U.S. Army engineers expose high school students to science-related career paths through advanced classroom instruction and hands-on experiments as part of the Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science program, which highlights power, energy and cyber curriculums. Cyber Is NICE Work, If You Can Get it

Cybersecurity is not one of the attractive career fields that tend to draw job seekers in droves to job fairs, especially among today’s young people now entering the work force, experts say.

Future warfighters may be able to query collaborative software about available intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors and then task a particular system to provide updated information. Siri, Uncle SAM Needs You

Researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom aim to identify inconsistencies between the data provided by intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies and the understanding of that data by combat soldiers or other emergency personnel.

Cybersecurity Education Receives a Makeover

New methods of teaching cybersecurity might be the best hope for providing the necessary security experts to turn the tide against malicious cybercriminals who have launched constant battles against vital networks.

Maj. Gen. LaWarren Patterson, USA, the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon commander, and Col. Jennifer Buckner, USA, Army Cyber School commandant, unveil a sign during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the school. U.S. Army Builds Cyber Branch One Step at a Time

The U.S. Army’s newly created cyber school is prepared to accept its first class of second lieutenants this summer followed by enlisted personnel and warrant officers.

The Joint Air-to-Ground Missile is in production at a facility in Troy, Alabama. PEO Spotlight: U.S. Army on Target With Missile Technology Makeovers

After more than a decade of war, modernizing the U.S. Army has beset leaders who face onerous decisions impacted by declining budgets, drawdowns and a shift in operational focus.

A soldier looks at intelligence data via the Distributed Common Ground System. The NRO’s Future Ground Architecture aims to revolutionize the capabilities of NRO assets available to ground users. The NRO Looks Down to Look Up

The organization tasked with deploying and maintaining orbital reconnaissance assets is working on improving its ground architecture to keep those space-based capabilities relevant amid a changing threat picture.