SANS Institute Brings NetWars to EAST: Joint Warfighting 2013

  • On the exhibit floor  May 15-16 with awards presented at the Luncheon on May 16
  • Send teams or individual participants
  • Earn up to 12 SANS CMUs in support of GIAC and 7 CompTIA CEUs in support of A+, Network+, and Security+
  • Register at one half the normal price HERE
  • Prizes:

    1st Place:  Ipad

    2nd Place:  Counter Hack Reloaded Book

    3rd Place: NetWars t-shirt


How NetWars Works

At the outset of the challenge, each player must find hidden keys within a special image downloaded from the Internet and then use those keys to enter an online environment where knowledge of security vulnerabilities and their exploits can be turned into points. NetWars has six separate levels, so players may quickly advance through earlier levels to their level of expertise. The entire challenge involves all six levels.


0) Q&A with tutorials – Do you know the foundations?

1) Played on CD image (Lin or Win), no superuser privs granted

2) Played on CD image (Lin or Win) with superuser

3) Played across the Internet, attacking DMZ

4) Played across the Internet, attacking internal network from DMZ

5) Played across the Internet, attacking other player’s castles and

defending your own

6) Expert Level (Currently being designed)


Benefits for Individuals

If you are a self-motivated security professional who really wants to put your knowledge to the test, then NetWars is an excellent opportunity for you to have fun and learn in a competition with other security professionals, practicing real world tactics that could happen at any time.

  • The detailed score card is an incomparable opportunity for you to analyze your security knowledge and decide in what other areas you would like to learn new skills or refine your existing ones.
  • Demonstrate your experience to other security professionals.
  • Stay on top of the latest attacks and see what your competition is doing.

Benefits for Organizations

How would your security team handle a real attack? Do they have the right skills and knowledge to defend vital systems? The NetWars simulation let’s you see how your organization would react during an attack, but without the consequences.

  • Test the experience and skills of your current security team and assess areas where further training is needed.
  • Evaluate the experience of potential new hires.
  • Use the score card to create a customized training program for your security personnel.

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