Track Six: Innovating to Operationalize the LandWarNet

Mr. John Rutt, SIGCoE

Mr. Jeremiah Ashing, SIGCoE; SFC Robert Coleman, SIGCoE

A discussion of the many innovations the Signal Center of Excellence is pursuing.  This will include innovations in Doctrine, Organization, Materiel, Personnel and Experimentation.  The LandWarNet will modernize and operationalize to ensure global cyber dominance for joint/combined Commanders.  Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T), Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS), advanced Satellite Communications (SATCOM) and LandWarNet modernization efforts must integrate to provide this global network enterprise capability. 

  Tuesday, 3 August 2010
1015 - 1130

Accelerated Capabilities

Speaker:  LTC Jonathan Moelter, Chief, Integration Division, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorage, Army Signal Center of Excellence


This will be an open discussion on Signal Center of Excellence (SIGCoE) Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate’s (CDID) efforts to accelerate capabilities to the field.  We will cover the Capabilities Development for Rapid Transition (CDRT) program, solicit recommendations from the field, and then follow with discussions on Trojan Migration, Network Migration, and end with the Joint Tactical Cellular Capability CONOPS.

1400 - 1515

Innovation through Experimentation – The Battle Lab’s Mission

Speaker:  COL David Barlow, Director, Fort Gordon Battle Lab, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Army Signal Center of Excellence

A multi-media enhanced presentation informing participants of relevant past, present, and future experiments that provide opportunities to enhance battlefield cyber dominance for Joint/Combined Commanders.

  Wednesday, 4 August 2010
0945 - 1100

Supporting Cyberspace Operations In and Through a Modernized LandWarNet

Speaker:    COL Mike Kell, TRADOC Project Office Network Operations, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Army Signal Center of Excellence

Provide an overview of how the LandWarNet will be modernized to support Commanders’ requirements to operate in and through the Cyberspace Domain.  This includes the establishment of the TRADOC Capabilities Manager for the Global Network Enterprise (TCM GNE), Modernizing the LandWarNet through the GNEC strategy, Army’s Cyberspace Operations Concept Capability Plan (CCP) and follow-on Cyber-Electromagnetic Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA). A presentation of some critical tasks, gaps, as well as the near, mid, and long term development of doctrine, organizational structure, training, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities solutions. This presentation draws from years of analysis performed at all echelons, as well as recent collaboration between the Operations, Intelligence, and Signal communities.

1500 - 1615

Training Update

Speaker:  COL Bruce Caulkins, Commandant, Leader College for Information Technology, Army Signal Center of Excellence

An overview of the new Army Leader Development Strategy and how it will guide future leader training and education paths at the Signal Center of Excellence (SIGCoE) will be presented.  Discussions will include governmental, commercial, and academic partnerships crucial to modern training development as well as SIGCoE education initiative in cyber defense, mission command support, virtualization, application development, and distributed learning.  We will also discuss critical supporting efforts in education like the Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications (CSDA) project that is ongoing.

1630 - 1745

WIN-T Update

Speaker: COL Edward Eidson, TRADOC Capability Manager, Networks & services, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Army Signal Center of Excellence

Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T) is the Signal Regiment’s flagship program and uses an incremental fielding approach to deliver emerging technology and increased capabilities into the current/future force.  As the Army’s integrating communications network, it supports the evolution of the network from today into the future.  With its increased capacity through integrated NETOPs, WIN-T will provide a more secure and reliable tactical maneuvering force through Leader-centricity.

  Thursday, 5 August 2010
1000 - 1130

JTRS Update

Speaker: COL Stephen Wren, TRADOC Capability Manager, Tactical Radios, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Army Signal Center of Excellence

COL Wren will address Accelerating Capabilities, the testing of the Army Evaluation Task Force (AETF), and outcomes from the June 2010 Test.  Respective program managers will speak on the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Airborne-Maritime-Fixed Site) Capabilities Production Document (CPD), the JTRS Handheld-Manpack-Small Form Fit (HMS) program, and the JTRS Network Enterprise Domain (NED) waveform network management tools and future integration plan.   

A cumulative review of key issues and highlights from the Track’s presentations will follow this discussion.