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AFCEA Europe Education Awards

This page covers two Education Award programmes:





The following guidelines apply to the AFCEA Europe Scholarship Award Programme:

1. Each year, AFCEA International's Scholarship awards programme will distribute four international scholarship awards for European students to successful candidates. Deadline for submission of nominations to AFCEA Europe is 15 April.

2. The AFCEA Europe office will evaluate and select the four nominees from those who meet the following eligibility requirements. Candidates must be:

    a. Serving military personnel and government employees in national defence departments..


    b. Pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in electronics or communications engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or technology.


    c. Endorsed by their university or college supervisor for scholarship consideration.

3. The General Manager AFCEA Europe will evaluate nominees and select successful candidates subject to provision of the following information, via the appropriate European Regional Vice President:a. Name, rank, and duty position.


b. Course for which enrolled.


c. Projected course syllabus, including project work.


d. Tutor's recommendation and endorsement for scholarship award.


e. Recent personal/professional accomplishments - provided by line manager.

4. Hard copy nominations (only) will be accepted and must be endorsed by the individual's tutor as well as including comments from the candidate's line manager and the appropriate European Regional Vice President (RVP) then mailed to AFCEA Europe, 105 rue Colonel Bourg, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgium.  Faxes may be sent but these must be followed up by original copies.

5. AFCEA Europe will make arrangements for the payment to be made based on individual national requirements.

6. Recipients withdrawn or failing to complete courses for other than acceptable conditions (e.g. exigencies of the service, including military deployment, personal or professional considerations, etc.) will be ineligible for future scholarship award consideration. The General Manager, AFCEA Europe, has the final decision surrounding recipient eligibility.


Scholarship Awards Programme Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to rank/score nominations for the AFCEA Europe Scholarship Awards Programme. The total score will be used to select scholarship award recipients. Unless otherwise indicated, one point is at the low end of the scale and five at the top end.


Item 1 - Rank/grade.

Five (5) point maximum.  Lt.Col. and above = 1 point, Major and below = 3 points, Enlisted personnel = 5 points.


Equivalent scores will be given to civilian grades.


Item 2 - Degree chosen

Five (5) point maximum:  Bachelor's Degree = 1 points, Master's Degree = 3 points, Doctorate = 5 points.


Item 3 - Tutor's remarks

Assessed on a scale of 1 to 5.


Item 4 - Recent personal/professional accomplishments

Ten (10) point maximum:  Consideration will be given to roles and responsibilities, demonstrated effectiveness, and work recognition. Personal accomplishments/endeavours qualify if in support of AFCEA or in some way benefit the fields of communications and electronics and Information Technology.


Item 5 - RVP endorsement

Assessed on a scale of 1 to 5.To include contributions to local AFCEA activities (including, for example, presentations given), details of any awards received, etc. 






The AFCEA Educational Foundation, through the AFCEA Europe Office, along with European Chapter donations, sponsor an award for the best European project related to communications, intelligence or information systems.  Nominations are solicited each year from European Chapters and their members. The nominations, along with all support materials must be received by AFCEA Europe no later than 20 June each year.


CRITERIA/PROCEDURE: (Please follow these guidelines)


1.    The nominee must be a European university or military academy student working towards a Bachelor's or Master's degree.  The nominee can be in his or her final year. 

2.    The project must be scientifically oriented and related to the disciplines which support communications, intelligence or information systems, e.g. physics, math, electronics, electricity or computer science. 

3.    The student must explain his/her project to a nominator, typically a representative of the local AFCEA Chapter.  (A list of suggested questions is included with the Nomination Form which is attached and can also be found by following the link from (on the menu select Education/PDE, then Education Awards)).  

4.    The Nomination Form must be completed including the student's verification that the project is his/her endeavour, endorsement by a teacher, and a signature of the AFCEA nominator. 

5.    The winning student must be free to attend TechNet International held each year in October.  (Where a project team is involved then only the team leader will be invited to attend TechNet International.) The student will be required to give a 10-minute PowerPoint brief on the project to the TechNet International audience. 

6.    AFCEA Europe will review all projects and announce the winner by the end of July.  The decision of the AFCEA judges will be final. All Chapters submitting nominations will be notified as soon as the winner is selected.



All nominated projects will be judged according to the following:

1. Originality/creative ability

2. Scientific/engineering significance

3. Research/experimentation

4. Skills/equipment/design

5. Practicality/usefulness

6. Presentation/clarity

7. Relation to AFCEA disciplines



1.    The winning student will enjoy a trip to TechNet International. Minimum cost air fares, lodging and meals (up to 3 nights maximum) will be provided and paid for by AFCEA Europe.


2.    All students submitting a project will be entitled to one year's membership of AFCEA. The winner will also receive a cheque for EUR 500.

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