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Sandra Jontz
Executive Editor and Director of Content Development
Sandra Jontz has been a journalist for more than two decades. She extensively covered the U.S. military, both from within the United States and nearly a decade overseas. Jontz was a war correspondent, covering multiple military combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a graduate of George Mason University and holds numerous awards from the Virginia Press Association. In her roles as executive editor and director of content development, Jontz contributes magazine articles and is responsible for expanding original content on the SIGNAL's website.  

My Recent Content:

NPR Video of NASA's Reid Wiseman ISS Mission Captures Amazing Photos, Humor
March 27, 2015
By Sandra Jontz

National Public Radio released a humorous, touching and all-around awesome video today, capturing tweets and photographs by NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, who launched to the International Space Station in May 2014 for a six-month space mission.

Government to Facilitate Testing, Sharing of Results for Spectrum Sharing
March 27, 2015
By Sandra Jontz

U.S. federal agencies signed an agreement that sets the charter for the National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network to create a collaborative framework with an eventual goal of facilitating access to a wide range of testing that supports the sharing of the finite spectrum resource.

From Dominating in Synthetic Biology to Fielding Undersea Drones, DARPA Sets Future Priorities
An example of neutron imaging: On the left, lilies photographed through an open cask. On the right, a neutron imaging system used to photograph the lilies through the lead walls of the cask. This image demonstrates the power of neutrons to easily pass through otherwise impenetrable materials.
DARPA'S Airborne Launch Assist Space Access ( ALASA) seeks to develop a significantly less expensive approach for routinely launching small satellites.

The notion of nefarious scientists re-engineering the genetics of living organisms to then weaponize their new specimens has some researchers jostling for the upper hand, including those at the U.S. Defense Department’s main research agency. 

March 26, 2015
By Sandra Jontz
Networked Medical Devices Deliver Benefits, Drawbacks
From left to right, Jason Healey, Suzanne Schwartz, Joshua Corman and Pat Calhoun discuss the impact of lack cybersecurity on the Internet of Things and health care.
U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) talks about proposed legislation to safeguard patient privacy amid booming market of medical devices connected to the Internet.

Experts today trumpet the very same warnings voiced two years ago, when then Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart implant drew public attention and fervor to the mounting warnings of lax cybersecurity on wireless medical devices, some worn and some implanted inside the body. 

March 19, 2015
By Sandra Jontz
U.S. Losing Lead in Satellite Technology
Photo courtesy of NASA

It will not be long before adversaries narrow the superiority gap the United States holds over others in satellite technology. Rivals are unencumbered by bureaucratic stagnation and can rapidly leverage commercial technology for military use, according to one panelist speaking at the Satellite 2015 symposium in Washington D.C.

March 18, 2015
By Sandra Jontz

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