Tuesday, 3 August


1015 - 1130

Army CHESS 101

Ms. Michelina LaForgia, Project Director, CHESS


The Army CIO/G-6 has designated CHESS the Army’s “Primary Source” for COTS IT.  This presentation will provide an overview of the CHESS mission and its strategy for providing state-of-the-art net-centric hardware, software and support services for the Army Enterprise.


1400 - 1515

The ABC's of Software Licensing and How to Avoid Licensing Pitfalls

Ms. Adelia Wardle, Enterprise Software Division Chief, CHESS


You will want to attend this session if you purchase, manage or define requirements for COTS software licenses.  You will gain an understanding of Army and DoD policies and standards governing software contracts and agreements.  This session will also provide background on the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative, SmartBUY program and software agreement licensing models that could cause your software to go “Bump in the Night” affecting implementations, schedule and cost.


Wednesday, 4 August


0945 - 1100

How to Select the Best CHESS Contract Vehicle for Your Requirement

Ms. Joann Kelly, Division Chief (Acting), NCRCC


Learn about the scopes of the CHESS contracts and how to select the contract vehicle that best fits your requirement.  This session will also provide you with the tools to understand the process for ordering from the CHESS contracts.  


1500 - 1615

Using the Army Consolidated Buy and CHESS IT e-mart

Ms. Joan Pesanello, Product Leader, CHESS

Learn how the Army Consolidated Buy (CB) can be utilized to fulfill desktop and notebook requirements at up to half off the regular price.  This session will also demonstrate how the features and resources available on the CHESS IT e-mart can be used to facilitate the purchase of IT hardware, software and services.   


1630 - 1745

Mr. Al Custis, Computer Engineer, TIC


"Fair Opportunity" and "Best Value" contracting are not incompatible!  This briefing will discuss development of evaluation criteria, establishing the significance of selected factors, and the process for documenting evaluation results for best value competitions on CHESS contracts.  Technical factors to be explored include defining critical baseline characteristics, operational/service/maintenance of item over the life cycle, and property disposal.  The Consolidated Buy specifications, using various platforms, will be used to illustrate an award made on a best value basis. 


Thursday, 5 August


1000 - 1130

This session is your opportunity to ask the CHESS staff anything you ever wanted to know about the CHESS program to include hardware, Consolidated Buy, software, services and IT e-mart.  CHESS partners from NCRCC and ISEC-TIC will also be in attendance to answer contracting and technical questions.