-front leader! His leadership acumen, and results driven motivation are examples of how one can become totally involved in a small Chapter and far exceeded expectations. A past recipient of the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award, Eric has not rested on his laurels. He is not a splash in the pan; that is, his involvement is not a onetime shot. He is totally immersed in every chapter activity. There is no one more involved, participating in more events in the Montgomery Chapter than Eric. It is not just the events he leads; he is omnipresent even when he is in a supporting role. He has taken the Montgomery Chapter’s YAC program from infancy to an outstanding self-sustaining entity. He is currently orchestrating with the chapter president to launch the first AFCEA Club at Tuskegee University. Eric is unsurpassed in his attention to detail and having a game plan ready for every eventuality -- translating into resounding program successes. Moreover, he helps meet a key challenge facing industry and the nation as a whole; that is, promoting science, technology, engineering and math to the nation’s future leaders. He is very deserving of selection for the Emerging Leader Award!


Casey Weinstein


Dayton-Wright Chapter

The numbers speak for themselves: Casey Weinstein and his team raised nearly $170,000 this calendar year in support of the Dayton-Wright Chapter's Scholarship program. He was also personally responsible for enlisting the support of Mike Farrell (MASH Fame) to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the annual TechNet Aero 2011 Banquet. His ability to seek out and take advantage of all the available opportunities to promote the AFCEA vision makes him a valuable asset to the Dayton-Wright Chapter. Casey is most deserving of the Emerging Leadership Award.

2010 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

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Click here for a complete list of AFCEA Awards and nomination forms.


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