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This month's featured press releases: C5ISR Summit, The Capital Group, Cellcrypt Ltd., Keysight Technologies, Mobile Pathways Inc., Mutualink, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH, secunet Security Networks AG, TrellisWare Technologies and ViaSat Inc.--STT.


September 2014: Inside the Issue

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  • Savings on Cloud Backup, Storage, and Recovery
    Author: Riverbed
    This white paper demonstrates how to reduce the operating costs of backup and archiving us ...
  • Web Application Security Anywhere, Anyplace & Anytime
    Author: Riverbed
    Application security - a critical component to risk management. Every year, thousands of ...
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  • AFCEA Answers

    Spanning the Globe, Geospatially
    Every day, one federal agency simultaneously serves the global intelligence needs of the American military, the U.S. intelligence community and, increasingly, domestic first responders. This episode of AFCEA Answers features Ellen McCarthy, chief operating officer of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

    Online Exclusives

    Congressman: NOAA Should Rely on Commercial Data for Weather Forecasts
    If a key weather satellite operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration goes down before its replacement launches, the agency needs to mitigate the forecasted gap in data collection by relying on commercial weather data, a U.S. congressman says.

    Two Capsules to Serve as the Cure for Outsourced U.S. Space Transportation
    NASA has awarded its long-awaited Commercial Crew Development contracts to Boeing and SpaceX to build the next generation of spacecraft that will deliver astronauts to the International Space Station beginning in 2017.

    DISA to Launch First Round of JRSS Network Upgrades
    The U.S. Defense Department is primed to take a first step toward the realization of JIE as it gears up information migration to the joint regional security stacks, or JRSS, a key upgrade to streamline and secure network operations.

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    Current Issue

    The past year has seen more scrutiny on the intelligence community since the mid-1970s. Insider leaks have generated critical discussions of collection and processing methods. Yet, very little dissent exists about the need for an effective intelligence community in these dangerous and uncertain times. Technology-driven societal changes have forced intelligence leaders to look outside the box for solutions that accommodate the metamorphosing needs of global security.

    In this rapidly changing world, virtually nothing in life is sedentary. Accordingly, technology-empowered individuals expect mobile connectivity at any given time, wherever they may be. While mobility is ubiquitous in industrialized societies, military communicators are addressing it differently. Individual warfighters are experimenting with the capabilities offered by their own smartphones, and defense officials are working to find ways of introducing those capabilities into the battlespace. However, many issues remain to be solved.

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