The world is changing…and so must the role of Intelligence!


Welcome to the AFCEA Global Intelligence Forum (Brussels):

On December 10-11, 2013, the Forum will return to Le Plaza Hotel in downtown Brussels, for an unclassified conference focused on the role of intelligence in meeting Europe's security challenges.

Last year’s inaugural unclassified Global Intelligence Forum (Brussels) explored the intelligence lessons learned and not learned since 9/11. Lord Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO, noted that Europe “… collectively woke up to the importance of intelligence gathering and sharing…” and that the very nature of the threat to collective - as well as to an individual nation’s - security had dramatically changed, in large part due to advances in technology. Today much of what we do takes place in a cyber domain, and intelligence must operate in an environment with an expanding scope of information sources and techniques (e.g., social media, visual analytics) combined with the increasing speed at which events are happening.

In light of the above, this conference will address the question: What new intelligence approaches and capabilities are required, especially in a collaborative or joint way, in order to meet Europe’s collective security needs?  To answer this question, we have brought together speakers from across the spectrum of those concerned with European security including representatives from government, the private sector and academia.  Day One will explore the current intelligence challenges and proposed solutions; Day Two will examine more closely what existing in a cyber domain means for intelligence support to national and collective security. Overall the discussion will be wide-ranging, including challenges and tensions among national intelligence services and between national and collective organizations; the need for new capabilities and procedures; new challenges posed by the ubiquitous digital world; and industry’s role in any solution.

Review the complete agenda and then join us in Le Plaza Hotel in downtown Brussels, on December 10-11, 2013 for this important dialogue. 

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Conference Co-Chairs

Ms. Kristina Ardelyanu

Head of Threat Research & Security Intelligence PR Group

Kaspersky Lab

Mark Lowenthal

Mr. Gregory Funaro

Head of Strategic Communications

Kaspersky Lab

Dr. Mark Lowenthal

President and CEO

The Intelligence & Security Academy

Joel Maloney

Mr. Joel Maloney

Director of National Intelligence

Liaison Officer & Director for Defense Intelligence,

US Mission to NATO

Mr. John Rixse

JHR Consulting