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Defense Department Unveils Cloud Computing Strategy

July 12, 2012

On Wednesday, the Defense Department (DOD) issued its long-awaited cloud computing strategy. Officials also announced in a memo from Teri Takai, chief information officer for the DOD, that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) will oversee the new strategy as "enterprise cloud service broker." The designation means that all department components are required to obtain cloud-computing capabilities through DISA or to obtain a waiver from Takai's office as the DOD's designated review authority. In a press release accompanying the announcement, Takai said, "This strategy will align with all department-wide information technology efficiency initiatives, federal data center consolidation and cloud computing efforts.  The result of the strategy will be improved mission effectiveness, increased IT efficiencies, and enhanced cybersecurity." The cloud computing strategy is one plank of a longer-term program  by the military to consolidate information technology resources outlined in Defense Information Moves Toward a Common Ground" from the May 2012 edition of SIGNAL Magazine.


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