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Long-Range Strategic Plan

The Way Ahead for Education and Training

The AFCEA Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors, The Education Committee, and the staff set as a goal for Fiscal Year 2008 to develop a long-range strategic plan. Fortuitously, AFCEA International also decided to develop a strategic plan for the coming years. As a result, both plans will be fully integrated. In fact, goal four of AFCEA International’s plan---“promote world class education and training that meet the needs of the AFCEA community”---is the heart of the Foundation’s plan.

To kick off the development of the Foundation’s plan, three members of the Strategic Development Committee----Charlie Givens, Bel Long Hong, and Roosevelt Thomas---met with the staff to capture the Foundation’s strengths and to identify weaknesses and opportunities. This team drafted a base document that has served as the bedrock of the Foundation’s plan.             

As part of AFCEA International’s effort, AFCEA staff members, some Board members to include then- Chairman Duane Andrews, and close associates and friends of AFCEA participated in an offsite led by a team from Booz Allen Hamilton. This process produced a draft AFCEA International strategic plan that has been vetted with a special focus group, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors.

The members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Education Committee have reviewed and contributed to the Foundation’s plan. Key in refining the plan’s actions and establishing measures that align with actions has been Natalie Givans, a member of the Board of Directors for the AFCEA Educational Foundation.

What follows are the Foundation’s and AFCEA International’s objectives and proposed actions for education and training.


Objective 1:  Develop, implement and deliver world-class, timely, economically self-sufficient professional development programs.


1.1      Develop marketing plan to be updated annually to promote course offerings as part of the overall outreach plan and the communications strategy for AFCEA.1.2      Develop an operational plan that generates 5% growth in revenues from PDC course offerings each year.1.3      Baseline current program offerings and annually conduct a comprehensive review (scan) of all course offerings, both within the PDC and in the community, to reflect the current environment and likely member needs.1.4      Meet annually with AFCEA’s Technology Committee and representatives of the defense community to identify and validate educational and training priorities.  These meetings can be held in conjunction with other AFCEA events.1.5      Meet annually with AFCEA’s Intelligence Committee and representatives of the intelligence community’s primary agencies to identify and validate educational and training priorities.  These meetings can be held in conjunction with other AFCEA events.1.6      Meet annually with AFCEA’s Homeland Security Committee and representatives of the global security community to identify and validate educational and training priorities.  These meetings can be held in conjunction with other AFCEA events.

1.7      Meet annually with training personnel of three large corporate members to ensure industry’s educational and training needs are identified and prioritized.

1.8      Market AFCEA programs to corporate members’ training officers.  (Ask new corporate members to provide contact info for training officers).

1.9      Include in the annual membership survey questions to identify educational/training needs and best means to address these needs.

1.10  Conduct a “training day” program in conjunction with new offerings to promote and measure interest.

1.11  Include in corporate member guidance information on AFCEA education and training opportunities.  Also look for ways for the chapters to exploit the guidance to highlight their offerings.

1.12    Offer courses using all media – e.g., create online-only courses and/or move existing brick and mortar courses to web-based delivery vehicles.

1.13    Offer courses for delivery within12 months of identified and validated requirement regardless of how or where the material is procured and how it is delivered.

1.14    Establish partnerships with educational/training organizations to offer their certified/accredited courses through AFCEA.

1.15  Coordinate with GSA leadership to get PDC courses offered through GSA schedule.

1.16  Survey all attendees of all professional offerings to evaluate quality and relevance and to identify new requirements.

Objective 2:  Significantly expand the Foundation’s and individual Chapters’ scholarships, awards, and grant programs to increase the support of students and teachers.


2.1      Develop and execute an annual marketing plan in FY09 for the Annual Fund that will support an increase in gift/sponsorship and revenues by 50% in 5 years – i.e., $750,000; track monthly performance against the targets set in the annual marketing plan.

2.2      Reposition corporate sponsorships into multi-year commitments.

2.3      Apply dedicated personnel resources to secure gifts and sponsorships that will achieve the financial goals to meet the objective; include chapter liaison and communication.

2.4      Apply for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and the United Way.  Market the relationship heavily in the first year.

2.5      Survey cost of web-based coursework and educational institution programs to ensure individual educational scholarships, grants and award dollar values keep pace with educational requirements annually. 


Objective 3: Motivate AFCEA shareholders and customers to engage with the Foundation and the Chapters to participate in and contribute to the Foundation’s and Chapters’ educational programs.


3.1      Develop scholarship, grant and award case studies/success stories to demonstrate both organizations’ commitments to education – i.e., $1.5M to students and teachers in FY07; $2.0M in FY12.  Market these programs as sponsorship opportunities.  Refresh the case studies annually.

3.2      Develop and sponsor an annual Education Summit in association with the Joint Warfighting Conference for chapter representatives to share best practices to help encourage better and more efficient support for students.  Communicate widely before the Summit to attract participants.  Document best practices on the AFCEA web site after the event.

3.3      Engage the Education Committee to support the execution of a greater percentage of the scholarship and educational programs.

3.4      Become an integral part of AFCEA headquarter’s overall communications program by including education and training messages in all AFCEA conference programs and other promotional materials.    

3.5      Include as a part of the annual Education Summit a session on how the Chapters and RVPs can exploit the educational and training success stories for their use.  Leverage the annual member survey to get granularity around Chapter leadership and RVP responsibilities.

3.6      Exploit Web 2.0/social networking to spread the message of AFCEA educational programs and training.  For example, create an education and training department in the AFCEA “general store” on Second Life.        

3.7      Assign Educational Foundation staff members to attend AFCEA-sponsored conferences and all the Solution Series eventsto promote education and training holding discussions with specific members of companies, government agencies, and military commands.

Objective 4: Increase the educational and training and scholarship/grant/award offerings internationally.


4.1      Visit Europe in FY08 to determine how AFCEA might best service European members’ educational and training needs and develop a plan for a European version of the AFCEA Leadership Forum.  Pilot the AFCEA Leadership Forum in FY09 if there is interest.

4.2      Determine interest and demand by individuals overseas applying for scholarships, awards and grants.

4.3      Increase numbers of scholarships, awards and grants beyond Washington, and particularly overseas.

4.4      As virtual course offerings become available ensure all are accessible to members at discounts, both locally and internationally.

4.5      Offer the AFCEA Leadership Forum concept to other Chapters and Regions; assist with establishment of pilot programs.

4.6      Include overseas Chapter course offerings in the published course catalog beginning with the Spring09/Fall09 catalog and on the course web pages on
1 January 2009.

4.7      Increase communications to overseas members concerning AFCEA course offerings and scholarships, grants and awards available through the portal or other web presence.





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