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Upcoming in SIGNAL: December 2014

Focus: Cybersecurity

There is no security without cybersecurity, and cybersecurity still is wanting. Everyone agrees about its importance, but no effective map toward achieving it yet has been drafted. Meanwhile, evildoers continue to vex defenders, and the damage that could be wrought by them is growing every day. Both government and industry agree that each must play a defining role in cybersecurity, but coordination remains elusive and the threat continues to grow. SIGNAL Magazine’s December 2014 issue looks at the challenges to establishing cyber security along with potential solutions being pursued by policymakers and users alike.
  • Adm. Michael Rogers, USN, NSA director and commander, U.S. Cyber Command, outlines coming changes in the cyber realm.
  • The Defense Information Systems Agency takes on an operational role in the cyber domain.
  • Cyber experts are working to influence how the White House would implement a lasting cybersecurity strategy.
  • A new approach to cybersecurity technology holds promise for government and industry alike.
  • The Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) is receiving a cyber overhaul that introduces new features in both its lab and the event itself.

Focus: Unmanned Systems

As with many military disciplines, unmanned systems have evolved from humble beginnings as support vehicles to full-fledged intelligence and combat platforms. Signal processing sophistication has increased, and with it the capabilities that unmanned systems can bring to the fight. Now, these systems are being employed in all manner of uses in the military and civilian arenas, and innovations are erupting faster than engineers can envision them. SIGNAL’s December issue takes the drone perspective in looking over the horizon of research into future unmanned systems.
  • The U.S. Navy makes strides in carrier- based manned and unmanned aircraft teaming, which may change the way future warfighters operate.
  • Army researchers and scientists from academia are developing an army of autonomous protective robots.
  • The Naval Research Laboratory's Flying Swimmer, or FLIMMER, is an unmanned flying fish for air and underwater operations.
The December 2014 issue of SIGNAL includes more content covering traditional and new areas of interest:
  • The U.S. Army's Communications- Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Command sets new priorities for supporting the warfighter.
  • Expanding business internationally requires special steps as part of an organized plan.