Grassroots Group Strives For Wireless Computer Security

Wireless links now are permeating virtually every electronic device in society, but they bring with them the vulnerabilities and threats that characterize cyberspace today.

Wireless Firewalls Needed to Protect Vulnerable Federal Branch Offices

As if cyber breaches of key federal networks haven’t been problematic enough for experts, hackers increasingly target smaller branch offices that present a weak link in cybersecurity. 

Changing Federal-Contracting Culture Favors Small Businesses

Congress and the federal government have heard the clamor of small-business owners and want to ease the cumbersome federal-contracting process and level the playing field between small and large companies competing for government-contracting dollars, experts said during an AFCEA International program.

Maj. Gen. Thomas Franz, GEAF, former commander of the NATO Communications and Information Systems Group (NCISG) (c), walks with other participants during Steadfast Cobalt 15. About 39 organizations from 25 nations contributed to the exercise. NATO Tests Response Force Communications

A recent NATO exercise in Eastern Europe established criteria for NATO Response Force communications, including new technologies and cybersecurity, that will be essential if the rapid-reaction unit is called on in the event of a crisis imposed on an alliance member.

Industry's 'New IP' Revolution Could Stall Federal Network

Dynamic technology changes such as the explosion of cloud-based services, social networking and mobility once again have fundamentally modified the age of computing. The mania for convenience is precipitating network changes at speeds the federal government cannot keep pace with, much less surpass.

Digital sensors in the U.S. Army’s new night vision goggles let warfighters view images on helmet displays and fuse digital images with symbols. Soldiers Look for Supersight

U.S. soldiers might not have super-X-ray and heat vision to see across the full electromagnetic spectrum—yet—but recent technological strides are enhancing sight on the battlefield by leaps and bounds.



Chattanooga residents create makeshift memorials to honor and remember the victims killed by a gunman. The event raises questions about the public's view on intelligence services.

Two headline dominating events—the Iranian nuclear accord and the Chattanooga shootings—have significant...