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SIGNAL Magazine

Information-Gathering Needs Intensify in Afghanistan

December 30, 2010
By Rachel Eisenhower

From Aerostats to chat rooms, the demand for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets in Afghanistan is at an all-time high. As coordinators work to allocate and organize the largest number of capabilities ever deployed, the challenge remains to maximize the potential of what already exists.

"Just" Semantics? Navy Aims To Put Data in Context

December 17, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

The semantic Web's ultimate objective is to endow everyone with the capacity to compile, assess and exploit data for decision making. The Navy's IDC is working toward this goal with the belief that only a semantic approach-where the computer network relates data to its local situation-can deliver that outcome. Agree or disagree? Share you input here.

Cloaking Sleight of Hand Could Make Troops Out of Sight

December 10, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

Cloaking technology that could enable troops to hide in plain sight is still in the R&D stage. Advances made by the U.S. Army Research Lab and participating universities, however, mean the ability to achieve invisibility is no longer just within the purview of the Stealth fighter of years past. How far into the future will "cloaks of invisibility" become standard-issue gear? Are other organizations studying this capability and working to collaborate? Share your thoughts here.

Faithful Intranet Still Has a Few Good Miles Left

December 3, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

The Navy/Marine Corps Intranet ultimately is facing relegation to the cyberspace garage, with the sea services revving up their new NGEN for launch in 43 months. By going the multivendor route, rather than using a single vendor, NMCI/NGEN architects must adjust to multiple changes and procedures. They see no risks, but the current vendor does. Will the NGEN changeover be smooth, or is the road ahead a rocky one? Share your views.

Bulgarian Technology Meets Fiscal Challenges Head On

November 24, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

Despite challenges, however, the government has expressed the political willpower to continue implementing electronic governance, and the general public supports the effort, Zografov states. In addition, the country has invested in the human capital needed to continue its transformation. "For me, the most positive action of the international information technology business is the right evaluation of the Bulgarian information technology human capital. Despite the small size of the internal market, many companies have established their offices, competence and service centers, software development centers and training programs," he says.

Robotic Exoskeleton Makes Soldiers Superhuman

November 19, 2010
By Rachel Eisenhower

The words soldier and hero often are synonymous, but what about soldiers and super heroes? A new robotic exoskeleton that gives warfighters amazing strength would make even the Hulk green with envy.

Radio Technology Levels Playing Field in Spectrum Land Rush

November 5, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

DARPA's dynamic spectrum access radio technology is but one solution in the overall quest to increase electromagnetic spectrum efficiency-but it's considered state of the art. The DSA can be likened to a traffic cop in that it directs the flow of spectrum traffic based on usage and volume. Cooperative efforts among international entities in the military, public and private sectors is integral to making this technology a continued success. Read the complete article and share your views on the DSA's impact and further potential.

View of Space Just Got Clearer

October 29, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

Whether for military ops, standard communications or a lofty connection linking nations together during crises, space systems are critical. Enhancing the ability to monitor space assets-and to augment them with newer, better equipment-is a major STRATCOM mission. The command continues to move forward and to seek commercial support, but are the requirements clear? Is the acquisition process easily navigable? Share your thoughts here.

Funneling the Cornucopia of Intel Data

October 22, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

Homeland security, coalition and other military operations-all depend on the fruits of quick and efficient data processing, exploitation and dissemination. Companies with solutions are making it work with greater efficiency and less impact on bandwidth, paring down copious amounts of data to the bare essentials. Can more be done to achieve success? Read the full article and share your ideas.

Army Takes Hands-On Approach to Biometrics Sharing

October 15, 2010
By Beverly Schaeffer

It's a wide world out there, and U.S. government agencies can use all help available to catch the bad guys. The Army's Biometrics Identity Management Agency is tasked with and has undertaken the job of coordinating biometrics across the Defense Department, patching together the databases of Justice, State and Homeland Security in the endeavor. Are these efforts reaping benefits yet, and can this coordination be achieved seamlessly? Read the full article and share your views.


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