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August 2014: Inside the Issue

Everyone is hopping on the big data bandwagon. Plus, C4ISR is a driving force for U.S. Army modernization. Watch now for an inside look at the August issue of SIGNAL Magazine.

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    Debriefing the Army CIO
    The U.S. Army, like all of the American military services, is dependent on an increasingly complex array of information technology to prosecute its mission. On this edition of AFCEA Answers, our guest is the officer responsible for the Army's IT resources, Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell, USA, chief information officer/G-6. He explains how the modernization of the Army's LandWarNet ties in with building the Joint Information Environment.

    Online Exclusives

    NSA Benefits Outweigh Snowden Damage
    Revelations about the NSA's monitoring practices created some fallout with the telecommunications industry and other nations, acknowledges Adm. Michael Rogers, USN, the agency’s new director. But the capabilities the agency provides eclipse the damage done.

    Illinois University Preps Center to Cater to Wounded Veterans
    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is building an unparalleled Center for Wounded Veterans with state-of-the-art assisted and adaptive devices. Wounded veterans can begin applying for early admission September 1.

    CANES Experiments with Cloud Computing at Sea
    The Navy’s afloat network will benefit from cloud computing while enhancing cybersecurity.

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    Current Issue

    Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) are a driving force for U.S. Army modernization. With each military service being called on to do more with less, information technology is playing a big role as a key enabler for operational success. The Army consistently has improved its C4ISR to meet its mission needs, but now that mission has become more diverse as the Southwest Asia wars wind down and new challenges emerge around the globe. Both new technologies and new ways of incorporating them are key to the Army maintaining its superiority across the operational spectrum.

    Everyone is hopping on the big data bandwagon. Terabytes of information are accumulating throughout cyberspace as users amass and store data at unprecedented rates. However, accumulating an overabundance of data can be a problem akin to constructing a boat in a basement. Extricating it can prove more difficult than building it. New tools are required to ensure that users can tap the correct data in a useful format.

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