Tuesday, 3 August


1400 - 1530

Cyberwar or Business as Usual? - The State of US Federal CyberSecurity Initiatives

James Tarala, Senior Instructor, Principal Consultant w/ Enclave Security


Are we near the point of cyber-armageddon or are we simply engaged in a new reality of information security priorities? Are the attacks being discovered daily against private sector and public federal systems somehow unique and new, or are they simply the new reality of cyberspace? Organizations are regularly forced to make difficult decisions about how best to protect their information systems. Executives daily open the newspaper to find another example of effective cyber attacks and hacking. How do organizations know when security mechanisms are enough to keep their data safe? In an effort to answer this question and respond to mounting cyber incidents worldwide, the US federal government has been engaging in numerous efforts to secure cyberspace. But what are they and will they be enough? In this presentation, James Tarala, a Senior Instructor with the SANS Institute and a Principal Consultant at Enclave Security, will describe current efforts and the tools being offered to help citizens and protect cyberspace.



Wednesday, 4 August


1445 - 1600

IpV6: Just more addresses or also more vulnerabilities?

Johannes Ullrich, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer, SANS Institute and SANS Certified Instructor


IPv4 space will run out. However, we have learned to live with "NAT" and other technologies to extend its use. Not only that. NAT has been embraced as a security feature for many of us. Needless to say, nobody right now is rushing to implement IPv6. However, realizing it or not, you may already use IPv6. Uncontrolled in the shadows of network tunnels and unintentional rogue implementations, IPv6 is already in your network. This talk will show the hidden threats of accidental IPv6 installations and show some new attack tools to exploit them.