Previous Winners



AFCEA David Sarnoff Award Recipients:

2013 General Keith B. Alexander, USA, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) and Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service (NSA/CSS)
2012 The Honorable James R. Clapper, Jr., Director of National Intelligence
2011 Admiral James G. Stavridis, U.S. Navy, Commander, U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe
2010 The Honorable John G. Grimes, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration (ASD NII), and Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO)
2009 The Honorable John W. Warner, Former United States Senator, Commonwealth of Virginia and Former Secretary of the Navy
2007 General James E. Cartwright, USMC, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
2006 General Michael V. Hayden, USAF, Director, Central Intelligence Agency
2005 Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr., USN, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
2004 Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI)
2003 General Alfred M. Gray, USMC (Ret.), 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps
2002 General Richard B. Myers, USAF, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
2001 Dr. Ralph W. Shrader, Chairman and CEO, Booz Allen Hamilton
2000 General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, Commander, Joint Command Centre, Former Commander, Kosovo Force
1999 The Honorable Duane P. Andrews, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, C3I, Corporate Executive Vice President, SAIC
1998 Admiral Archie Clemins, USN, Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet
1997 Admiral William A. Owens, USN (Ret.), Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and President/Vice Chairman of the Board, SAIC
1996 The Honorable Emmett Paige, Jr., Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I
1995 The Honorable William J. Perry, Secretary of Defense
1994 The Honorable Albert Gore, Vice President of the United States
1993 Mr. Robert E. Allen, Chairman and CEO, AT&T
1992 The Honorable Richard B. Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense
1991 General Colin L. Powell, USA, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
1990 General Robert T. Herres, USAF (Ret.), Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
1989 Mr. Norman R. Augustine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Martin Marietta Corporation
1988 Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.), President, Westmark Systems
1987 General Bernard W. Rogers, USA, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
1986 Senator Barry M. Goldwater (R-AZ)
1985 General John W. Vessey, Jr., USA, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
1984 Mr. H. Ross Perot, Chairman of the Board, Electronic Data Systems
1983 His Excellency Joseph M.A.H. Luns, Secretary General, NATO
1982 Senator Harrison H. Schmitt (R-NM)
1981 Dr. William O. Baker, President, Bell Telephone Laboratories (Ret.)
1980 General Russell E. Dougherty, USAF (Ret.), Member, Defense Science Board
1979 Mr. Arthur A. Collins, Collins, Inc.
1978 General Alexander Haig, USA, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe


AFCEA Admiral Jon L. Boyes Medal for Distinguished Service to AFCEA Recipients

2013 General Dennis L. Via, USA, Commander of the U.S. Army Materiel Command
2012 ADM Richard Macke, USN (Ret.), Warrior Information Technologies LLC
2011 Cynthia Pacheco, JTSI, Inc.
2010 James Flyzik, President, The Flyzik Group

Kenneth Wiecking, Project Manager/Federal Projects Facilitator, TW Telecom

2008 Frank Richardson, CSC
2007 James Lauducci, Harris Corporation
2006 Robert T. Kennedy, The Boeing Company
2005 Lt Gen Harry Raduege, Jr., USAF, Defense Information Systems Agency
2004 Dewar Donnithorne-Tait, Adfingo Productions
2003 John Flanigan, Los Angeles Chapter
2002 Eberhard A. Mueller von der Bank
2001 CAPT Christopher W. Williams, RN (Ret.), Marconi Mobile Ltd.
2000 Anthony D. Patterson, Systematic Software Engineering Ltd.
1999 Donald E. Scott, GTE Government Systems
1998 Charles R. Corjay, CACI
1997 LTG Tullio Baroni, IA (Ret.), former General Manager, AFCEA Europe
1996 Francis Gicca, GTE Government Systems Corporation
1995 Peter B. Buckley, BTG, Inc.
1994 Lt Gen Albert J. Edmonds, USAF, The Joint Staff
1994 Dr. Ralph W. Shrader, Booz Allen and Hamilton
1993 Barbara A. Fischer
1992 VADM Jerry O. Tuttle, USN
1991 Arthur J. Scrivani, ITT Defense Communications Division
1990 MG Eugene C. Renzi, USA (Ret.)
1989 LTG John T. Myers, USA
1988 LTG Emmett Paige, Jr., USA
1987 Earle C. Williams, BDM International
1986 LTG Clarence E. McKnight, USA
1985 Gen Robert T. Herres, USAF
1984 LTG Hillman Dickinson, USA (Ret.)
1983 LTG William J. Hilsman, USA
1982 Lt Gen James W. Stansberry, USAF
1981 Dr. Gerald P. Dinneen, Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I
1980 Maj Gen Van C. Doubleday, USAF
1979 Maj Gen Robert Sadler, USAF
1979 Mr. Bob Gradle
1978 Lt Gen Lee Paschall, USAF, DCA


AFCEA James M. Rockwell AFCEAN of the Year Recipients

2013 Mr. Randall (Randy) C. Cieslak, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Pacific Command
2013 Mr. H.E. Vlastimil Picek, Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic
2012 Petr Jirasek, AFCEA Czech Chapter
2011 Barry Rhine, Northrop Grumman
2010 Brig Gen Reimar Scherz, GE Army (Ret.), Consultant, ProPress, Bonn

Robert Whitkop, Senior Civilian Executive, Next Generation System Program Office

2008 David Wennergren, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management and DoD Deputy Chief Information Officer
2007 Steve Kelley, DCS Corporation
2006 Charles Givans, Booz Allen Hamilton
2005 CMSgt Douglas C. Walker, USAF, USAFE Computer Systems Squadron
2004 Kent Schneider, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
2003 LTG Peter Cuviello, USA, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Army
2002 Buck Bragunier, Syncrotech Software Corporation
2001 Col Lou Ramos, USAF (Ret.), ManTech
2000 Robert T. Kennedy, ACS Defense Inc.

Brig Gen Dale W. Meyerrose, USAF, Air Combat Command

1998 Peter Buckley, BTG, Inc.
1997 Lt Gen Albert J. Edmonds, USAF, Defense Information Systems Agency
1996 Gerald W. Lazaroff, Digital Equipment Corporation
1995 Duncan W. Campbell, BDM Federal Inc.
1994 Irene L. Biddy, Electronic Systems Center
1993 Charles R. Corjay, SofTech, Inc.
1992 Robert McCashin, Electronic Data Systems
1991 Michael A. Brunner, AT&T Federal Systems
1990 Loren D. Diedrichsen, NACISA

VADM Jerry O. Tuttle, USN

1988 Maj Gen John T. Stihl, USAF (Ret.)
1987 LTG James M. Rockwell, USA, NACISA
1986 Maj Gen Gerald L. Prather, USAF
1985 Bowman T. Evans, AFCEA Regional Vice President
1984 Capt Stewart K. Angell, USAF
1983 Robert O'Donohue, BDM
1982 MG Gerd S. Grombacher, USA, U.S. Army Communications Command
1981 John A. Hollansworth, Gencom, Inc.
1980 Earle C. Williams, BDM

Dr. Gerald P. Dinneen, OSD