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Cyberspace Dominance not a Distant Goal

October 27, 2010
By Robert K. Ackerman
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The United States can attain supremacy in cyberspace despite the advantages seemingly held by malevolent organizations and nations, noted an expert in a TechNet Asia-Pacific 2010 panel on warfighters. Randall Cieslak, chief information officer, U.S. Pacific Command, told the afternoon panel audience that adversaries are neither 10 feet tall nor invincible. The United States can achieve cyber supremacy in the same manner that it has air supremacy if it adopts the correct approaches to cyberspace. "We can achieve supremacy in cyberspace. We have it in SIPRNET [secret Internet protocol router network]," Cieslak stated. "I have confidence that the enemy cannot operate in it." Cieslak continued that the military routinely shares information in domains that are secure without fear of interception. There is no reason that the U.S. military cannot take over part of the Internet and not allow anyone else to use it, he offered.


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