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AFCEA Leadership Series: 5 Questions with Jill Singer

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  • Big Data Analytics: A New Way Forward For Optimizing Cyber Defense
    Author: Teradata
    This executive summary, titled Big Data Analytics: A New Way Forward for Optimizing Cyber ...
  • The Threat Beneath the Surface
    Author: Teradata
    Between cyber threats and big data challenges, many federal IT executives, managers and st ...
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    Working the Frontline: Job Guide for Veterans
    While you may have left the uniform behind, you may not be leaving the work force altogether. SIGNAL compiled this page to give veterans easily accessible links to a number of useful services—from employers who seek employees with military experience to job fairs, government programs, resource groups and helpful interviewing and resume writing tips.

    Online Exclusives

    Government Agencies Move to Secure Data on Non-Government Systems
    NIST has published for public review draft recommendations to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive federal information residing on the computers of contractors and other nonfederal organizations working for the government.

    VA Using Technology to Help Quash Disparities For Rural Vets Needing Health Care
    Technology plays a central role in helping the Department of Veterans Affairs work smarter, not harder, to medically treat veterans, particularly those who live in rural areas of the nation.

    Students to Learn Cybersafety With New Program
    Intel Security partnered with Discovery Education to launch a three-year national education initiative with a goal of reaching at least 35 million students with a brand new program to teach safe cyberpractices.

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    The largest theater of operation on the planet has become larger. No, boundaries have not been redrawn; rather, more nations are playing a larger role in the geopolitics that influence events over that vast area. Unlike the European theater, no single alliance defines governmental and military relationships. Instead, a hub-and-spoke construct serves to bring suspicious nations together to help solve the many problems that emerge to affect half the world’s population. Often the United States is at the hub of this construct, and the nation is showing a greater emphasis on its operations in that region.

    Technology doesn’t develop in a vacuum: it needs direction and nurturing. For basic research and large-scale projects, government technology policy seeks to provide the impetus for successful development and exploitation. These policies extend from the most basic of research to the use of advanced systems when they enter the real world.

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