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New in 2010
AFCEA National Middle School Science Fair

AFCEA National Middle School Science Fair

In 2010, the AFCEA Educational Foundation will sponsor the best Middle School science project related to the communications, intelligence or information systems fields selected from science fairs nationwide.

Nominations are solicited from AFCEA Chapters and their members.  Each AFCEA Chapter in the United States is asked to nominate one project. In 2010, three Chapters submitted nominees. 

The Grand Prize winner AND the First Honorable Mention winner both are eligible to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, during summer 2010. 

Please click here for a list of the 2010 winners.



CRITERIA/PROCEDURE:  (Please follow these guidelines)

1. The nominee must be a U.S. citizen and a current middle school student attending school in the United States.  Please note:  Only current middle school students will be considered.  High school and elementary school students/projects are not eligible.

2.  The nominated project must have been developed in the current academic school year. 

3.  The project must be science- or engineering-oriented and related to the disciplines which support communications, intelligence or information systems, e.g., physics, math, electronics, robotics, electronics or computers.

5.  The student must explain his/her project to a nominator, typically a representative of the local AFCEA Chapter.  (A list of suggested questions is included with the Nomination Form.)  A standard VHS format videotape or DVD of this explanation must be submitted.

6.  Any student selected as the Grand Prize winner is ineligible for subsequent nomination.

7.  The Nomination Form must be completed with the student verifying that the project is his/her endeavor, endorsed by a teacher, and signed by the AFCEA nominator, i.e., a third party without vested interests (normally an AFCEA member or judge).

8.  The Agreement must be signed by the student's parent(s)/guardian(s), which stipulates that should the student Win or be selected as the First Honorable Mention, the parents/guardians will allow their child to attend a 6-day session of Space Camp at Huntsville, Alabama, during summer 2010. 

10.  The AFCEA selection committee will review all projects and announce the winners in May.  The decision of the AFCEA judges will be final.  All Chapters submitting nominations will be notified as soon as the winners are selected.


All nominated projects will be judged according to the following:

1.  Originality/creative ability

2.  Scientific/engineering significance

3.  Research/experimentation

4.  Skills/equipment/design

5.  Practicality/usefulness

6.  Presentation/clarity

7.  Relation to AFCEA disciplines


1.  The Grand Prize winner will receive a 6-day session at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  Airfare, lodging and meals are included, as well as ground transport on site. 

2.  The First Honorable Mention winner will also receive a 6-day session at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  Airfare, lodging and meals are included, as well as ground transport on site. 

3.  Actual Space Camp sessions TBD.

3.  Monetary awards will be presented for Honorable Mention and Runner Up entries.


Next Deadline May 2011

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