This event occurred on September 20-21, 2012

Lord Robertson's Opening Remarks at the First AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum (Brussels)

Sir David Omand's Closing Remarks at the First AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum (Brussels)


The World Has Changed…and So Has the Role of Intelligence!


Welcome to the AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum (Brussels):

For more than 30 years, AFCEA Intelligence, backed by a strong partnership of government and industry intelligence professionals, has sponsored highly regarded classified conferences in Washington, DC. 

On September 20-21, 2012, the AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum will travel to the Le Plaza Hotel in downtown Brussels, Belgium, for an unclassified conference.  For two full days, almost 30 international intelligence and security professionals in both the public and private sectors will explore the changing role of intelligence across a gamut of issues, include:

  • Intelligence Lessons Learned Since 9/11
  • Understanding the New Missions of Intelligence
  • Intelligence in a Digital World
  • Strengthening an International Approach to Intelligence
  • Intelligence and Homeland Defence
  • Supporting National and Multinational Intelligence Requirements
  • The Increased Role of Non-Traditional Intelligence Requirements
  • Intelligence in an Open, Connected World
  • The Future for Intelligence

Whether you are from the public sector, the private sector, or academe, this conference will provide insights you, your organization, or your company need to know. 

We invite you to review the complete agenda and then plan on joining us in the Le Plaza Hotel in downtown Brussels, Belgium, on September 20-21, 2012 for this important dialogue. 

Best regards,

Conference Co-Chairmen

Dr. Mark M. Lowenthal

President and CEO

The Intelligence & Security Academy

United States

Sir David Omand

Visiting Professor

Department of War Studies, King's College, London

United Kingdom

Mr. John Rixse

JHR Consulting

United States

Major General Klaus-Peter Treche, (Ret.)

General Manager AFCEA Europe