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August 2005

Meeting Software Shields Data

August 2005
By Henry S. Kenyon

U.S. government agencies are using a secure electronic conferencing tool

A Million Keys To the Castle

August 2005
By Henry S. Kenyon

The U.S. Defense Department has successfully deployed a major program to provide secure access

Wireless Warriors Secure in Their Knowledge

August 2005
By Jeff Hawk

Sending Top Secret e-mail from a hotel room may soon be possible pending

Network Center Ensures Security

August 2005
By Robert K. Ackerman

New technologies, better hackers and an increased demand for network services

Intelligence Agency Boosts Information Security IQ

August 2005
By Maryann Lawlor

In the constantly changing information assurance realm, security is more often than not a moving target. To confront this challenge, the U.S. Defense Department's intelligence enterprise is beefing up its efforts to prepare information warriors, to track threats and to provide, not only information assurance but more importantly, mission assurance. Today, the need for agility is as immense and intense in cyberspace as it is on the battlefield.

Wanted: Smart Information Security

August 2005
By Vice Adm. Herbert A. Browne, USN (Ret.)

There should be no debate over the need for effective information security in the information revolution. As digital information becomes more vital with the growth of cyberspace, securing it increases in importance. However, even with broad public awareness of the need for cybersecurity, the infosphere is faced with a serious challenge that is multifaceted and that defies easy solution.


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