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Contrack to Build ISR Complex in Afghanistan

May 6, 2011
By George Seffers

Contrack International Incorporated, McLean, Virginia, has been awarded a $34 million contract for the design and construction of an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance complex in Shindand, Afghanistan. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Middle East District, Winchester, Virginia, is the contracting activity.

Integrated Systems Supports Counter Explosive Device Effort

May 6, 2011
By George Seffers

Integrated Systems, Ellicott City, Maryland, was recently awarded a $49 million contract to provide operational support services for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. Work will be performed in Arlington, Virginia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, with an estimated completion date of May 10, 2013. The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity.

EOIR to Continue Constant Hawk Operations in Afghanistan

April 29, 2011
By George Seffers

EOIR Technologies Incorporated, Fredericksburg, Virginia, was awarded a $46 million contract modification to continue operations and maintenance of four Constant Hawk air platforms in Afghanistan. The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity.

Marines Revolutionize Network In Southwest Afghanistan

May 2011
By Rita Boland, SIGNAL Magazine

Members of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) recently spent a year in what is arguably the most dangerous place on the planet for a U.S. service member—Helmand Province, Afghanistan. During the deployment, combat communicators were tasked with the normal duties of equipment operations and data transmission security. But by the time they came home, they had celebrated other noteworthy accomplishments, employed technology new to the Corps and identified several challenges as well as ways industry could help overcome them.

On the Ground in Kandahar

April 2011
By Rita Boland, SIGNAL Magazine

A forest of antennas is making life even trickier than usual for military signalers at Regional Command–South in Afghanistan. In addition to dealing with a harsh environment, deadly enemies, battle-zone operations and the regular hiccups inherent in systems and networks, communicators in the combat area are fighting against the very tools designed to help them. Personnel in the information-sharing realm have discovered that international signal towers set up in the area are proving to be one of the most time-consuming problems of their deployment.

Connectivity Builds Independence In Afghanistan

April 2011
By Maryann Lawlor, SIGNAL Magazine

The road to stability in Afghanistan is being paved with telecommunications systems. Through the strategic use of technology, the country already is experiencing improvements in connectivity that will continue to progress until the governance, industrial and the socio-economic state of the country all reap the benefits. If plans, activities and cooperation continue as they have for the past few months, Afghanistan will be poised by the middle of this decade to take its place among the most economically stable and technologically savvy countries in the world.

DRS to Provide Handheld Radios in Afghanistan

February 18, 2011
By George Seffers

DRS Technical Services Incorporated, Herndon, Virginia, was awarded a $12 million contract to provide 10,000 very high frequency (VHF) handheld radios, 10,000 VHF handheld radio accessories, 5,000 VHF mobile radios and 5,000 VHF mobile radio accessories. Work will be performed in Afghanistan. The Kabul Regional Contracting Center, Cole House Contracting, Kabul, Afghanistan, is the contracting activity.

Cool App-titude: Tactical Nav

February 1, 2011
By Rachel Eisenhower

A U.S. soldier used his own savings to develop an iPhone app that can help troops track the Taliban.

Mission 1st Group Receives Information Technology Oversight Contract

January 5, 2011
By George Seffers

Mission 1st Group Incorporated, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, was awarded a $3 million contract to provide for engineering, logistics and oversight of information technology projects in Southwest Asia and within the United States. Work will be performed in Afghanistan; Kuwait; Iraq; Fort Belvoir, Virginia; and Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. The U.S. Army Rock Island Contracting Command, Rock Island, Illinois, is the contracting activity.

Information-Gathering Needs Intensify in Afghanistan

December 30, 2010
By Rachel Eisenhower

From Aerostats to chat rooms, the demand for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets in Afghanistan is at an all-time high. As coordinators work to allocate and organize the largest number of capabilities ever deployed, the challenge remains to maximize the potential of what already exists.


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