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Cyberspace Domination May Determine Conflict Victor

February 12, 2014
By Robert K. Ackerman

The realm of cyberspace, created by the United States, could be the undoing of its next major military operation unless the country regains control of its own creation. The virtual realm was let loose on the world where it was embraced by all manner of users, and some of them are counting on their expertise in it to overcome the overwhelming power of the U.S. military.

Link Warfighters to Technologists at the Lowest Possible Level

April 1, 2013
By Lt. Ben Kohlmann, USN

As conflicts become more complex and uncertain in the 21st century, quick pivots to new technologies will become increasingly important. The starting point for this rapid fielding must begin with more frequent, and more relational, lower level warfighter-technologist interaction.

The current system does this nominally, but the relationships usually are far removed from the waterfront or the front lines where many user-generated solutions could be discovered. Science advisers, often from places such as the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory or the Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), are stationed regularly at critical commands throughout the services. They provide a useful link between incredibly intelligent technologists and seasoned veterans.

Unfortunately, many of the interactions are only with senior officers and not the muddy boot or deckplate warriors who know best what is giving them day-to-day headaches. Additionally, many of the officers dedicated to acquisition programs are years removed from being actual operators. With the accelerating pace of technological change, even a year away from operational status can leave noticeable knowledge gaps.

Experience certainly is valuable, but after spending a long period of time in the same profession, a person’s creativity sometimes is lost. Even known innovators can get stuck in ruts when not exposed to different views of the world over sustained periods of time. Furthermore, as technology evolves, the quickest adopters usually are the younger generations. They often have better insights into how to integrate emerging, generationally ubiquitous trends to their professions than do their seniors who relied on legacy systems.

ViaSat to Provide Cryptographic Modules

February 6, 2013
George I. Seffers

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, on behalf of the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Program Office, has awarded a $34 million dollar firm fixed price contract to ViaSat Inc., Carlsbad, Calif., for the design, development, and production of a cryptographic module for the MIDS Low Volume Terminal (MIDS-LVT) Block Upgrade 2. The contract encompasses the development, prototype delivery, testing, and integration of a cryptographic module that is designed for integration into a variety of MIDS-LVT hardware variants. The award also calls for production of approximately 10,000 modules for retrofit of all MIDS-LVT hardware in service at the conclusion of the development.

Multiple Firms Awarded C5ISR Contracts

February 1, 2013
George I. Seffers

Ace Info Solutions Inc., Reston, Va.; aVenture Technologies LLC, Vienna, Va.; Barling Bay LLC, North Charleston, S.C.; Centuria Corp., Reston, Va.; DKW Communications Inc., Washington. D.C.; Dynamic Network Enterprises, Stafford, Va.; ECSI International Inc., Clifton, N.J.; Imagine One StraCon Venture LLC, Fort Worth, Texas; Integrated Technology Solutions Group Joint Venture, Fairfax, Va.; Mandex Inc., Fairfax, Va.; Product Data Integration Technologies Inc., North Charleston, S.C.; Network Security Systems Plus Inc., Falls Church, Va.; and Sysorex Government Services Inc. Herndon, Va., are each being awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, cost-plus-fixed-fee, with provisions for fixed-price-incentive (firm target) and firm-fixed-price task orders, performance based contract for the procurement of business and force support services including the entire spectrum of non-inherently governmental services and solutions (equipment and services) associated with the full system lifecycle support including research, development, test, evaluation, production and fielding of sustainable, secure, survivable, and interoperable Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Information Operations, Enterprise Information Services and Space capabilities. The cumulative, estimated value of the base year is $49,918,000. These contracts include options, which if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of these contracts to an estimated $249,590,000. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic, Charleston, S.C., is the contracting activity. 

Thirteen Firms to Compete for C5ISR Task Orders

November 17, 2012
George I. Seffers

Altron Inc., Mt. Pleasant, S.C.; American Electronics Inc., California, Md.; Command Decisions Systems and Solutions, Stafford, Va.; Centuria Corp., Reston, Va.; Del Rey Systems and Technology Inc., San Diego, Calif.; ISHPI Information Technologies Inc., Mt. Pleasant, S.C.; K3 Enterprises Inc., Fayetteville, N.C.; MANDEX Inc., Fairfax, Va.; Sentek Global, San Diego, Calif.; SPARC LLC., Charleston, S.C.; The Cameron Bell Corp., doing business as Gov. Solutions Group, Daniel Island, S.C.; The Cybrix Group*, Tampa, Fla.; and Ursa Navigation Solutions Inc., Chesapeake, Va., are each being awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, cost-plus-fixed-fee, performance-based, multiple award contract, with provisions for fixed-price-incentive and firm-fixed-price orders, to provide command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (C5ISR) electronics and communications services and solutions in support of mission capabilities within the decision superiority portfolio to improve customers’ ability to enable utilization of information and decision aids to support decision making in support of the warfighter's mission. These contracts include options which, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of these multiple award contracts to an estimated $98,764,531. These 13 contractors may compete for the task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contracts. The contracting activity is the U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic, Charleston, S.C.

U.S. Navy Modifies ViaSat Cryptographic Module Contract

George I. Seffers

ViaSat, Carlsbad, California, is being awarded a $34 million firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Low Volume Terminal (MIDS-LVT) Cryptographic Module development and production. The MIDS-LVT provides secure, high capacity, jam resistant, digital data and voice communications capability for U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army platforms and other foreign users worldwide. The MIDS-LVT Cryptographic Module will replace the communication security and transmission security hardware in the MIDS-LVT; thereby extending the operational life of the MIDS-LVT product line. This contract will procure MIDS-LVT Cryptographic Modules for MIDS users worldwide. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity.

Three Firms Compete for SatCom Task Orders

July 11, 2012
By George Seffers

Globecomm Systems Incorporated, Hauppauge, New York; DRS Technical Services Incorporated, Herndon, Virginia; and L- 3/3Di Technologies Limited Liability Corporation, Hanover, Maryland, are each being awarded an indefinite- delivery/indefinite-quantity, firm-fixed-price, multiple award contract, with a cumulative value of $17,001,463 to provide commercial-off-the-shelf satellite network and communications equipment and other services. Each contractor will be awarded $8,333 at the time of award. These contracts include options, which, if exercised, could bring the combined cumulative value of these multiple award contracts to an estimated $85,007,313. These three contractors may compete for the delivery orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contracts. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic, Charleston, South Carolina, is the contracting activity.

Harris to Provide JTRS Soldier Radio Waveform Software

May 2, 2012
By George Seffers

Harris Corporation, RF Communications Division, Rochester, New York, is being awarded a $25,829,777 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, cost-plus-fixed-fee/cost-plus-incentive-fee contract for Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) soldier radio waveform software in-service support for the network enterprise domain under the Joint Program Executive Office, JTRS. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity.

Daniels To Command SPAWAR Space Field Activity

April 2, 2012
By Beverly Schaeffer

Rear Adm. Sandy L. Daniels, USN, has been assigned commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Space Field Activity, Washington, D.C.

Command and Control System: One Size Fits All

March 23, 2012
By Beverly Schaeffer

The U.S. Marines' Network On The Move system aims to make C2 systems transferable from vehicle to vehicle with no modifications needed. It's proved successful thus far, but what are the drawbacks, if any? And is it interoperable with other military branches?


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