L-3 Receives Modification for Military Operations Support

April 13, 2009
By Katie Packard

L-3 Communications Flight International is being awarded a $22 million modification to a previously awarded contract for commercial air services and military operations support. This modification provides airborne threat simulation training for shipboard and aircraft squadron weapon systems operators and aircrew in order to enhance abilities to counter potential enemy electronic warfare and electronic attack operations in an electronic combat environment.

DRC Awarded Additional Option Under Army Training Task Order

April 10, 2009
By Katie Packard

Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC) has received a one-year option worth $1.3 million from the U.S. Army's Armor School and Center Directorate of Training, Doctrine, Combat Development and Experimentation. DRC will continue to develop lesson plans focused on training development support and will provide mobile training team instruction to operational units.

DISA: Furthering Its Reach

April 14, 2009
By Beverly Schaeffer

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has had to juggle technologies to maintain effective service to its customers-the defense community. Both civilian and military Defense Department organizations depend on DISA for vital connectivity around the clock and around the globe. While the agency has been able to tap commercial capabilities to a greater degree, its customer demands-especially for bandwidth-have been growing faster than expected.

Marine Corps Technologies: Fielding for the Fight

April 8, 2009
By Beverly Schaeffer

The U.S. Marine Corps finds itself in the unique position of sharing attributes of all the other military services. That has helped the Corps procure technologies in that it can learn from and adapt some systems developed by other services. However, the Corps has its own unique situations and requirements, so it finds itself pursuing Marine-specific solutions to modern challenges. SIGNAL's April issue looks at Marine Corps technologies as the multifaceted service girds for the fog of future combat.