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AFCEA Leadership Forum

September 15, 2014 - February 2, 2015

The Leadership Forum offer 25 rising leaders from the military services, government agencies and industry a dyanmic learning opportunity.  Six keynote speakers, all successful senior leaders in business and government, share real-world examples of leadership lessons in action learned in their careers.  100% of Leadership Forum graduates recommend this this course to others.  Candidates must be nominated by a leader in their company, command or agency. 

Space in the Leadership Forum is limited.  If you are interested in nominating a student in the next Forum, please use our

online candidate submission form.

First Class: Sep 2007 - Feb 2008

Second Class: Mar 2008 - Aug 2008          Third Class: Sep 2008 - Feb 2009     

Fourth Class: Mar 2009 - Aug 2009           Fifth Class: Sept 2009 - Feb 2010   

Sixth Class: March 2010 - Aug 2010        Seventh Class: Sept 2010 - Feb 2011

Eighth Class: March 2011 - Aug 2011          WEST 2012: January 25-26, 2012    

Ninth Class: Sept 2011 - Feb 2012         Tenth Class: March 2012 - Aug 2012

Eleventh Class: Sept 2012 - Feb 2013          WEST 2013: January 30-31, 2013     

Twelth Class: March 2013 - Aug 2013            EAST 2013: May 15 - 16, 2013      

Click here to view video discussions with
AFCEA Leadership Forum speakers at SIGNAL's
Leadership Series - Five Questions

The following leaders have participated (or are scheduled to participate) as speakers:

  • Deborah H. Alderson, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, SRA International
  • Anne Altman, General Manager, Mainframe Platform, IBM Systems and Technology Group
  • Duane Andrews, CEO, QinetiQ, North America
  • Eric Bassel, Director, SANS Institute, Member of AFCEA Cyber Committee
  • MG Mark Bowman, USA, Director, Command, Control Communications and Computers, Joint Staff, J6
  • VADM Herb Browne, USN (Ret.), former President and CEO, AFCEA International; former Deputy Commander, Space Command
  • Robert Carey, CIO, Department of the Navy
  • Dr. Robert D. Childs, Chancellor, National Defense University iCollege
  • Paul Cofoni, Chief Executive Officer, President, CACI International
  • Lt Gen Charles E. "Charlie" Croom, Jr., USAF (Ret.), former Director, Defense Information Systems Agency, and Commander, Joint Task Force - Global Network Operations
  • LTG Pete Cuviello, USA (Ret.), Director I Network Enabled, Operational Support, Deloitte Consulting LLP; former CIO and G6 of the U.S. Army
  • Lt Gen Albert J. Edmonds, USAF (Ret.), former Commander, Defense Information Systems Agency; Edmonds Enterprise Services
  • Marlin Forbes, Regional Vice President, Defense and Intelligence, Verizon Business
  • Natalie Givans, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Linda Gooden, Executive Vice President, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services
  • Alfred Grasso, President and CEO, The MITRE Corporation
  • Kevin P. Green, Vice President, Defense and Intelligence, IBM Federal
  • The Honorable Wallace "Chip" Gregson, Assistant Secretary of Defense, Asia-Pacific
  • VADM Harry B. Harris, Jr., USN, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Communication Networks (OPNAV N6)
  • LTGEN Ronnie Hawkins, Jr., USAF, Director, DISA
  • John C. Inglis, Deputy Director, National Security Agency
  • RADM Arthur Langston, USN (Ret.), Vice President, Business Operations, Oracle Corporation, former Director of the Navy Staff
  • Cathy L. Lanier, Chief of Police, Metropolitan Police Department
  • LTG Susan S. Lawrence, USA, Chief Information Officer/G-6 US Army
  • Dr. J.P. London, Chairman of the Board, CACI International, Inc.
  • ADM James Loy, USCG (Ret.), The Cohen Group; former Commandent, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Alan A. Malinchak, Chief Learning Officer and Vice President, ManTech University, ManTech International
  • Lt Gen Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF (Ret.) former Director of the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency; Managing Director of Paladin Capital Group
  • L. David Marquet, Author of Turn the Ship Around!
  • LTG Carroll F. Pollett, USA, Director, DISA
  • Lt Gen Harry D. Raduege, Jr., USAF (Ret.), former Commander, Defense Information Systems Agency; Deloitte & Touche
  • Dr. Ralph Shrader, Chairman and CEO, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • LTG Jeffrey A. Sorenson, USA, Director, CIO/G-6
  • ADM James G. Stavridis, USN, Commander, United States Southern Command
  • VADM Jerry O. Tuttle, USN (Ret.), President and CEO, J.O.T. Enterprises, LLC
  • Dr. Dinesh Verma, Dean, School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • David M.Wennergren, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management and Technology and DoD Deputy CIO
  • Austin Yerks, President, Defense Division, CSC
  • Dendy Young, CEO, McLean Capital, LLC
  • General Anthony G. Zinni, USMC (Ret.), Chairman of the Board of Directors, BAE Systems; former Commander in Chief of U.S. Central Command
  • Each program consists of 6 classes (1 per month) for 6 months.  Classes are 1.5 hours in length with a 30-45 minute reception after the presentation for networking.

    There are 2 graduating classes per year for classes held at AFCEA International Headquarters, 4400 Fair Lakes Court, Fairfax, VA 22033. Two additional classes are held at AFCEA International events during the year, including a class at the AFCEA International Cyber Symposium in Baltimore, MD from June 24 - 25, 2014, and another at AFCEA International's WEST 2015 in San Diego, CA from February 10 - 12, 2015.

    Dates of our next class are: 
    September 15, 2014, October 6, 2014, November 2014, December 1, 2014, January 12, 2015, February 2, 2015

    The program is restricted to 25 rising professionals.  Candidates must be nominated by someone more senior in their corporation, agency or service. (The same 25 rising professionals attend all 6 courses).

    Tuition for the program is $800 per student.

    Objective of program:

  • Leverage AFCEA's wealth of leadership talent to continually advance professional knowledge and
  • scholarships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence, cyber, and global    security, information technology, command and control, and intelligence communities.
  • Strengthen the AFCEA brand to AFCEA supporters and potential supporters.
  • Increase the value of AFCEA membership.
  • Recruit new members (people who want to be part of AFCEA given our focus on Leadership).
  • Objective of each session:

    To provide a  non-attribution discussion on the ‘keys to successes’ based on real-life examples shared by proven leaders.

    Ideal students:

    High potential rising leaders—an individual who could potentially assume a key leadership role within your organization.   Someone who may not be an AFCEA member today, but would potentially be a great future AFCEA leader.

    Click here for the March 2008 article published in SIGNAL.


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