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Different Circumstances, Different Approaches Define Cybersecurity Thrust

No single solution, no single course of action, no single training regimen exists for combating cybermarauders on the Internet. Cyber officials are striving to establish guidelines for cybersecurity, yet they acknowledge that every organization in every nation has varying needs and must pursue different tracks to achieve what they determine is effective cybersecurity.

For Cybersecurity, the Motto is Partner or Perish

Government and the private sector must determine ways of cooperating in the fight to defeat cyberthreats, or else both will face potentially catastrophic consequences.

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Cyber Not Ready for Service Designation

The growing call for an independent U.S. cyber service along the lines of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps is not likely to gain followers among policy makers, say a number of service cyber officers.

Defense Department Looks for Youth Movement in Cyber

The acting chief information officer (CIO) for the U.S. Defense Department is promoting a diversity movement for information technology. He wants to see a younger work force that includes people who have come of age in the digital era.

Defense Networking Goes Commercial

U.S. Defense Department data will be invading the commercial world as the department moves its unclassified information out of its own hands. Terry Halvorsen, acting Defense Department chief information officer, described the upcoming move at the AFCEA Cyber Symposium.

Defense Networks Can Expect Minimum Security

U.S. Defense Department networks will need to operate with the minimum security available as connectivity and the threat picture evolve, said a top defense official. Terry Halvorsen, acting Defense Department chief information officer, minced no words as he described how tight budgets are limiting options across the board.

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Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Seeks Input on Securing Medical Devices

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence outlines a threat to medical devices and launches a search for solutions.

The Bottom Line: Crowdsourcing, Crime Serial and Critical Solutions

Serial has become more than an ordinary podcast. Its captivating story line has listeners joining in the conversation, an approach that could help governments solve larger problems.

Maneuver Warfare Needed in Cyberspace

If cyberspace is a warfighting domain, then warfighters should expect that it will not perform as desired. The same maneuver warfare skills common on the battlespace need to be applied to cyberspace.

Technology Defines Asia-Pacific Challenges, Offers Solutions

The U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) increasingly is turning to technology to solve problems ranging from new threats to the tyranny of distance over the vast Asia-Pacific region. Cyberspace is both a source of challenges and a potential venue for addressing many of the challenges PACOM is facing as the pace of change picks up in the globe’s largest, most populous area of operations.

Technology Demographics Favor Cyber Attackers

The deck is stacked in favor of cyber attackers against defenders. And, that trend is likely to worsen as the march of technology enables new capabilities that empower more cybermarauders.

Cyber Overtakes Terrorism as Main National Threat

While terrorists can inflict individual points of damage to the U.S. homeland, cyberspace attacks hold the greatest potential for inflicting devastating damage that could change the nature of the nation.

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