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AFCEA Canada
Communication Reserve Program  

AFCEA Canada is pleased to announce the Communication Reserve Science-Engineering Education Award.  Established in 2006 with a grant from the AFCEA Educational Foundation, two awards of $1,000 each will be presented annually to members of the Communication Reserve who are studying in a science or engineering major relevant to the mission of AFCEA.  One award will go to a Non-Commissioned Member (NCM) and one award will go to an Officer.  Applications must be received by the Communication Reserve HQ not later than July 1 each year - please see below.



Officers and Non-Commissioned Members (NCM) of the Communication Reserve are eligible to apply who:

  • have completed at least one year of reserve service and remain on effective strength as of July of each year, and

  • have completed at least one year of full-time education in a recognized Canadian college or university in an area of relevance to the mission of AFCEA and are enrolled full time in the program for the following year. The academic years need not be consecutive years where the break in academic study is as a result of full time Reserve service. Eligible majors include all science or engineering programs related to telecommunications, electronics and information systems industries.

  • Membership in AFCEA is not required and members of AFCEA executives and their families are not eligible to participate.


Each Communication Reserve Unit may submit one applicant for each of the two awards.  Where there are more than one potential applicant for each of the two awards, Unit Commanding Officers will apply the selection criteria outlined above.

Application Process
Communication Reserve members interested in applying for the AFCEA Science-Engineering Education Award are to indicate their interest to the Unit Commanding Officer. Upon approval of the Unit Commanding Officer, applications will be forwarded directly to the Communication Reserve Headquarters G1. All applications must be received by the Comm Res HQ not later than 1 July of each year and are to include the following documentation:

  • a covering letter of recommendation signed by the Unit Commanding Officer;

  • a one-page letter of application prepared by the applicant outlining how he/she meets the eligibility criteria outlined above. The letter of application will be addressed to the AFCEA Communication Reserve Education Award Selection Board;

  • applicant's annual Performance Report for the proceeding year;

  • transcript of the applicant's marks for the previous academic year; and

  • proof of registration in an applicable program for the upcoming academic year.

Selection Process
A Selection Board will be convened in July of each year to determine the successful applicants. The Board will be chaired by the Senior Communication Reserve Advisor and will include the Communication Reserve Chief Warrant Officer and an AFCEA representative as Board members. In recognition of the duality of the AFCEA Communication Reserve Education Award, selection of the successful candidates will be based on:

  • a high level of performance as a valuable member of the Communication Reserve, and
  • a high level of academic achievement in science or engineering.

  • Financial need of applicants will not be considered as a selection criteria.

The awards will announced and presented in mid-September of each year at a national AFCEA event. Where successful applicants are unavailable to travel to the national event, arrangements will be made to present the awards locally at a suitable venue.


Questions should be referred to the Senior Communication Reserve Advisor through the Communication Reserve Headquarters.



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