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Course #917-14-WEBN-1

Market Research Magic

Dates: Oct-29-2013 - Nov-05-2013


Two 90 minute webinars

1:00pm - 2:30pm



$150 Government AFCEA Member
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Note: Market Research Magic being presented over two sessions, with a 90 minute webinar.

Course Description:


Two Part Series
Apr-02-2013 - Apr-09-2013


Market Research Magic For Federal Business 

This three-hour course, presented in two parts, gives an intensive, high-powered overview of the top tools, techniques, and online resources that winning companies use to identify opportunities ahead of their competitors, avoid fatal teaming faux pas, and craft a cost-effective fast track to success.

Business development executives, federal sales professionals, proposal & capture specialists and business owners will gain market research skills to pinpoint federal contracts they can win, and how to find and focus on government business opportunities long before the RFP is issued.

Most participants already have some experience in certain aspects of the federal market -- on the buyer side, the vendor side, or both -- and want to fill in the gaps. Nearly all represent firms that have a strong commercial market track record, but are either newcomers to government contracting, or want to increase their success.

The course concentrates on how to use free and inexpensive tools to pinpoint your best prospects, but also includes tips on how to consider or make better use of data subscription services. Participants get a structured market research guide they can use after class.

Get a fun two-minute overview and meet our instructor: 

This course is designed to help corporate professionals (owner, business development executives, bid and proposal specialists and capture managers) win more federal business faster, and team more effectively.

The course poses research problems, presents examples, and demonstrates the use of research tools and techniques. We'll offer the opportunity for participants to submit their research challenges to the instructor for inclusion as examples in session two.

The student will gain a solid understanding of the most current market research tools, resources and systems that even top winning contractors are still figuring out, and also take home a market research development guide.

The first session is the foundation: how the most basic information that each government contractor must provide creates a powerful base of public information you can leverage, and surprising ways you can use everyday tools to open up new intelligence. The second session guides you through practical examples in how to use powerful online resources and research skills to see how your competitors' and prospects' activities point the way to new opportunities long before new RFP's are published.

Participants learn how to make the most of free and inexpensive market research tools and techniques for government contracts, and get a sense of when it's worth paying money for market research reports and consulting services. Everyone gains a fresh look at how to use public research sources and discover little-known features and resources to increase success and lower costs of government business development.


The series is oriented to business development executives, bid and proposal team members, and to those transitioning from a career as seasoned federal program managers into new industry roles as successful business development professionals.

It's valuable to those who are new to the federal market as well as to those seeking more success.

Course handouts will include the fillable Market Research Guide, FIND IT NOW: Government Market Essentials; and related powerpoint files.

COURSE OUTLINE:  Market Research Magic

The Course Handouts will include a powerpoint overview of key tools and their use, exercise worksheets, the overview article Easy Lessons in Free Market Research

Session One

1.       The Data Trail

  • How The Government Buying Cycle Creates Market Research Data
  • Key Research Questions
  • Data Sources: Past Awards, Reports, Budgets, Forecasts, Registrations, Solicitations
  • Structure for Sanity: How Not To Get Lost In Your Data

2.       Finding Business Before The RFP
          How To Answer These  Questions

  • How can I find out who has problems I can solve?
  • Who usually spends the most money on what I do?
  • Who awards projects on a scale I can perform?
  • What's their  track record on set-aside awards?
  • Where are they located, and where do I want to market?
  • How can I discover spending bundled into bigger projects?
  • What kind of contract vehicles do they use?
  • Who might be under pressure to improve, expand or cut programs/services?
  • What new spending is planned?

Session Two

3.       Competition & Teaming Research
          How to answer these key questions:

  • Who are my competitors?
  • Which ones dominate my target buyers?
  • Which contract vehicles do the top vendors use?
  • Should I be considering teaming?
  • Which companies would be good partners for me?
  • How important are GSA Schedules in my niche, and do I need one now?
  • When could GSA Mentor-Protégé give me an advantage?

4.       Business in Development: How Winners Narrow The Field
          Answering these key questions

  • Who Needs What I've Got?
  • Who's Making Decisions About The Procurement?
  • How Can I Get This Set-Aside?
  • How Can I Shape The Spec?
  • How Can I Affect The Process?

A Few Of Our Tools:

  • System For Award Management (
  • USA Spending.Org
  • Government Accountability Office Reports
  • Agency Budgets & Forecasts
  • Hard-to-Find Agency Online Opportunity Listings
  • OSDBUs & Briefings
  • Industry / Association News
  • Google Alerts: news, blogs
  • Dynamic Small Business Search
  • GSAAdvantage & Schedule Sales Query
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Alerts
  • Associations
  • USA.Gov
  • Leadership Directories / Carroll Publishing
  • OSDBU.Gov
  • Surprises: Sources Sought, RFI, Bidders Conferences, Draft RFPs


Ms Judy Bradt
Course Coordinator and Lecturer

Ms Bradt is an award-winning passionate educator, consultant and author on government contracts for corporate clients and their trusted advisers in industries including advanced technology, military systems, security solutions, professional services, and construction. She has guided over 5,000 companies to win over $200 million in U.S. government contracts. Her clients credit her advice with success in finding opportunities, developing business strategy, building teaming relationships, and resolving contract disputes. She was recognized in 2011 by the Small Business Administration as Women in Business Champion. Ms Bradt lectures for the Procurement Technical Assistance Center at George Mason University and holds a BA and an MBA.


AFCEA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Attendees with special needs should call (703) 631-6130 or email the PDC outlining requirements.


AFCEA will confirm that a course session is a "go" no later than Oct-15-2013, 14 days prior to the start date of the course. Please see the PDC FAQ for additional course cancellation details.


Please see the PDC FAQ for registration cancellation instructions and other PDC policies.

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