L-3 to Upgrade Canadian Air Force Training System

July 14, 2011
By George Seffers

L-3 Communications Corporation, Arlington, Texas, is being awarded approximately $22 million for the hardware and software to upgrade the Canadian Air Force's training system from the existing Advanced Distributed Combat Training System to the current U.S. Navy Tactical Operation Flight Trainers Roadmap Procurement Program baseline. In addition, this contract includes the installation and testing of the hardware and software for six networked CF-18 nine-panel Tactical Operational Flight trainers; 10 Part Task Trainers and six brief and debrief systems; a theater specific visual database; Simulated Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System; new personal computer-based image generation; and operator, maintenance and user defined file training for approximately 10 students. This purchase is for the government of Canada under the Foreign Military Sales program. The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, Orlando, Florida, is the contracting activity.

Cool App-titude: Evernote

July 12, 2011
By Rachel Eisenhower

Turn your smartphone into an extension of your brain with the free Evernote app. It helps you remember anything and everything using notes, snapshots and recordings.