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The aim of this section is to bring together the ideas that various Chapters have tried, or are using, seeking to improve the service that they are offering to their members. The intention is to enhance the value of Chapter activities to individual members and corporates so that retention and recruitment rates can only increase! It is accepted that culturally, nationally and philosophically not all of these ideas will suit every Chapter but if they give local Committees something to think about then they will have served their purpose. Contributions to this section are always welcome!


     1.   Allow members to bring along a potential recruit to one event for 'free' (i.e. the Chapter will

          pay for that attendee for one event. This should be advertised as a one-day/one-event

          membership drive.


     2.   Allow a potential corporate to join as a 'local' corporate for one year, at a reduced fee

          based on a viable local rate. It must be made clear that the corporate will not receive

          SIGNAL magazine, or other 'International' benefits, but will have the opportunity to see the

          local Chapter and its activities at work before deciding if they wish to join as full corporate


     3.   Where seating plans are used, ensure that government and industry attendees are well


     4.   Consider inviting local media representation - if the guest speaker is content!

     5.   Stage an AFCEA-sponsored sports event, e.g. a golf match.

     6.   Set up an AFCEA-sponsored visit to local place of interest, such as a location of recent

           military historical relevance, a Defence Research establishment, a company laboratory,


     7.   Sale of locally produced AFCEA-branded goods (e.g. pens, ties, etc.)

     8.   Seek opportunities for corporate sponsorship of local events (e.g. Guest Night Dinners).

     9.   Offer corporates free, or minimal, charge tabletop stands at Chapter events - even

           lunchtime meetings.

    10.   Organise an AFCEA-run cultural evening to the theatre, opera, ballet, etc., and do not

           forget corporate sponsorship!

    11.   Invite corporates to sponsor a table at a regular dinner or luncheon meeting.

    12.   Do away with a 'top' table so that there may be broader interaction among attendees.

    13.   Encourage serving military members to attend in uniform.

    14.   Encourage an academic institution to establish a sub-Chapter.

    15.   Try innovative approaches to corporate sponsors, e.g. gadget manufacturers, hotels,


    16.   Allocate a small number of corporates to a Committee member so that members can

           keep the corporate abreast of local Chapter activities. (Sometimes the Corporate nominee

           within a company does not take as much interest as might be appropriate to promulgate

           Chapter events within his company!)


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