New Ransomware Attack Targets Europe, U.S. Bracing

Cyber experts in the United States are bracing for the effects of a massive cyber attack hitting Ukraine, primarily, and other European nations Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. Alan Lynn, USA, director of DISA and commander of the JFHQ-DODIN, speaks at AFCEA’s Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in June. Photo by Mike Carpenter Wanted: Top Technology, Talent for Federal Cyber

Conquering cyberthreats that pose a national security risk means acquiring cutting-edge technology and leading-edge talent and pairing them.

The TrueNorth chip has the equivalent of 1 million neurons and 256 million synapses in a form of a postage stamp. Right and Left Brains Collide

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and IBM collaborate on brain-inspired supercomputer system.

Curing the Government's Public Cloud Phobia

Commercial cloud offerings are part of a modern technology arsenal that the whole of the U.S. government must consider adopting. 

Only about 15 percent of U.S. Internet fraud victims report the crimes to law enforcement.    Tech Support Scams on the Rise

Victims report being scammed out of nearly $8 million in 2016.

Students in a Virginia Tech laboratory test Popcorn Linux, an operating system that can compile different programming languages into a single cyber tongue. The research is a collaborative effort between the university and the Office of Naval Research. Photo courtesy Binoy Ravindran Getting Processors to Speak a Unified Cyber Tongue

A government-academia collaboration has researchers working to streamline different computer programming languages so that processors can speak in a single cyber tongue.