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International Chapter Proposals:

To develop an introductory training and awareness course on C4ISR for military and industry professionals -- Courses will be offered at a number of locations spanning multiple countries with the purpose of supporting the development of engineers and technical personnel. 

To provide funding for attendance to TechNet Europe for a student in need -- The student will graduate with honors in Computer Information Science, and has shown a great interest in TechNet and related subject matter according to recommendations from her professor. 

To supplement the budget for a new PDC course

To support an IT Club program for students from two local High Schools -- The program helps to facilitate mentorship between the clubs and local corporate sponsors.

To fund a deferred scholarship to a deserving student who had returned to the United States with her family.


U.S. Chapter Proposals:

To create a new “Adopt A School” program in local High Schools -- The program aims to provide personnel and materials to local high schools to improve hands-on scientific education.

To develop a STARBASE program for local 5th graders -- The program focuses on at-risk youth in the subjects of math, science and technology by exposing them to the technological environment and the positive role models found on military bases and installations.

To develop a new program for using robotics in the classroom -- The program encourages a team approach to applying math and science concepts for solving real-life problems using robotics for students in grades 5-8.

To establish a scholarship winner position placement program -- This program aids local scholarship winners with securing employment by holding mock job interviews and providing resume preparation courses.

To develop on-line outreach for local area high school students -- With support from the local Community College, the chapter will develop a pilot mentoring and training program in an on-line forum to local Boy Scouts and high school students to promote college matriculation.

To expand support for the regional science fair -- The grant money will provide monetary awards for student participants and be used to defray administrative costs, since fewer schools are able to participate in the regional science fair due to budget cuts.

To establish a “Co-Op/Intern of the Year Award” -- The program will recognize outstanding performance in the communications electronics field with an educational assistance award.  (Click here for a view of the "Program in Action")

To establish an Enlisted Education Grant Program -- The grant will serve local active-duty E-9 and below enlisted personnel to help offset the cost of books and fees not covered by the military tuition assistance program.

To establish an Enlisted Tuition Assistance program in the local community -- The grant will provide financial assistance for books and lab fees to highly deserving enlisted students seeking scientific or technological college degrees. (Click here for a view of the "Program in Action")

To purchase equipment and software in support of the DIBELS test for 36 elementary schools -- Grant money will be used to purchase hand-held computers to increase the efficiency of the DIBELS testing procedure. The test serves to evaluate progress in literacy in elementary-aged students.
(Click here for view of the "Program in Action")

To provide Science Olympiad workshop training & materials for science teachers -- The workshops will prepare teachers to deal with the complexities of building a team and leading science experiments at the Science Olympiad. The program is directed at low-income communities.

To support local high school and college robotics clubs and to sponsor local robotics competitions -- The program will initiate an agreement with local school robotics clubs that are seeking support, and the chapter will provide volunteers to act as mentors and coaches.

To increase “Targeting Needy Schools” program -- The program aims to improve the network/LAN capability of two additional local schools.  Grant money will go to purchase wiring, PC repairs, CD ROMS and software.

To fund IT and Electronic Industry certification testing in the local community -- The program intends to create verification of advancement of IT skills and proficiencies and stimulate the IT community to expand existing competencies.

To allow students from low-performing schools to attend NSF conferences and fairs -- The program will provide financial assistance to local high school students to attend local and state conferences and/or fairs, and additionally will assist students in presenting posters and papers.

To help create a more effective professional outreach and development  for local students interested in technical fields -- The chapter seeks to enhance AFCEA’s reputation with individuals such as junior enlisted, military officers, local high school and college students, and IT professionals by increasing the financial assistance and awards program.




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