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missile defense

Torch Technologies to Provide Missile Element Prototyping

March 7, 2014

Torch Technologies Inc., Huntsville, Ala. was awarded a $70,997,405 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for missile element simulation, which will enhance and maintain the current suite of missile modeling simulation, hardware-in-the-loop and prototype development facilities. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Ala. is the contracting activity (W31P4Q-14-D-0017).

BAE Awarded Missile Warning System Contract Modification

March 3, 2014

BAE Systems, Nashua, N.H., was awarded a $7,918,125 modification (P00003) to contract W58RGZ-13-D-0245 for AN/AAR-57(V) Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) and associated spare parts and systems engineering, technical, and logistics support services for both CMWS and OT-255/ALQ-212(V) Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., is the contracting activity.

Royal Navy Rejoins Big Leagues

March 1, 2014
By Rita Boland

The U.K. Royal Navy has re-established itself as a world-class force in the area of maritime air defense through the launch of its new destroyers, the most advanced ships the British ever have sent to sea. The latest of the vessels recently returned from its maiden deployment, proving not only the capabilities of its class but also its own flexibility and adaptability.

Lockheed Martin Supports Critical NORAD Operations

December 30, 2013

Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services, Colorado Springs, Colo., has been awarded a $47,347,121 modification (P00302) exercising an option to an existing contract (F19628-00-C-0019) to support critical mission operations for North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Cheyenne Mountain Complex/Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment in support of air, missile and space defense for the national command authority. This sustainment effort encompasses operations, maintenance and support to maintain mission integrity for the target system architecture systems at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Colo., the Alternate Mission Command Center, and forward user and sensor sites, as well as maintenance of legacy systems at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., Test Development Facility, Space Training System and Joint Space Operations at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., and the ISC2 Test and Integration Lab in Colorado Springs, Colo. Also included are the 721 CS, the Cheyenne Mountain Communications Squadron support. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Peterson AFB, Colo., is the contracting activity.

Test Confirms Missile Defense Capability

October 9, 2013

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA), U.S. Pacific Command, and personnel aboard the USS Lake Erie successfully conducted an operational flight test of the latest version of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) System.

China in Space

October 1, 2013
By Rita Boland

China’s activities in space have caught the attention of U.S. and other countries’ officials, altering how personnel must consider the domain. The importance of the area outside of Earth to military operations makes the location critical for any nation looking to put itself into a terrestrial position of power. During 2012, China conducted 18 space launches and upgraded various constellations for purposes such as communications and navigation. China’s recent expansion into the realm presents new concerns for civilian programs and defense assets there.

In the U.S. National Military Strategy, officials discuss their concern about China’s military modernization and assertiveness in space, also stating that the “enabling and warfighting domains of space and cyberspace are simultaneously more critical for our operations yet more vulnerable to malicious actions.” The United States has released several pieces of guidance on its approach to the domain such as the National Space Policy and the Defense Department’s National Security Space Strategy. The military defines the latter as a “pragmatic approach to maintain the advantages derived from space while confronting the challenges of an evolving space strategic environment. It is the first such strategy jointly signed by the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence.”

Unlike the 1960s-era space race when Soviets and Americans competed to be first, China approaches space with a different set of goals. Dean Cheng, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation who focuses on Chinese political and social affairs, explains that the Sino perspective asks, “What do we want to do in space? What can space do for us?”

Lockheed Martin to Continue NORAD Support

September 18, 2013
George I. Seffers

Lockheed Martin, Colorado Springs, Colo., has announced it will continue supporting the air, space defense and missile warning missions for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Cheyenne Mountain Complex under a $20 million contract modification to the Integrated Space Command and Control (ISC2) program. Under this option, awarded by the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Lockheed Martin will continue to sustain national defense missions at multiple locations worldwide. This is the second option exercised from the contract awarded in October 2012.

Raytheon Supports Missile Defense for Multiple Nations

August 13, 2013
George I. Seffers

Raytheon Co., Missile Systems, Tucson, Ariz., is being awarded a $200,504,841 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price, fixed-price-incentive-firm target contract (N00019-11-C-0001) for the procurement of 354 each AIM-9X Block II All Up Round Tactical Low Rate Initial Production Lot 13 Missiles and Block II Active Optical Target Detectors for the U.S. Navy (92), U.S. Air Force (92), and the governments of Morocco (20), Malaysia (20), Kuwait (80); and Oman (50). In addition, this modification provides for the procurement of 178 Block II Captive Air Training Missiles for the U.S. Navy (58), U.S. Air Force (58), and the governments of Morocco (10), Malaysia (8), Kuwait (20), and Oman (24); nine Special Air Training Missiles for the U.S. Navy (7) and the government of Saudi Arabia (2); 147 All Up Round Containers for the U.S. Navy (43), U.S. Air Force (39), and the governments of Saudi Arabia (1), Morocco (9), Malaysia (8), Kuwait (28), and Oman (19); 19 Guidance Unit Containers for the governments of Malaysia (6), Kuwait (6) and Oman (7); three Spare Propulsion Steering Sections for the U.S. Navy (1), U.S. Air Force (1) and the government of Morocco (1); one Spare Missile Tube Assembly for the government of Morocco; three Spare Advanced Optical Target Detectors for the U.S. Navy (1) and U.S. Air Force (2); 20 Spare Tactical Guidance Units for the U.S. Navy (4), U.S. Air Force (4), and the governments of Morocco (2), Malaysia (2), Kuwait (2) and Oman (6); one Spare Inertial Measuring Unit for the government of Switzerland; and 26 Spare Captive Air Training Missile Guidance Units for the U.S. Navy (4), U.S. Air Force (8), and the governments of Morocco (4), Malaysia (4), Kuwait (2) and Oman (4). The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity.

Raytheon Awarded Nearly $403 Million Missile Defense Contract Modification

August 2, 2013
George I. Seffers

Raytheon Co., Integrated Defense Systems, Woburn, Mass., is being awarded a contract modification (P00010) under indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract HQ0147-12-D-0005. The value of this contract modification is $402,880,000, increasing the total ceiling value from $307,580,000 to $710,460,000. Under this modification, the contractor will continue software maintenance, models and simulations, engineering support and Ballistic Missile Defense System test planning, execution and analysis for X-Band radars. This modification will also include software development. The Missile Defense Agency, Huntsville, Ala., is the contracting activity. 

Gray Research to Continue Missile Defense Support

August 2, 2013
George I. Seffers

Gray Research Inc. of Huntsville, Ala., is being awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract modification under contract W9113M-05-D-0003. The total ceiling award value is increased by $21,886,024 from $222,609,913 to $244,495,937. Under this IDIQ contract, the contractor will continue performing work under its previously competitively awarded cost-plus-award-fee contract, W9113M-05-D-0003, providing data management services for the Missile Defense Data Center Program. The Missile Defense Agency, Huntsville, Ala., is the contracting activity. 


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