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Chapter Scholarships - Northeast United States



Aberdeen Chapter

For students, the Aberdeen Chapter will award four college scholarships worth $4,000 each to graduating high school seniors from Cecil and Harford counties in Maryland and two college scholarships worth $2,000 each to students from Cecil and Harford community colleges enrolling in four-year universities. For teachers and schools in Harford and Cecil counties, the chapter will provide one scholarship worth $5,000 to one local teacher continuing his or her education in support of STEM, two Science Teacher Toolkit Awards of up to $2,000 each, and multiple awards up to $15,000 per year in total for teacher scholarships, tools, equipment and mentoring.

Contact: Jeffrey S. Murter, (443) 402-9097


Bethesda Chapter

In fiscal year 2012-2013 AFCEA Bethesda awarded $70,000 in grant funds to its educational partners on top of its annual $156,000 scholarship contribution to the University of Maryland Shady Grove and Montgomery College as well as AFCEA International and Montgomery County High School. The additional grant money funded four new programs—the AFCEA Bethesda Program Grant, the AFCEA Bethesda Computer Science Connect Grant, the AFCEA International Teacher Grant and the AFCEA/UMCP STEM Scholars Grant—and it will financially support the Innovative Minds of Tomorrow Institute. These grants are intended to promote an interest in STEM, with a special focus on the middle school female demographic. In June and July 2013, the AFCEA Bethesda Computer Science Connect Grant allowed 19 seventh grade students to attend a three-week-long day camp at the University of Maryland College Park, where they learned programming and advanced software skills. Since 2007, AFCEA Bethesda has awarded a total of $900,000 in scholarships. “The Computer Science Connect grant has also facilitated a relationship with our Program Grant recipients to participate in Sonya Kovalevsky Day hosted by Montgomery College,” said Mike Priddy, vice president of Education for AFCEA Bethesda. “It’s great to see our grant recipients form partnerships with one another. Building STEM interest in the younger generation is best started with a strong foundation of support throughout the community.”

Contact: Michael Priddy, (240) 599-9300



Central Maryland Chapter

Thirteen scholarships will be presented for studies in mathematics, computer science, engineering and technology disciplines. Twelve scholarships (nine Captain Skinner, one Timothy Sheahan, one George Cotter, and one Women in Technology—each for $10,000 over a four-year period) will be awarded to high school seniors in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford and Howard counties. Two one-year cyber scholarships will be presented, each for $5,000. Two STEM Teacher scholarships will be awarded for $5,000, jointly by the CMD chapter and AFCEA International. Three one-year scholarships (one Women in Engineering for $2,500, one joint AFCEA-Army for $2,000 and one $3,000 Officers Wives Club scholarship) also will be awarded. These one-year scholarships are in partnership with organizations and universities in the region—the Women in Engineering DREAM Scholarship with the University of Maryland, and the joint AFCEA-Army Scholarship with the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps. Last year, the chapter initiated the Freedom Scholarship to recognize graduating seniors who have overcome adversity or hardship in their personal or family life and, because of this hardship or adversity, may not have been able to perform up to their full potential in high school. The Freedom Scholarship will help to aid these students in accomplishing their career goals. There will be two Freedom Scholarship awards this year, each for $10,000 over a four-year period. One $500 scholarship will be awarded at each of the chapter endowment schools: Anne Arundel Community College, Howard County Community College and University of Maryland Baltimore County. Applications must be submitted online by December 20, 2013. Applications are available through school counselors and at the chapter website.

Contact: Jessica Morgenstern, (410) 215-8249




Frederick Chapter

The Frederick Chapter will award two scholarships worth $1,000 each to graduating high school seniors from Frederick County in Maryland with intent to major in a STEM curriculum, including computer science, electrical engineering and premedical curriculums. A one-page written essay is requested for evaluation of candidates. The subject matter of the essay should explain why the student is pursuing a particular curriculum.

Contact: Steve Lamberson



Southern Maryland Chapter

The AFCEA Southern Maryland Chapter awarded five 2013 scholarships totaling $6,500 to deserving graduating seniors in June. Seniors from Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s counties competed for the scholarship funds. All scholarship awards were presented at the school senior award presentation programs. In 2014, the chapter looks to continue supporting Southern Maryland’s graduating seniors with three to six scholarships of $500 to $1,500.

Contact: Barbara Ives, (240) 925-4416




Lexington-Concord Chapter

Approximately 30 scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to high school seniors, including summer employment at AFCEA-sponsored corporations in the Boston area. An additional $1,000 will be presented to the top student. Apply through high school guidance counselors’ offices in January 2014. Twenty-one ROTC scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to students at universities in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, and an additional $1,000 will go to the most qualified student. Nominations are made by ROTC units in February or March of each year. A total of $2,500 will be provided to the Hanscom Air Force Base enlisted community to defer the cost of books and fees for continuing education. Enlisted members should contact the base education office.

Contact: Claire Goulet, (781) 676-7344



The Science Teaching Tools grant is a program sponsored by the AFCEA Educational Foundation to promote effective science teaching and stimulate student interest in technology in grades K-12 schools nationwide. The AFCEA Lexington-Concord Chapter matches the Educational Foundation award to bring the total grant up to a maximum of $2,000. Grants can be used to pay for software, test equipment and books needed in the classroom. Last year, the chapter presented two awards of $2,000 each to two deserving high schools in the Boston area.

Contact: Jay Kanavos



New Jersey


New York

Erie Canal Chapter

With $35,000 available in scholarship funds, scholarships of up to $3,000 will be awarded to graduating senior high school and college students in all of New York State outside of the greater New York City region, from Albany to Buffalo to Binghamton. Additional information is available online.

Contact: Rick Lockridge, (315) 430-1497




Virginia (northern half)

Belvoir Chapter

Thanks to the support of the chapter’s members and corporate partners, AFCEA Belvoir donated more than $80,000 in 2013 in grants and scholarships to area schools and deserving college students. The chapter is exceptionally proud to support its adopted school, Fort Belvoir Elementary, by supplying smart boards for every classroom as well as a state-of-the-art computer science lab that puts these students at the forefront of technology in STEM areas. The Belvoir Chapter also provides science fair judges (and prizes) for the Prince William County Science Fair. For scholarship information, please visit the website. Applications will be accepted from March 17-April 18, 2014. Rules and criteria will be posted no later than March 17, 2014.

Contact: Reginald Vaughn, (703) 220-0854




Northern Virginia Chapter

The AFCEA NOVA Educational Foundation awards scholarships and grants each year to promote STEM education. These include: AFCEA Educational Foundation Grants; George Mason University Foundation Grants; Veteran Scholarships; Northern Virginia Community College Foundation Grants; the NVCC Pathway Program; Science Fair Awards; and Teaching Tools Grants. AFCEA NOVA grant amounts vary depending on the revenues generated by the chapter. In addition, AFCEA NOVA offers merit-based scholarships to qualified students who are pursuing degrees at accredited colleges and universities. AFCEA NOVA has provided more than $1 million in scholarship funding. Awards are $2,000 for full-time students and $1,000 for part-time students.

Contact: John Skudlarek, VP Education


Contact: Kelly Edington, chair, Scholarship Committee




Washington, D.C.

AFCEA DC awards multiple single-year standard scholarships in the amount of $4,000 each, and one single-year scholarship in the amount of $8,000 to Metro-area high school seniors in the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Second-year students in area community colleges who are entering a four-year college may apply for one-time scholarships of $2,000. Scholarship awards are provided to qualified students pursuing degrees in the C4I-related fields of engineering (electrical, computer, chemical, aerospace or systems); electronics; mathematics; computer science; physics; science education; mathematics education; technology management; or management information systems. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online by April 15, 2014. Scholarships will be awarded in June 2014.

Contact: Tina Jordan, (703) 818-5121



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