This event occured on February 26, 2014


Business Intelligence Alert!

On February 26, 2014 , AFCEA Intelligence and the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Headquarters U.S. Air Force, will present the second annual Air Force ISR Industry Day.  This one day, classified event will examine the state of ISR in the U.S. Air Force and among its mission partners.    

Continued Air Force contribution to global situational awareness in the form of integrated air, space and cyber ISR operations, as well as analysis and data dissemination, requires persistent industry focus on technology development and delivery of ISR capabilities. Speakers in this one-day event will cover Air Force ISR development, fielding, and funding strategies as well as future requirements.  In addition, speakers will explore themes including initiatives to balance Air Force ISR capabilities to operate across the spectrum of conflict, the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System, ISR for and from cyber, the ISR requirements and acquisition process, and more.  The day will conclude with a panel featuring the day’s speakers addressing questions from the audience. 

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of Air Force ISR vision/direction in a changing fiscal and operational environment, plus a sense of where the private sector can best contribute to global situational awareness across the spectrum of international security demands, including peacetime surveillance and deterrence, counterterrorism, and joint combat operations.

The first Air Force ISR Industry Day sold-out quickly, and we anticipate this one will as well.  We look forward to seeing you at Air Force ISR Industry Day 2014!



Lt Gen Bruce Wright, USAF (Ret.)

Vice President, C4ISR

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Event Co-Chair and Member of the AFCEA Intelligence Committee

Brig Gen Neal Robinson, USAF (Ret.) 

Director, Special Programs

Oracle Corporation (National Security Group)

Event Co-Chair and Member of the AFCEA Intelligence Committee

Ms. Ginger Wierzbanowski

Vice President, Space, Missile Defense & Advanced Technology Programs

Northrop Grumman Corporation