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  • A Guide to Hybrid Cloud for Government Agencies: An inside-out approach for extending your data center to the cloud
    Author: VMware
    The majority of government IT organizations operate some combination of onsite and offsite ...
  • Recommended Best Practices for the Design of Secure Multi-Domain KVM and Video Routing Systems
    Author: Thinklogical
    Is the next Edward Snowden working for you? Surveys of IT professionals have consistently ...
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    The Navy Charts a Course for Information Dominance
    Vice Admiral Ted Branch, USN, the Navy's N2/N6 and Director of Naval Intelligence, explains how industry can benefit from understanding the Navy's priorities when it comes to Information Dominance. He will also explain how he manages to juggle four different jobs that are all related to the mission of Information Dominance.

    Online Exclusives

    U.S. Navy Fielding Weather-Predicting Sea Drones
    U.S. Navy scientists are fielding unmanned underwater drones which, when used with mathematical models, satellites and good old-fashioned brainpower, can better analyze the globe’s oceans and forecast.

    U.S. Navy to Unveil 'Game-Changing' Lethal Railgun
    It has been a decade in the making, and soon the U.S. Navy will demonstrate what Navy leaders have lauded as game changing technology.

    Navy Equips MH-60s With New 'Smart' Launcher
    The U.S. Navy is outfitting a squadron of MH-60 Seahawk helicopters with a new modernized digital rocket launcher—a less expensive and more precise alternative to the Hellfire missiles now used, a Navy official says.

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    The U.S. Marine Corps is preparing for a host of new missions—some of which remain to be identified. The end of two wars on Southwest Asia is spawning a redeployment to new regions that face specific challenges of their own. And, in this information era, the nature of warfare itself continues to evolve rapidly. Technology is both driving changes and providing solutions to new challenges, and the Corps is adapting its command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) to meet new challenges.

    The explosion of social media on top of the continued expansion of the Web has created a new wellspring of open source information that can be tapped to generate valuable knowledge. In some cases, the information is sitting out in the open waiting to be analyzed. In others, data dispersed among different environments needs to be consolidated and processed. Whatever the condition, open source intelligence holds the potential for providing information that analysts did not even know existed.

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