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Sandra Jontz

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Sandra Jontz
Executive Editor and Director of Content Development
Sandra Jontz has been a journalist for more than two decades. She extensively covered the U.S. military, both from within the United States and nearly a decade overseas. Jontz was a war correspondent, covering multiple military combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a graduate of George Mason University and holds numerous awards from the Virginia Press Association. In her roles as executive editor and director of content development, Jontz contributes magazine articles and is responsible for expanding original content on the SIGNAL's website.  

My Recent Content:

High-Tech Toys for Expeditionary Forces Showcased at Modern Day Marine Expo
September 25, 2014
By Sandra Jontz

Massive tents housed booths with roughly 400 companies pitching the up-and-coming technology to approximately 8,000 attendees at the 2014 Modern Day Marine event held at U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. Much of the technology focused on equipping expeditionary forces.

Defense Department to Study Viability of BYOD
September 25, 2014
By Sandra Jontz

The Defense Department is planning a pilot study to determine the feasibility of a bring-your-own-device program within the department, says Terry Halvorsen, acting chief information officer.

DARPA Launches Project to Develop Prosthetic Limbs That Actually Feel
September 24, 2014
By Sandra Jontz

DARPA, the U.S. Defense Departments' primary research branch, is putting together teams of experts to embark on remarkable technology to make advanced arm prosthetics even more lifelike for amputees—technology that experts hope will send signals to the brain to indicate what the limb is actually feeling.

Rescinding DISA's Cloud Broker Role To Speed Up Process
September 23, 2014
By Sandra Jontz

Having a single agency act as the cloud broker for the whole of the U.S. Defense Department's migration to commercial cloud services slowed the process too much, prompting a policy change to divvy up the duties among the services, says the department's acting chief information officer.

Congressman: NOAA Should Rely on Commercial Data for Weather Forecasts
September 19, 2014
By Sandra Jontz

If a key weather satellite operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration goes down before its replacement launches, the agency needs to mitigate the forecasted gap in data collection by relying on commercial weather data, a U.S. congressman says.

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