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Cool App-titude

Cool App-titude: AP Stylebook

November 17, 2009
By Katie Packard

This application is near and dear to all of us in the SIGNAL newsroom. We follow AP Style, and with the AP Stylebook app, journalists like us can have error-free writing even when they're away from their desks-and their editors.

Cool App-titude: CheckPlease

November 10, 2009
By Katie Packard

Math is not my strong suit; I always travel with a calculator and a tip card to help me scoot by. I know I'm not alone thanks to CheckPlease.

Cool App-titude: HP Apps

November 3, 2009
By Katie Packard

Apps for your printer? Yup. HP has an Internet-connected printer-the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One printer-that comes with pre-loaded apps that have something for everyone.

Cool App-titude: iCoffee

October 27, 2009
By Katie Packard

Thanks to iCoffee, addicts like me can keep track of how much money they spend on these delicious treasures.

Cool App-titude: Torch Project Management

October 19, 2009
By Katie Packard

We're starting a new feature here at SIGNAL Scape: a weekly post focusing on cool apps. Our inaugural post features an app for you multitasking on-the-go folks: Torch Project Management.


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