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Remembering the Past to Plan the Future

The anniversary of 9/11 serves as a reminder of the importance of planning the national security future. In the years since, the country strengthened relationships among departments and agencies, as well as with coalition partners and allies. It also has implemented tactics, techniques, procedures and technologies for sharing information across government and with international partners.

Cyber Success Requires Cooperation and Innovation

Mission success in the cyber arena, especially in a constrained budget environment, requires both cooperation and innovation, but military and industry officials speaking at AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2014 say they are not yet seeing enough of either.

Defining the Undefinable: Cyber's Future

U.S. Army officials struggled during the AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2014 to discuss the future of cyber operations when much of that future is currently unknowable, in large part because no one knows the effects or challenges of emerging technologies.

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DISA Cloud Brokering Up in Smoke

DISA had been identified as the Defense Department’s cloud broker, but that was rescinded just last week, reported Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman, USA, director, command, control, communications and computers/cyber and chief information officer, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Tactical Technologies Too Complex for Soldiers

Many Army soldiers are receiving new vehicles and new tactical communications systems, but often those systems are so complex soldiers have difficulties setting up and taking down their tactical networks. The issue limits mobility on the battlefield because units hesitate to move knowing it can take hours to re-establish network communications, said Lt. Gen. Patrick Donahue, USA, the new deputy commanding general, U.S. Army Forces Command.

AFCEA Awards Interoperability Innovation

AFCEA International awarded a total of $2,250 to three teams competing in the PlugFest contest, providing innovative solutions to interoperability problems. PlugFest is a demonstration of information technology interoperability using pre-integrated standards based components, from a variety of providers, which run in open standards based run-time environments across a particular enterprise.

Settling Cyber Differences

Senior military leaders will try next week to hash out differences on the command and control (C2) of the Joint Information Enterprise, or JIE, said Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman, USA, director, command, control, communications and computers/cyber and chief information officer, Joint Chiefs of Staff, in remarks at AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2014.

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Army Signal Expands Its Reach
Two signal soldiers set up an antenna at a training site in Fort Gordon, Georgia. Keeping signaleers up-to-date is a primary challenge, as the development of new technologies is outpacing the ability to train.

The U.S. Army Signal Corps is expanding the work its personnel conduct while dealing with technology and operational challenges that both help and hinder its efforts. On the surface, Army signal is facing the common dilemma afflicting many other military specialties—it must do more with fewer resources.

Soldiers See Through Steel
This rendering proposes a virtual window screen across the rear ramp of an armored vehicle. It would give troops riding in the vehicle a critical picture of their surroundings, which they currently lack.

Researchers are developing new ways of enabling troops inside personnel carriers to see their outside environment without increasing their vulnerability to hostile fire. The goal is to provide enhanced 360-degree situational awareness from sensors installed on a vehicle as well as from other off-board cameras in the area.

Cyber Train as You Fight

The U.S. Army is making its facility at West Point the focus of a joint program with the other services, industry and academia, devoted to sharing advanced cybertraining and research. Training in the new cyber realm includes not only basic best practices concerning passwords and mobile device security but also advanced training in the latest network management protocols and technology for members of the Army’s Signal Corps.

Making Tactical Communications History
U.S. Army soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) call in a CH-47 Chinook helicopter for a mission in Bagram, Afghanistan. The 3rd and 4th Brigade Combat Teams will be the first Army units to deploy with Capability Set 13 equipment.

Two brigades from the Army's 10th Mountain Division are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan with a host of technologies that will allow the units to provide their own network down to the tactical edge. The new equipment provides battalion and company commanders with a communications on the move capability and pushes critical data down to the individual squad level.

Army Network Testing 
Increases Commonality
A Joint Network Node (r) and a satellite transportable terminal, part of the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Information Network–Tactical (WIN–T) Increment 1, are set up at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. WIN–T Increment 1 has been fielded to the force, and work on Increment 2 aims to begin deployment this year.

The same approach used to test and implement the Army’s single largest networking system is laying the groundwork for extending the network down to the individual soldier. As laboratory tests and field exercises validate the interoperability of separate elements in a network, system conflicts are giving way to greater commonality among different elements.

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