Logos Technologies has received a contract to continue development of the SilentHawk military motorcycle in partnership with Alta Motors. Logos Developing Special Missions Motorcycle

Logos Technologies, Fairfax, Virginia, has received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue development of the SilentHawk military motorcycle in partnership with Alta Motors.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, joined by leadership and employees from the DHS, calls on Congress on Monday to fully fund the department. DHS Secretary Makes Passionate Plea to Congress to Fully Fund Department

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson voiced a hesitant optimism Thursday that U.S. Congress will come together to fully fund the department before tomorrow’s deadline that could shutter parts of the Department of Homeland Security.

NASA's Nanosatellite Launch Adapter System was developed to increase access to space while simplifying the integration process of miniature satellites, called nanosats or cubesats, onto launch vehicles. 510 Small Satellites Set for Launch Over Next Five Years

Nations plan to launch more than 500 small satellites over the next five years, an increase of two-thirds in the number of the small space-bound platforms when compared with launches over the past decade, according to an international space firm report.

U.S. soldiers work on a Mission Event Synchronization List in the Joint Cyber Control Center during Operation Deuce Lightning in 2011. Harnessing the Power of IT Interoperability

Guest blogger Ed Bender from SolarWinds outlines the steps the U.S. Defense Department should take to secure and streamline information networks successfully toward the realization of the JIE. The department must strive for greater interoperability of NetOps and other IT management tools within the services.

Example of McAfee phishing quiz, determined to be among the most successful phishing email sample to compromise victims' computers through a malicious URL. Social Engineering Scams Puncture Global Cybersecurity Efforts

The European Union faces the same formidable increase in cyber attacks as the United States—but comes up against issues compounded by disparate national laws and cybersecurity expertise, experts say. While technology might lead to some of the security lapses, humans certainly contribute to the problem.

A cyber Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise, or JUICE, takes place at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Intelligence Communities Now Infiltrating Cyber World as Much as Adversaries

As cybersecurity defenses improve, so do the breaching tactics and methods by adversaries driven to hack into commercial and government networks. And they are doing so at alarming speeds, outpacing defense efforts.