Tuesday, 3 August


1015 - 1130

Managing a Portfolio - Developing a Portfolio Transformation plan with Goals/Objectives and Metrics and Portfolio Analysis using Key Performance Parameters (KPP's)

Mr. Erik Bowen, Portfolio Management Division


This session will present a roadmap defining the path to a broader integrated end-to-end and synchronized Army enterprise information environment per functional proponent.  It will present a methodology for establishing an objective portfolio review criteria and executing a portfolio review.  These reviews will look across KPP’s, compliance, and system function & capability.


1400 - 1515

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Ms. Cynthia K. Dixon, CIO/G-6 PIA Team, OSD, NETCOM, and Army Privacy Office


The objective for this forum is to inform attendees of the changes/updates to the PIA submission process for the Army. The Privacy Office, NETCOM, and OSD representatives will also be available to explain their role and give an overview of their requirements when submitting a PIA for approval. 

Wednesday, 4 August


0945 - 1100

Building a Business Case - Doing a Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities-Cost (DOTMLPF-C) Analysis

Mr. Floyd Hawthorne, Portfolio Management Division


This session will present a detailed summary of each of the DOTMLPF-C categories in the framework.  It will also include a group conceptual scenario using DOTMLPF-C Framework to determine an analysis for an existing system or a new requirement.


1130 - 1245

Sharepoint/FileNet Integration

Ms. Cheryl Hines/Mr. Mark Murphy, Army Publishing Directorate

SharePoint has proven to be an effective and convenient collaboration tool for many organizations across the Army.  Despite its successes and rapid adoption, implementation inconsistencies and technical challenges hinder the ability of the Army to find, share, and manage the content contained in these many sites at an “enterprise” (Army-wide) level.  By providing a means of manually or automatically moving documents to a central content repository, forcing document “tagging” (with metadata) and records management requirements where appropriate, this integration pilot demonstrates how the Army can address both the need for agile, local collaboration tools and the need for structured, centralized storage and search.

This FileNet /SharePoint Integration effort demonstrates an ability to perform the following through the SharePoint interface:

  • Access (search, view, download, edit) files in the central repository (ECMS)
  • Upload files to the central repository
  • View and participate in FileNet workflows
  • Automatically move designated files from SharePoint to FileNet based on predefined criteria, “tagging” those files with metadata as appropriate


1500 - 1615

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Cynthia K. Dixon, CIO/G-6 PIA Team, OSD, NETCOM, and Army Privacy Office


See above description.


1630 - 1745

Building a Business Case - Doing Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Assessment, and an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

Ms. Kathy Romero, Portfolio Management Division


See description above.


Thursday, 5 August 


1000 - 1130

Apps for the Army (A4A) Demonstration

Mr. Marvin Wages, Governance, Acquisition, and Chief Knowledge Office (GA&CKO)


This session will focus on the apps developed during the challenge.  Demonstrations of some of the winning apps will be presented along with a discussion on the process used to determine the winners and how individuals and organizations can access all the apps.