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AFCEA Europe

Robert Howell Memorial Educational Fund

Commodore Robert Howell, RN (Ret.), pictured at center of students from
Deree College, The American College of Greece, Athens, at the International

Student Ceonference, London, in October 2010.

There was no person more dedicated to delivering on AFCEA's commitment to students and education than Commodore Robert Howell, Royal Navy (Retired), most recently the general manager for AFCEA Europe. Robert was the force behind establishing AFCEA Student Chapter/Clubs, conducting International Student Conferences, and taking AFCEA Professional Development courses and the AFCEA Leadership Forum to Europe. In October 2012, he lost his battle with cancer.

To honor Robert and keep his upbeat, positive spirit alive, AFCEA has created the AFCEA International Educational Fund in his name. This Fund will be used to support International Chapter educational programs for students outside the United States.

One of the early AFCEA Students Clubs was founded by Deree College students of The American College of Greece, Athens. Robert was instrumental in making this possible, and representatives of this club attended the International Student Conferences Robert created and hosted, first in Brussels, Belgium, and then with TechNet International Conferences. In addition to the Greek Student Club, there are AFCEA Student Clubs/Chapters at Argentina Army University, Prague University, Polytechnic University in Bucharest, University of Defense of the Czech Republic in Brno, and Armed Forces Academy in Slovakia.

AFCEA International is launching this Fund with a $25,000 contribution. Donations honoring Robert can be made to the AFCEA Educational Foundation either online here, or by mail to here - please indicate "for Robert Howell." Funds will be used for the following:

International Student Chapter/Club Scholarships

International Student Conference

International AFCEA Leadership Forum Tuitions

International Excellence in a Scientific Project

For information, contact us at Email.



Excellence in a Scientific Project

The AFCEA Educational Foundation, through the AFCEA Europe Office, sponsors an award for the best European project related to communications, intelligence or information systems.  Nominations are solicited each year from European Chapters and their members.  The nominations, along with all supporting materials, must be received by AFCEA Europe no later than 20 June each year.

       2007 Winning Project - UK Southern Chapter

       Click here for more information.

       2006 Winning Project - Portugal Chapter

       Click here for abstract and photos.

CRITERIA/PROCEDURE: (Please follow these guidelines)

1. The nominee must be a European university or military academy student working towards a Bachelor's or Master's degree.  The nominee can be in his or her final year.

2. The project must be scientifically oriented and related to the disciplines which support communications, intelligence or information systems, e.g. physics, math, electronics, electricity or computer science.

3. The student must explain his/her project to a nominator, typically a representative of the local AFCEA Chapter. (A list of suggested questions is included with the Nomination Form which can be found at

4. The Nomination Form must be completed including the student's verification that the project is his/her endeavour, endorsement by a teacher, and a signature of the AFCEA nominator.

5. The winning student must be free to attend TechNet Europe held each year in October.  (Where a project team is involved, then only the team leader will be invited to attend TechNet Europe.)  The student will be required to give a 10-minute PowerPoint brief on the project to the TechNet Europe audience.

6. AFCEA Europe will review all projects and announce the winner by the end of July. The decision of the AFCEA judges will be final. All Chapters submitting nominations will be notified as soon as the winner is selected.

All nominated projects will be judged according to the following:

    1. Originality/creative ability
    2. Scientific/engineering significance
    3. Research/experimentation
    4. Skills/equipment/design
    5. Practicality/usefulness
    6. Presentation/clarity
    7. Relation to AFCEA disciplines


1. The winning student will enjoy a trip to TechNet Europe. Minimum cost air fare, lodging and meals (up to 3 nights maximum) will be provided and paid for by AFCEA Europe.

2. All students submitting a project will be entitled to one year's membership of AFCEA. The winner will also receive a cheque for Euro 500.

NOTE: Deadline for submission of nominations to AFCEA Europe is 15 April.



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