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Working with the AFCEA Educational Foundation, your company will dramatically increase its STEM footprint and return on its investment.

The Foundation advances STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – education among national and international constituencies that are essential to your company, customers, and employees.  We deliver scholarships and grants in six categories:  STEM Teachers, STEM Majors, Diversity STEM Majors, War Veterans, and ROTC Students. We also give you ways to support innovative programs at the local level, through AFCEA’s 130 national and international chapters.


Working with the Foundation, your company will grow its STEM branding through our network of 140 universities and colleges and more than a million members of allied national teacher organizations. This network and our supporting infrastructure create for your company, in effect, your own private-label STEM initiative, one that will deliver major brand impact at a fraction of the cost you would incur in an in-house program. Our infrastructure also enables you to tailor your scholarship support to regions that are especially important to your company. Working with us also will reduce overhead and increase the impact of your investment in STEM education.  If you have an existing STEM program, also investing in AFCEA's initiatives will broaden your reach and returns.


Every AFCEA scholarship is presented to its recipient in-person, by an AFCEA leader, one of more than 34,000 professional members in influential military, government, academic, and industry positions across the country and world. These leaders not only present the awards, they forge ongoing relationships with awardees. They track and encourage their progress. They work with them as mentors. This is why, in partnering with us, your company will tap into the multiplier effect of a whole new definition of STEM, a definition that encompasses Scholarships, Teachers, Equipment, and Mentoring. As a partner in the AFCEA STEM programs, leaders in your company are invited to participate in any presentation of these STEM scholarships and grants.


This is the power of the AFCEA approach to STEM … STEM raised to the second power …


The Power of STEM²



Sponsorship Opportunities

1. STEM Teachers for America's Future

STEM Teachers for America’s Future offers scholarships to students actively pursuing an undergraduate, graduate degree, or credential/licensure for the purpose of teaching STEM subjects at a U.S. elementary or high school.  This is the Foundation's signature scholarship program awarding scholarships to those studying to be STEM teachers.  The program meets head-on the President's challenge that our country produce 100,000 more teachers in STEM fields over the next 10 years. Since 2010, AFCEA Educational Foundation have awarded over 300 teacher scholarships. 
Click here to request additional information about sponsoring this activity.

2010 STEM Teacher Scholarship winner receives the first of 3 $1,000

STEM Teaching Tool grants in his middle-school classroom in Hawaii.

2.  STEM Teaching Tool Grants

AFCEA Gravely Grants for STEM Teachers are available to STEM elementary and high schools teachers worldwide to promote STEM innovation in classrooms. This is a joint effort between AFCEA chapters and the AFCEA Educational Foundation to provide up to $1,000 in STEM grant assistance. The intended use of the grant is to augment STEM activities for teachers’ students inside or outside of the classroom.  AFCEA Chapters develop strong relationships with local schools and STEM teachers through adopt-a-school and other programs.  The Foundation enables Chapters to help teachers purchase instruments, equipment, lab kits, and sponsor extracurricular activities such as Robotics and Math clubs to enrich their classroom teaching.  The program not only enriches student experience, it also builds prestige for individual teachers and their profession.  In most cases, the Chapters award additional STEM Teaching Tool grants from their educational funds. Click here to request additional information about sponsoring this activity.

Teacher recipients gather in Augusta, Georgia, with members of the

AFCEA Augusta-Fort Gordon Chapter.

3.  STEM Majors

AFCEA Educational Foundation seeks highly qualified and creative candidates to apply for STEM Majors Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students studying in fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, cyber security, intelligence studies, computer science and other majors related to the mission of AFCEA Educational Foundation.

Click here to request additional information about sponsoring this activity.

Iraqi War veteran receives scholarship at AFCEA Chapter luncheon,

attending with his family.

4.  STEM majors scholarships supporting Diversity students

The Foundation supports students in STEM majors who are attending the 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the U.S. and minority students in gradute programs at any accredited university in the US.    Click here to request additional information about sponsoring this activity.

Scholarship recipients are recognized at the AFCEA Tidewater Chapter

luncheon in summer 2011 along with a representative from the Sponsor.

5.  War Veterans and ROTC Students

The Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans Scholarship are offered to active-duty and honorably discharged U.S. military veterans, reservists and National Guard personnel of the Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan or Iraqi Freedom Operations pursuing an undergraduate degree in a major related to the mission of AFCEA Educational Foundation.

AFCEA's ROTC Scholarships give your company the opportunity to position with itself more than 1,400 Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC programs on campuses across the country. 

Click here to request additional information about sponsoring one of these programs.

AFCEA ROTC Scholarship winner recognized during unit's All-Hands meeting.



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