Conference Co-Chairs

Ms. Kristina Ardelyanu

Deputy Chief of Staff

Kaspersky Lab

Mr. Gregory Funaro

Head of Strategic Communications

Kaspersky Lab

Mark Lowenthal

Dr. Mark Lowenthal

President and CEO

The Intelligence & Security Academy

Mr. Joel Maloney

Director of National Intelligence Liaison Officer to NATO

Director for Defense Intelligence

US Mission to NATO

Mr. John Rixse

JHR Consulting


Featured Speakers
File:Eugene Kaspersky 2011.jpg

Mr. Eugene Kaspersky

CEO and Chairman

Kaspersky Lab

Ambassador Maciej Popowski

Deputy Secretary General

European External Action Service

Ambassador Alexander Vershbow

Deputy Secretary General

Smart Defence Envoy



Session Speakers

Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff

Intelligence Director

European Union Military Staff

European External Action Service

Mr. Suleyman Anil

Head, Cyber Defence Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division


Mr. Frank Asbeck

Principal Adviser for Space and Security Policy

European External Action Service, EC

Mr. Jamie Bartlett

Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media Analysis (CASM)

Head of the Violence and Extremism Programme


Mr. Ludwig Decamps


Armament and Aerospace Capabilities Defence Investment Division NATO HQ

International Staff

Professor Philip H. J. Davies


Brunel University Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS)


Mr. Benoit Godart

Head of Outreach

European Cybercrime Centre

Mr. Tim Harp

Director of Armaments and Communications-Electronics Division

US Mission to NATO


Mr. Robert Hayes

Senior Fellow

Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments

Mr. Patrick Heck

Chairman of NATO Civilian Intelligence Committee & Director

Service de Renseignements de l'Etat (SREL)

Ambassador Gábor Iklódy

Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges


Ms. Joëlle Jenny

Director for Conflict Prevention and Security Policy

European External Action Service


Noboru Nakatani

Mr. Noboru Nakatani

Executive Director

INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI)

Troels Oerting

Mr. Troels Oerting

Head of European Cybercrime Centre

Assistant Director


Mr. Steve Purser

Head of Department

European Network and Information Agency (ENISA)

Mr. Costin Raiu

Director, Global Research and Analysis Team
Kaspersky Lab


Dr. Phil Ritcheson

Director, Intelligence Division

International Military Staff


Mr. Raphael Satter

Cybersecurity Writer – London

Associated Press

Mr. Ilkka Salmi


European Union Intelligence Analysis Centre


Lewis Shepherd

Mr. Lewis Shepherd

Director and General Manager

The Microsoft Institute

Microsoft Corporation

Mr. Samuel Visner

Vice President and General Manager, Global Cybersecurity


Mr. Peter Zinn

Senior Cybercrime Advisor

Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU)