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Upcoming in SIGNAL: October 2014

Focus: Cloud Security and Recovery

The cloud is not the future; the cloud is today. Government and industry are accelerating moves to the cloud, and these activities are opening the door to new capabilities. But with all these efforts comes the same peril that plagues earthbound information systems and networks: cyberthreats. The cloud offers its own set of unique security issues, and with increasing reliance on it comes greater urgency to secure vital data. The October SIGNAL Magazine examines the issue of cloud security and recovery with an eye toward both challenges and solutions:
  • Federal agencies struggle to access
 cloud information despite Inspector
 General (IG) Act empowerment.
  • The FedRAMP process may leave systems vulnerable, especially to an insider threat.
  • A new security product offers to protect 
users of the Amazon cloud by providing recommendations as well as overviews.
  • A commercial business addresses cloud security with solutions to mitigating problems and issues.

Focus: Tactical Technologies

More than a dozen years of warfighting in Southwest Asia have changed the face of tactical operations. Program systems continued to work their way into the force, but wartime exigencies led to new technology insertion activities that sped badly needed innovations to warfighters. Now, with the wars winding down, planners are turning back to methodical programs for equipping forces with the best information technologies available. But those lessons learned in Southwest Asia and the corridors of the Pentagon still are being applied as leaders constantly strive to upgrade tactical communications and electronics systems. SIGNAL Magazine’s October issue provides a glimpse of the near future for new tactical technologies in the battlespace:
  • The U.S. Army is fielding 4G 
capabilities to its units to improve communications on the battlefield.
  • Mixing U.S. Air Force ground
 controllers with Army combat forces
 on the battlefield has generated new 
ways of managing joint operations.
  • The next-generation Tactical
 Mesh Network developed by
 the Combating Terrorism
 Technical Support Office increases
 communications range and fidelity.
The October 2014 issue of SIGNAL includes more content covering traditional and new areas of interest:
  • The Defense Department should look to the commercial sector for guidelines on network security in tight budgetary times.
  • A departmentwide joint service effort
will be required to attain the still-elusive joint force digital interoperability.