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SIGNAL Connections

News Briefs

January 15, 2008

Army Deploys Cyber Warriors
The U.S. Army’s European Command has launched its first cyber-intelligence units to counter growing online threats. The Army’s 5th Signal Command in Mannheim, Germany, is operating a component-level cyber cell consisting of three experienced intelligence and computer experts. The specialists will observe potentially harmful data passing from the Internet into friendly networks, identify attack patterns, analyze data and advise network operators so they can take preventative action to ensure the security of the command’s systems. Another cell responsibility is to prevent military users from engaging in “digital fratricide”—accidentally blocking or deleting vital communications.

Sociologists Examine Web 2.0 101

January 15, 2008
Maryann Lawlor

From Facebook to wikis and mashups to folksonomies, this is not your father’s Internet anymore and the implications pose some interesting questions.


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