AFCEA Counter Intelligence Symposium, December 4, 2007, Lockheed Martin Campus, Sunnyvale California


Counterintelligence Alert:

The United States spends over $300 billion a year on basic research, making it a natural target for countries that seek to close a technology gap without having to invest time and money in R&D. Approximately 70 percent of the market value of a typical U.S. company resides in its intellectual property assets, such as trade secrets and R&D activities, both classified and unclassified.  Yet most companies spend the lion’s share of their security budgets protecting the other 30 percent of their assets, such as physical property. Similarly, the sheer number and variety of threats to U.S. national security have stretched federal resources devoted to combating the foreign intelligence threat to these assets. 

Effective protection is possible only through a partnership between federal authorities and industry.  As part of its commitment to fostering this partnership, AFCEA Intelligence, in conjunction with the San Francisco FBI Field Office, is sponsoring a one-day unclassified conference focused on counterintelligence and protecting the nation’s technology.   

The day will begin with a counterintelligence overview presented by Dr. Joel Brenner, National Counterintelligence Executive, Office of the Director of National Intelligence.   

Following him, a morning session will focus on the foreign intelligence threat – including the kinds of technology being targeted and by whom.  Mr. John Slattery, Deputy Assistant Director, Counterintelligence Operations Support, FBI, will moderate the session with speakers from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and each of the Service investigative agencies. 

An afternoon session will present details on an investigation called the Supervision Case that led to the December 2006 first-ever conviction under the Economic Espionage Act and explore how lessons learned from that legal action can be used to the benefit of other companies.  Speakers will include those actually involved in the litigation including the FBI Case Agent and the Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Finally, Mr. John Pistole, Deputy Director of the FBI, will close the conference with a call for action and cooperation between industry and local and federal law enforcement agencies.  

The counterintelligence threat is diverse and dynamic, and the security stakes for your company and the nation have never been higher.

I hope you will join us at the Lockheed Martin Campus in Sunnyvale, CA, on December 4, 2007, for this important one-day counterintelligence conference.


Ms. Maureen Baginski

Conference Chair


National Security Systems Sector


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