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Permission Granted for Some Removable Media

May 2010
By Henry S. Kenyon, SIGNAL Magazine

Although the U.S. Defense Department has lifted its ban on the use of thumb drives, the new rule greatly restricts their use and empowers unit commanders with final authority over the application of removable data storage devices. The ruling also reflects an ongoing effort by the military to change its operational culture by raising awareness of cybersecurity issues.

SIGNAL Says: Stacy Furcini

January 29, 2010
By Katie Packard

"Once you put that information into a PowerPoint format, that plan is almost immediately stale. Weather continues to change; intelligence updates might continue to come in; there might be impacts to some of the sorties suggested. All of those cannot be captured in a manual PowerPoint presentation unless you have someone there constantly updating it."--Stacy Furcini, ISPAN division chief


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