Tuesday, 3 August


1400 - 1530

TIGR and Tactical Transformative Apps

Dr. Mari Maeda, Program Manager, TIGR & Transformative Apps, DARPA


The Tactical Ground Reporting (TIGR) system has transformed information management at the tactical edge, amongst the lowest tactical echelon, and continues on a remarkable, rapid transition as an enduring Multi-Service capability. Dr. Maeda will discuss program successes in current operations and the lessons learned with regards to rapid development, fielding, and enhancement through continuous operational feedback.


Dr. Maeda will also describe DARPA's Transformative Apps program which is building the middleware, infrastructure, and business processes to bring the flexibility and rapid development cycle times of commercial handheld software to the war-fighter.  In contrast to the requirement-driven processes of conventional software acquisition, the program will explore rapid feedback and a competitive marketplace to rapidly adapt as user needs evolve.