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Course #370-12-Online-1

Cyber Operations: An Online Course

370-12-Online-1-A   10/05/2011   7pm-9:30pm
The Economics of New Threats
370-12-Online-1-B   10/12/2011   7pm-9:30pm
DoD Organization for Countermeasures
370-12-Online-1-C   10/19/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Internet and Its Source of Failures
370-12-Online-1-D   10/26/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Attacks on DoD Networks
370-12-Online-1-E   11/02/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Coping with Network Risks
370-12-Online-1-F   11/09/2011   7pm-9:30pm
DoD Networks: The Present Situation
370-12-Online-1-G   11/16/2011   7pm-9:30pm
How to Deal with Legacy Applications
370-12-Online-1-H   11/23/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Desktop Virtualization Exposures
370-12-Online-1-I   11/30/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Migration to Secure Data Center Clouds
370-12-Online-1-J   12/07/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Semantic Software for Network Control
370-12-Online-1-K   12/14/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Open Source Software and Its Vulnerability
370-12-Online-1-L   12/21/2011   7pm-9:30pm
Data Storage and Systems Reliability
370-12-Online-1-M   01/04/2012   7pm-9:30pm
Final Review
(See below for full course and session descriptions)


Online 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Wednesdays from October 5, 2011 - January 4, 2012

$2,500 Government AFCEA Member
$2,700 Government Non Member
$2,800 Non-Government AFCEA Member
$2,900 Non-Government Non Member

This course is offered online simultaneously with the classroom version. Save on travel costs and take this course from your home or office. Be sure to indicate whether you are selecting online or classroom attendance during registration.
This course qualifies for Continuing Education Units.
Note: This course is confirmed as scheduled. - For real-time participation the class will be hosted from 7:00p.m-9:30p.m. EDT/EST. Students who need to participate in the course at times other than these times, may listen to the full transcript (video, audio and participants commentaries). The 12-18 MB transcript of the presentation will be available from a protected AFCEA website location. Students will annotate the Power Point (original version) slides with any questions, and Dr. Strassmann will respond. Students will be allowed to follow the course synchronously if their time schedule allows it. They can mix synchronous and asynchronous attendance as a matter of choice. Each session will include a slide presentation, audio commentary and an interactive video-enabled on-line "chat" for questions. After class a recorded transcript will be available for each session. Members of the class will prepare a brief commentary on each weekly topic plus a term paper. AFCEA PDC will run a test of the online classroom for all members of the class the week prior to the start of class. - After class a recorded transcript will be available for each session.

Course Description:


The course provides students with an overview of current Cyber Operations issues. It deals with topics that are of primary interest to the Department of Defense and its contractors  who will be carrying much of the responsibility for implementation of cyber-related systems.   This a survey course. It offers a broad overview of cyber-relevant topics, including policy,  governance, organization, doctrine, methods and technical means. New material is added to keep presentations current.

Prerequisites:  Students should have an undergraduate degree in information technology or at least four years of experience in any field related to information technology.

Course Outline

Session 1:   The Economics of New Threats 
Session 2:   DoD Organization for Countermeasures 
Session 3:   Internet and Its Source of Failures 
Session 4:   Attacks on DoD Networks 
Session 5:   Coping with Network Risks 
Session 6:   DoD Networks: The Present Situation 
Session 7:   How to Deal with Legacy Applications 
Session 8:   Desktop Virtualization Exposures 
Session 9:   Migration to Secure Data Center Clouds 
Session 10: Semantic Software for Network Control 
Session 11: Open Source Software and Its Vulnerability
Session 12: Data Storage and Systems Reliability 
Session 13: Final Review

Additional Info:

AFCEA PDC will run a test of the online classroom for all students prior to the start of class.
Each session will include a slide presentation and audio commentary and an online "chat" for questions.  After class a recorded transcript will be available for each session.


AFCEA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Attendees with special needs should call (703) 631-6130 or email the PDC outlining requirements.


AFCEA will confirm that a course session is a "go" no later than Sep-21-2011, 14 days prior to the start date of the course. Please see the PDC FAQ for additional course cancellation details.


Please see the PDC FAQ for registration cancellation instructions and other PDC policies.

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