Chattanooga residents create makeshift memorials to honor and remember the victims killed by a gunman. The event raises questions about the public's view on intelligence services. Two Events, Many Questions

Two headline dominating events—the Iranian nuclear accord and the Chattanooga shootings—have significant implications for the public debate about U.S. intelligence.

Senators Seek to Bolster DHS Cyber Oversight

U.S. lawmakers launched a bipartisan bid to boost the Department of Homeland Security's powers to better oversee cybersecurity compliance by federal agencies and intervene when they might fail to safeguard their networks.  

Intel Community to Tackle State of Cybersecurity at Fall Summit

Cyber intelligence is the emerging buzz term as the United States works to fend off not just attacks by criminals and nation-state hackers, but terrorists calling for an electronic jihad. The state of cybersecurity isn't as good as experts hoped, given years of initiatives and billions of dollars invested in shoring up vulnerabilities.

Defense Department's DREN System Gets High-Speed Supercomputing Upgrade

Most of the Defense Research and Engineering Network has received a major upgrade, providing U.S. military researchers with access to an unprecedented fast fiber optic network connecting five supercomputing centers at speeds 16 times faster than present rates.

Defense Department CIO Terry Halvorsen addresses mobility concerns at the enterprise level. Photo by Michael Carpenter Defense Department Embraces 'Good Enough' for Mobile Security

As the Defense Department dives into the mobility ecosystem and embraces the use of mobile devices by the warfighter in the battlefield up to the highest echelons of leadership, it seeks solutions too for full-on mobility at the enterprise level. Devices are secure enough, leaders say. Now, they want solutions from industry on how to protect the data. 

More Than 21 Million Workers Affected by Breaches of OPM Networks

Hackers behind cybersecurity attacks on the U.S. federal government through the Office of Personnel Management pilfered personal information from a much more significant number of current and former employees than previously reported.