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This month's featured press releases: Ciena, Harris Corporation and Rohde & Schwarz.


Inside the Issue: December 2014

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  • A Business Model for an Interoperable World
    Author: RTI
    You CAN develop interoperable systems affordably. Use the new RTI open source model. RT ...
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  • Featured EBook

    Big Data
    Big data is on every network manager's lips as systems and operations are re-shaped to take advantage of this information wellspring. This EBook contains valuable insight on some of the big data initiatives underway and the technology involved as covered by SIGNAL Media.

    Online Exclusives

    5 Weeks and Counting: New NOAA Weather Satellite Readies for Launch
    Scientists gear up to launch revolutionary technology into deep space that will provide the most advanced solar storm warning system to date.

    NGA Wants Your Intelligence Data in the Cloud
    With the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's interactive Map of the World now residing in the cloud, the intelligence agency plans to expand the tools and content.

    Cybersecurity Breaches Making Users More Savvy, but Vulnerabilities Persist
    Sensational data breaches such as the recent hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment, in which employees’ Social Security numbers, salary details and emails were stolen and publicly disseminated, make for great headlines and capture people’s attention—mainly because the public can relate to the breaches.

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    Current Issue

    There is no security without cybersecurity, and cybersecurity still is wanting. Everyone agrees about its importance, but no effective map toward achieving it yet has been drafted. Meanwhile, evildoers continue to vex defenders, and the damage that could be wrought by them is growing every day. Both government and industry agree that each must play a defining role in cybersecurity, but coordination remains elusive.

    As with many military disciplines, unmanned systems have evolved from humble beginnings as support vehicles to full-fledged intelligence and combat platforms. Signal processing sophistication has increased, and with it the capabilities that unmanned systems can bring to the fight. Now, these systems are being employed in all manner of uses in the military and civilian arenas.

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