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November 2009

Prep Team Returns From Afghanistan

November 30, 2010
by Maryann Lawlor

Members of the U.S. Joint Forces Command’s Joint Enabling Capabilities (JEC) Command arrived home from Afghanistan and the first major operational use of the Ready JEC Package (RJP) just in time to join their families for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Random Hacks of Kindness” to Aid Emergency Response

November 20, 2009
by Robert K. Ackerman, SIGNAL Online Exclusive

Some of the digital world’s most bitter rivals have joined forces with government and public-sector organizations to develop solutions for disaster relief. An inaugural meeting November 12-14 in Mountain View, California, already has generated some products, and the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has lauded the effort and has pledged support.

TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 Day 4—SIGNAL's Online Show Daily

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
by Robert K. Ackerman

The final day of TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 featured two panels and two speakers looking at the way ahead.

TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 Day 3—SIGNAL's Online Show Daily

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
by Robert K. Ackerman

Wednesday’s speakers and panelists at TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 included assessments of needs and methods for information systems and cybersecurity.

TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 Day 2—SIGNAL's Online Show Daily

November 04, 2009
by Robert K. Ackerman

The challenges of the Pacific region and cyberwarfare issues dominated discussion on the second day of TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009.

TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009—SIGNAL's Online Show Daily

November 03, 2009
by Robert K. Ackerman

The opening session of TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 was a four-hour acquisition seminar titled "Cyber Security—Its Acquisition and Environment."

The Intelligence Community Writes the Book on Collaboration

November 2009
By Christopher J. Dorobek

Change is never easy, and that is particularly true in government. When it comes to collaboration, it is the intelligence community that has been evolving and testing its own boundaries.

Acquisition Experts Debate

November 2009
By Maryann Lawlor

A multitude of sentries stand between state-of-the-art solutions and warfighters’ hands. The acquisition bureaucracy has become so convoluted that even urgent need requests are feeling the effects. Debating the way around or right through the administrative sentinels that procurement professionals face in the government was the focus of AFCEA International’s SOLUTIONS Series event, “IT Acquisition: Shifting to a Modern Paradigm.” At the September event in Lansdowne, Virginia, identifying the problems was not a challenge; agreeing on the most expedient way to solve them was a little more difficult.

Acquisition Reform Requires a Broad-Based Effort

November 2009
By Kent R. Schneider

AFCEA increasingly is engaged in the effort to improve the acquisition process, particularly as it supports the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and information technology communities. The association addresses this critical topic in this edition of SIGNAL; it has supported some workshops to discuss specific aspects of the problem; and it has held two conferences in the past several months on acquisition.

Take Me to Your Cyber Leader

November 2009
By Col. Alan D. Campen, USAF (Ret.)

The threat to cyberspace now rivals that of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. That is the message in the latest effort to rouse the public from slumber induced by ignorance, indifference, apathy, confusion and denial. Government is inundated with reports and studies from think tanks, academia, prestigious government research agencies and the cybersecurity industry—each decrying the weak and deteriorating state in our cyberdefenses and proffering advice to the new administration.


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