The AKO/DKO Team leads a joint effort to develop, integrate, deploy and support the joint warfighting community, to create an adaptive and agile enterprise portal for the Department of Defense.  AKO/DKO will utilize current and future net-centric technologies to enable a framework that empowers knowledge dominance, ensures synchronization of resources, and aggressively enables situational awareness and operational security in support of the Warfighter.  During this session, the AKO/DKO Team will present ongoing technical and functional coordination efforts, highlight the expanded features and functionalities, and discuss the new Mobile Messaging initiative. 

Tuesday, 3 August 


1015 - 1130

What can AKO/DKO do for you? AKO Overview – AKO/DKO Training Team

Mark Zimmerman, AKO/DKO Trainer


If you are new to AKO/DKO, then this is a “must attend” track session for you.  The AKO/DKO training team will conduct a live walkthrough of the AKO/DKO Portal, demonstrating how to navigate and find what you are looking for, and highlight the new services and capabilities that are available. 


1015- 1130

"Hide and go seek" Secure Files

Kathy Galloway, AKO Training Team


The AKO/DKO Training Team will conduct a live walkthrough of the Portal and demonstrate the complete process of managing Files, to include the following processes:  Uploading, Securing, Updating, Sharing, and Archiving Files within the AKO/DKO Portal.


1400 - 1515

Create a Site – "Every structure requires a firm foundation"

Yede Michelle Dennis, AKO/DKO Training Team


During this track session, the AKO/DKO training team will conduct a live walkthrough of the Portal, demonstrating the process for creating an Organizational Site on AKO/DKO. 


1400 - 1515

Business Process Management

Kathy Galloway, AKO Training Team


This session will provide introductory training for the new Business Process Management (BPM) tool that's now available in AKO/DKO. The BPM-based tool allows Portal users to model a repeatable decision process flow, customize the user experience with forms, and generate reports/metrics based on the results.


Wednesday, 4 August 


0945 - 1100

"The good, the bad, the secure" Portal Security

Kristi Powlovich, Deputy Director AKO/DKO Security


The focus of this track session is all about the security of the AKO/DKO Portal.  MAJ Smith will discuss how the Portal Security Team ensures the safety of your information and content, and offers advice on how to keep your content “locked down.” 


0945 - 1100

"To be or not to be in a group" Groups - AKO/DKO

Yede Michelle Dennis, AKO/DKO Training Team


This track session is for people wanting to understand how to harness and leverage the power of AKO/DKO Groups.  There will be information available for all levels of users, to include demonstrating how to add members, create contact lists and manage access control. 


1500 - 1615

"Extra, extra, read all about it" Page Administration

Michael Swart, AKO/DKO Trainer


During this track session, the AKO/DKO Training Team will conduct a live walkthrough of the Portal, and demonstrate the relationship between Pages and Channels, as well as discuss the many types of content available for display on your Page.


1500 - 1615

"DKO is here to stay" DKO Update

LTC Anmy Torres, Director Enterprise Services


The focus of this presentation is to find out about what is happening with Defense Knowledge Online. Find out how far DKO has come since its first inception and where it is headed.  


1630 - 1745

"Channel surfing" Channels

Michael Swart, AKO/DKO Trainer


The AKO/DKO Training Team will demonstrate how to navigate through the Channels option, and offer tips on how to maximize the visibility and popularity of your page through the Channels option. 


1630 - 1745

“You’ve got mail, I’ve got mail, Everybody’s got mail”

Mobile Messaging Enterprise Mail and Outlook Connector

MAJ Parker, Go Mobile APM


Demonstrate the three new interfaces that allow you to take advantage of AKO’s secure enterprise features anywhere, anytime. First off is the new Webmail 2.0 interface providing a rich AJAX based desktop-like interface from any web browser and featuring integrated presence, chat, drag-and-drop, shared calendars, tasks, contacts, and fast GAL search.

Additionally, demonstrate the AKO Outlook Connector which provides full fidelity Outlook support to access your AKO data.  With this tool, AKO customers are able to use all of the enterprise features of the familiar and powerful Outlook client without re-training.  Finally, the AKO team will demonstrate the new AKO Mobile solution which offers secure access to AKO Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and GAL as well as the ability to sign and encrypt e-mail from your mobile device.  Save your organization money by switching to the Enterprise Mail solution-find out how at this track session! 


Thursday, 5 August 


1000 - 1130

“This training is not for sissies” Advanced Topics

Michael Swart, AKO/DKO Trainer


This is a session geared to the more advanced AKO Admins.  During this session, the training team will discuss some of the more advanced topics:  Managing files communities, aligning groups, related pages, and a Q and A session at the end. 


1000 - 1130

“Anything you can do, I can do better” AKO Capabilities Brief 

LTC Alprentice Smith, PM AKO Chief of Operations


Discuss ongoing technical and functional coordination efforts, highlight some of the expanded features and functionalities, and answer questions about the technical capabilities of the Portal.  This is a great chance opportunity for IT professionals to gain valuable insight into the back-end architecture of the AKO/DKO Portal.  


1430 - 1730

“We complete you” 1-on-1 Training 

AKO/DKO Trainers


Open Admin support – during this session, the AKO/DKO Training Team will provide one-on-one admin support.  If you have questions, or problems with your page, this is the session for you.