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  Individuals who make annual personal gifts or payments of $5,000 or more ...

•  Deb Alderson

•  Kyle Fisher

•  Natalie Givans

•  Barry Rhine

•  Kent Schneider

•  Dendy Young


  Individuals who make annual personal gifts or payments of $2,500-$4,999 ...

•  Jim Burke

•  Paul Cofoni
•  Charlie Croom
•  Jamie Dos Santos
•  Doreen Jakubcak

•  Bel Leong-Hong

•  Michael Malchow
•  Angela Messer  

•  Fred Rainbow

•  Peter Treche




  Individuals who make annual personal gifts or payments of $1,000-$2,499 ...

•  Craig Abod

•  Mimi Browning

•  Dave Bryan
•  Desiree Campbell

•  Terry Casto

•  Chuck Corjay

•  Sally Cunningham

•  Peter Cuviello

•  John Dubia

•  Deborah & Justin Dunie

•  Mary Ann Elliott

•  Sandra & Douglas Forney

•  Bob Fortna

•  John Gilligan

•  J. Scott Goldstein
•  Linda Gooden
•  Diana Gowen
•  Al Grasso

•  Jim Griggs
•  Otto Guenther
•  Chris Haakon
•  Ryan Harris
•  Rich Haver

•  Kathleen Helm

•  Sue Hoffman

•  Robert Howell

•  Darlene Iskra

•  Ron Iverson
•  Tina Jordan

•  Julie Lama

•  Dick Mayo

•  Kirk McAlexander

•  Dennis Moran
•  Becky Nolan

•  Cynthia Pacheco

•  Vince Patton

•  Harry Raduege
•  Luis Ramos

•  Bill Russ
•  Gary Salisbury & Betsy Hight

•  Reimar Scherz
•  Lucinda Spaney

•  Tom & Nancy Temple

•  Harry Van Trees

•  Earle Williams
•  Jack Woodward


   The Foundation invites all individuals who believe in AFCEA educational program

   to contribute by mail to 4400 Fair Lakes Court, Fairfax, VA 22033 or electronically

   via our secure online form.


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