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  1. Ledgett Named Deputy Director of NSA

    Richard "Rick" Ledgett has been named deputy director of the National Security Agency , Fort Meade, Maryland. Tags:  Career Progressions National Security Agency

    Cyndy Hogan - 02/25/2014 - 07:29 - 0 comments

  2. Rogers Nominated to Lead U.S. Cyber Command, NSA

    Vice Adm. Michael S. Rogers, USN , has been nominated as commander of U.S. Cyber Command , director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service , Fort Meade, Maryland. ...

    Cyndy Hogan - 02/25/2014 - 07:29 - 0 comments

  3. JIE May Enable Faster Mobile App Deployment

    ... Takai reported. “One of the things we’re exploring with NSA right now is the ability to certify the device and then not have to have ... or five” unclassified devices and is working with the NSA to certify platforms for classified information, including top secret. The ...

    SIGNAL - 04/07/2014 - 09:50 - 0 comments

  4. Partnership Promises to Prevent Cloud Computing Problems

    ... National Science Foundation, National Security Agency (NSA), Google and IBM. “The benefits will be huge. First of all, it will ... and prevent problems, that could save lives.” The NSA also sees value in the software. The agency is funding additional research ...

    Helen Mosher - 03/03/2014 - 09:41 - 0 comments

  5. Cool App-titude: NSA Career Links

    ... Rachel Eisenhower The National Security Agency (NSA) now has an app for aspiring agents. The free NSA Career Links app for iPhone will keep you up to date about agency jobs, ...

    Rachel Lilly - 12/17/2012 - 14:42 - 0 comments

  6. NSA and University to Create Big Data Laboratory

    ... a new partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA) to create the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) on the university’s ... hub at NC State. NC State researchers will assist NSA scientists in establishing priorities and conducting research for the LAS. ...

    SIGNAL - 08/16/2013 - 15:23 - 0 comments

  7. NSA Director Says U.S. Is Best at Protecting Civil Liberties

    ... Keith Alexander, USA, director of National Security Agency (NSA) and commander of the U.S. Cyber Command said at the AFCEA Cyber Symposium in Baltimore. Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who leaked reams of data about NSA monitoring activities to the ...

    SIGNAL - 06/28/2013 - 10:21 - 0 comments

  8. NSA Director Defends Intelligence Workforce

    ... Alexander, USA, who directs the National Security Agency (NSA) and commands U.S. Cyber Command, wrapped up the final day of the AFCEA ... of cyber long enough to address the controversy. The NSA director said intelligence community employees protect the nation and civil ...

    Helen Mosher - 06/28/2013 - 08:51 - 0 comments

  9. Press Releases

    ... defined radio for vehicular integration SEM NSA Listed CD/DVD Shredder Is Proudly Made in the USA ViaSat KG-200R Ruggedized Data at Rest Encryptor is Now NSA Certified ...

    Helen Mosher - 09/09/2013 - 16:22

  10. A New -INT Looms for Social Media

    ...  The U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) National Security Operations Center (NSOC) serves as the heart of the NSA’s signals intelligence reporting. The part of signals intelligence that ...

    Helen Mosher - 01/02/2014 - 12:05 - 0 comments