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Dr. Michael Caloyannides

Course Instructor: 380

Michael Caloyannides is currently the Chief Scientist at Ideal Innovations Inc. He worked at the highest technical levels at Rockwell International for 13 years on a broad spectrum of technologies including the design and implementation of a full Sigint system for a then US ally; at that time he was also granted a US patent on high speed modem design. He subsequently worked as chief scientist for an Agency of the US Government where he oversaw a large number of classified efforts. He was awarded the Scientist of the Year award, the Meritorious Officer award, and five separate Certificates of Exceptional Accomplishment. Caloyannides earned his PhD at Caltech in Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Philosophy.

Dr. Lawrence N. Goeller

Course Instructor: 310

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Office of Programs Analysis and Evaluation

Larry Goeller served as a government civilian working for the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Office of Programs Analysis and Evaluation (OSD/PA&E), as an analyst for the Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG). Dr. Goeller's areas of effort chiefly involve military satellite communications systems, and he has performed analyses on Advanced EHF, the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), and the Transformational Satcom (TSAT) program among others. He has also worked on terrestrial systems such as the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). Without divulging sensitive information, he brings his specific knowledge of these and other programs, as well as a general technical knowledge of the communications field, to the course. He received his doctorate in Physics from Rice University in 1986.

Gary Huckell

Course Lecturer: 302

Gary Huckell provides consulting services to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR, San Diego) through a contract with L3 Communications, supporting the JMINI, IW, and MUOS UHF MILSATCOM programs.  Prior to this he worked for 41 years as a civilian at SPAWAR San Diego.  Mr. Huckell received a B.S. in Physics in 1965 at San Diego State College and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1967 at the University of California, Berkeley.  In 1970 he designed the control hardware (ON-143(V)5) and software for the original SSIXS subscriber communication system.  He was the principle contributor and writer for MIL-STD-188-183A and initiated the concept for the Integrated Waveform.

Dr. Stephen D. Huffman

Course Lecturer: 261, 302

Dr. Stephen D. Huffman is vice president and chief technology officer for the MITRE Corporation.  Dr. Huffman joined MITRE in 1988 and has held a variety of positions. Most recently, he served as vice president of MITRE’s Washington Command, Control and Communications (WC3) Center where he was responsible for MITRE’s work for selected senior customers focused on DOD transformation. As the Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Huffman is responsible for the formulation and management of MITRE’s $60 million research and development program. Dr. Huffman develops MITRE’s corporate strategic technology investment plan and works across MITRE to ensure corporate-wide collaboration in the execution of the program and in the dissemination and application of the results.

Dr. Eric E. Johnson

Course Instructor: 340

Dr. Eric E. Johnson has been a key contributor to HF radio automation for two decades, both in the US and in the NATO Beyond-Line-of-Sight Communications working group.  He chairs the Government/industry Technical Advisory Committee that guides the development of US Military Standards and was the author or editor of four of the current generation of US and NATO standards for HF protocols and modems. Dr. Johnson is the lead author of Advanced High-Frequency Radio Communications.  He is Professor and Director of the Computer Engineering Faculty in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Mexico State University.

James Mazzei

Course Coordinator and Instructor: 302

Mr. James A. Mazzei provides consulting services to DoD and Intelligence Community customers under a contract with a Federally Funded Research & Development Center. His principal areas of expertise are DoD satellite systems, commercial satellite systems, satellite earth stations and distributed networks. He has over 30 years satellite communications experience in the Air Force and industry, in technical and management roles. He has held technical positions ranging from test engineer to Chief Technical Officer, and management positions ranging from Earth Station Manager to Senior Director & CIO. Mr. Mazzei's experience in industry includes employment with Harris Corporation, COMSAT Corporation and Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc., and encompasses testing and production of major systems as well as systems engineering and technical assistance. In addition to his consulting services, Mr. Mazzei serves as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Maryland, George Mason University and Johns Hopkins University graduate programs in the areas of satellite communications, data communications, computer networks, network management and executive programs.


Dr. Jim Lansford

Course Coordinator and Instructor: 350

Dr. Jim Lansford is a Standards Architect at Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), responsible for Wi-Fi standards and strategy.  Prior to CSR, he was Chief Technical Officer of Alereon, an ultrawideband radio company. He has over 30 years of experience in communications system analysis and design as well as digital signal processing. He is engaged in a variety of activities both inside CSR and in the wireless industry, and is active in CSR’s strategic technology development for future Wi-Fi chipsets.  He is heavily involved in a number of standards, trade group and regulatory activities; in addition to several leadership positions within the WiMedia Alliance, he was formerly the co-chair of 802.15.3a (high speed UWB) as well as former chair of 802.19 (Wireless Coexistence Technical Advisory Group) within IEEE 802, and was also a significant contributor to 802.15.2 and 802.11g. He is also involved in business development activities with strategic partners and key customers. Prior to Alereon, Dr. Lansford was VP Business Development and CTO of Mobilian Corporation, where he promoted Mobilian's multi-standard "True Connectivity" technology. Prior to Mobilian, Dr. Lansford was a Wireless System Architect with Intel Corporation; he was involved in several wireless initiatives and the Co-Chairman of the Technical Committee for the HomeRF Industry Working Group, a wireless technology industry consortium.

Dr. Lansford has a number of issued patents and applications, and has published numerous papers on a wide variety of topics from coexistence to RFIC design to signal processing to cognitive radio.

In addition to his experience with government labs, large companies and three startups, Dr. Lansford has served on the teaching and/or research faculty of Georgia Tech, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and Oklahoma State University. He has also served as a Visiting Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.  Dr. Lansford is an ABET Program Evaluator, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and has a Wireless Communications Engineering Technology (WCET) certification.

Dr. Paul Strassmann

Course Instructor: 370

Dr. Strassmann is the Distinguished Professor of Information Sciences at George Mason School of Information Technology and Engineering where he is currently teaching an on-line graduate course on Cyber Operations. He is a Contributing Editor of the AFCEA Signal magazine; ACM Distinguished Engineer; Fellow of British Computer Society and Senior Member of IEEE. He authored the code of conduct for data processing professionals; was recipient of the 1992 Award for Achievement by the Association for Federal Information Resource Management and was named the Government Executive of the Year: the 1992 International Industry Award for advancing the adoption of Open Systems.  He is a 1993 recipient of the Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service – the Defense Department’s highest civilian recognition, and the 1996 Excellence Award for Business Engineering. In 1997 he was named as one of the twelve most influential Chief Information Officers of the last decade by the CIO magazine. In 2002 he was cited by the Department of Defense for his pioneering work as one of the executives responsible for advancing the cause of U.S. information capabilities. In 2003, he retired from government service after receiving the NASA Exceptional Service Award for improving I.T. architecture, security, and services. He is recipient of the 2006 Neal Business Journalism award for a series of articles on the Economics of Information. 

Strassmann is recipient of the Gen. Stefanik Medal for his actions as a guerilla commando from September 1944 through March 1945 in Czechoslovakia. 


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