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U.S. Navy C4ISR Contracts Potentially Worth Nearly $100 Million

June 8, 2011
By George Seffers

Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), McLean, Virginia, and STG Incorporated, Reston, Virginia, are each being awarded performance-based contracts potentially valued at nearly $100 million to provide on-site system support services for the Navy command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems located at worldwide shore and ship operational commands, centers and facilities. These two contractors may compete for the task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contracts. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic, Charleston, South Carolina, is the contracting activity.

Ausgar to Research Information Technology

May 20, 2011
By George Seffers

Ausgar Technologies Incorporated, San Diego, California, was recently awarded more than $10 million to provide command and control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) information operations and information technology system research. This contract will support the efforts of the Command and Control Technology and Experimentation Division of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), San Diego, California. SSC Pacific is the contracting activity.

U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Modifies CACI Contract

May 16, 2011
By George Seffers

CACI Systems Incorporated, Chantilly, Virginia, is being awarded a more than $7 million contract modification to exercise an option for services in support of the development, integration, test and evaluation, installation, fielding, certification, maintenance, life cycle and logistics support of command, control, computers, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) electronic systems. This modification provides approximately 88,312 man-hours of support for the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division's Special Communications Requirements (SCR) Division. The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity.

U.S. Navy Awards Billions of Dollars for C4ISR

January 24, 2011
By George Seffers

The U.S. Navy awarded several billion dollars in contracts to four companies, including Serco Incorporated, Reston, Virginia; VT Milcom, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Lockheed Martin Services Incorporated, Gaithersburg, Maryland; and AMSEC Limited Liability Company, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contracts are for the installation and operational certification of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Centers for Program Executive Office (C4I & Space), Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, and other prospective U.S. Government and Foreign Military Sales customers. The C4ISR systems are produced under various production contracts-separate from these four contracts-and are delivered as government-furnished equipment to this contract for installation onboard surface ships, submarines, and shore stations located worldwide. The potential contract values are: Serco, $1.4 billion; VT Milcom, $1.38 million; Lockheed Martin, $1.37 billion; and Amsec, $1.31 billion. These four contractors may compete for task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contract. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity.

University Multispectral Laboratory to Support Warfighter Requirements

November 18, 2010
By George Seffers

University Multispectral Laboratory, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, is being awarded a potential $39 million contract modification to provide support services, which include identification, analysis, selection, testing and evaluation of solutions to warfighter requirements for command, control, communications, computer, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance/chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive sensors and sensor-related technology. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic, Charleston, South Carolina, is the contracting activity.

CSC to Support U.S. Marine Corps Operating Forces

November 5, 2010
By George Seffers

Computer Science Corporation, Falls Church, Virginia, is being awarded a task order valued at more than $9 million under a previously awarded contract for technical support to the operating forces, a key element of the Marine Corps Systems Command, Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity, support for fielded tactical command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems for Marine Corps operating forces. Technical support under this effort includes on-site/on-call support at the Operating Forces Tactical Systems Support Center, on-site technical representation at specified Marine Corps Command organizations worldwide, exercise support based upon the operational schedule of the supported units, and support of contingency operations (e.g., hazardous duty, combat operations, peace-keeping) on a discrete basis. The Marine Corps System Command, Quantico, Virginia, is the contracting activity.

NATO Agency Streamlines Biz Ops

September 17, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

The NATO NC3A's ultimate goal is interoperability among alliance nations and their regional neighbors, and it is poised to provide more innovative, cost-effective tools. On its current path, is the NC3A meeting its challenges, and will these solutions prove successful in the long term? Discuss your ideas here.

General Dynamics to Provide Smart Display Units for U.S. Armored Vehicles

August 25, 2010
By George Seffers

General Dynamics Canada recently received an order to supply more than 1,000 Smart Display Units for installation in U.S. Army Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. The order represents the first use of General Dynamics Canada's technology on the MRAP platform, expanding the reach of the company's comprehensive suite of vehicle electronics currently embedded in the majority of the U.S. armoured vehicle fleet. The MRAP vehicles' command, control, communications and computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities are being upgraded to support future growth and improve operational capability for the crews. General Dynamics Canada received the order from WestWind Technologies Inc., which was recently awarded a contract by the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Command.

WestWind Technologies Wins $376 Million U.S. Army Contract to Provide MRAP Digital Backbone Kits

July 23, 2010
By George Seffers

WestWind Technologies Inc., has been awarded a multi-year contract valued at $376 million to supply Digital Backbone Kits to the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Life Cycle Management Command for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle program. WestWind will supply the command, control, communications and computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance digital backbone B-kits in production quantities and package them for integration onto the vehicles.

General Highlights Joint Staff C4 Priorities

May 18, 2010

"At the end of the day, it's about the warfighter."--Lt. Gen. Dennis Vis, USA, director, C4 systems, Joint Staff


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