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Upcoming in SIGNAL: January 2015

Focus: The Internet of Things

The concept of tying together diverse electronic devices in a network for remote control is not new. Experts began visualizing it more than two decades ago. But now, the potential of a hypernetwork linking devices ranging from turbines to toasters is becoming more of a reality. Given the name “The Internet of Things,” this network would allow humans to control virtually every electronic aspect of their lives. But that degree of access and involvement brings many potential drawbacks, as users of cyberspace can attest. SIGNAL Magazine’s January 2015 issue starts the new year with a look ahead to an exciting but uncertain technology future:
  • The director of the Defense Information Systems Agency discusses the implications of the Internet of Things for the Defense Department.
  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Current Cyber Grand Challenge plays into securing the Internet of Things for the Defense Department.
  • The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) has its own concerns regarding the Internet of Things.
  • The many devices manufactured outside the United States pose a security threat to defense and intelligence communities through the Internet of Things.
  • The commercial sector is devising programs to secure the Internet of Things.

Focus: Small Business Innovation

The past 30 years amply have demonstrated the ability of small business to serve as a font of innovation to the technology community. Just because many of those well-known information technologies have matured does not lessen the continuing impact small business can have on the innovation front. Now, that capability extends far beyond new technologies and capabilities. Small business may hold the key for government attempts at functioning with fewer resources. SIGNAL’s January issue examines efforts to harvest small business innovation in technology, capabilities and methodologies.
  • The Defense Department is working to ensure that its programs have small business insertion points.
  • The National Security Agency developed the Provisional Industrial Security Approval (PISA) Sponsorship Program for companies to receive the necessary personnel clearances to engage in classified discussions with NSA personnel.
  • The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program has spent billions of dollars, but changes may be on the horizon.
The January 2015 issue of SIGNAL includes more content covering traditional and new areas of interest:
  • NATO is looking to streamline military trade among its member nations to help those struggling with reduced defense budgets.
  • An evolutionary process may be necessary to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber attack.